Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Congressman Mike Quigley: Apologizing for America

When equal treatment just isn't enough, call Congressman Quigley.


Neverrepayevilwithevil said...

What an intelligent discuss. Anyway I never expect anything less from David.
What is this country- America turning into? Apologising on behalf of America? What a disgrace- for what?
Christians more than any other group have been subject of ridicule and violence more than any other group- don't we deserve an apology? Well, one thing is getting clearer now. The congressman may be broke hoping that his apologies will rescue him financially from the Saudis or he's afraid of the violence muslims may unleash on the populace as commanded by the prophet of Allah. Shame on this cowardly congressman.

WhatsUpDoc said...

Very well said David Thanks


Dear Wood,
Well done, hats off.
Boots Singh (Lahore) Pakistan.

Cheter said...

very well said, it all comes down to the application of the dhimmi attitude.


Baron Eddie said...

السلام عليكم (al salaam alykoom)

I apologize to all happy Muslims who live in the United States of America for having Mike Quigley as a Congressman ...

I guess Mr. Quigley does not know how happy Muslims are here in America ...

Look, they are not happy in







Tunisa and the list goes on

But they are happy in


United Kingdom



and the rest of Western countries

My Two Sense said...

Side note: It's not the "In God We Trust" on our money or the "Under God" in our Pledge that offends me... I mostly could care less about that (though it should be pointed out for argument's sake that the "Under God" phrase was added in the '50s to combat "godless communism" and was not originally in the Pledge... and "Under God" was LAWFULLY included on money in the same year):

"On July 11, 1954, just one month after the phrase "under God" was incorporated into the Pledge of Allegiance, the U.S. Congress enacted Public Law 84-140, which required the motto on all coins and currency."


Rather it's the fact that SOME (not all) on the conservative Christian right that I have met and debated with use the inclusion of those phrases as some sort of "definitive proof" that we are a "Christian Nation" and not a secular nation with a Christian majority. which is what we are. Well... say we are... well... supposed to be...

Of course true secularity (sorry if I just made up a word) would mean: No prayer in school for any faith (that's what your church or synagogue or mosque, temple, shrine, etc... are for. Not public school cafeterias). No mention of God on money or in the Pledge (the Cold War is over), no classes on creationism (unless you also teach the Flying Spaghetti Monster), no Ten Commandments in the courtrooms (Remember the sabbath day, and keep it holy and FOR GOD'S SAKE stop all that coveting!!!) ...

Nice South Park mention. To think in the end it wasn't Muhammad in the bear suit but Santa Claus all along. Everyone got upset over nothing.

donna60 said...

My Two Sense,

I agree with you that the US is not a Christian nation.

I agree with you that prayers in school can be a nuisance. Although, it is not required than anyone participte.

But not teaching the alternative to evolution, in the form of Intellient Design, is simply not the best way of teaching our young the principles of open debate.

Given two opposing viewpoints, either neither viewpoint should be taught, which is criminal, or both viewpoints should be examined. Even biologist agree that Intelligent Design is the opposing view of evolution. Both notions are ideological in nature. but for a government to favor one ideology over another is tyranny.

"“So the sort of lucky event we are looking at could be so wildly improbable that the chances of its happening, somewhere in the universe, could be as low as one in a billion billion billion in any one year. If it did happen on only one planet, anywhere in the universe, that planet has to be our planet-because here we are talking about it“. (Richard Dawkins: Climbing Mount Improbable)

"The more statistically improbable a thing is, the less we can believe that it just happened by blind chance. Superficially the obvious alternative to chance is an intelligent Designer." (Richard. Dawkins, "The Necessity of Darwinism". New Scientist, Vol. 94, April 15, 1982, p. 130.]

sablegsd said...

Are we sure his name isn't congressman quisling?

My Two Sense said...

Donna. Respectfully, I would say that they are getting an alternative to evolution: at church, synagogue or mosque. Religion is the "alternative viewpoint".

I would challenge you to look up the "Flying Spaghetti Monster" on the internet and the Intelligent Design debate associated with it.

I also respectfully disagree with you that evolution is a "viewpoint". I do appreciate your response though. And both Richard Dawkins quotes are nice.

My Two Sense said...

sablegsd- "Are we sure his name isn't congressman quisling?"

Who. me? Do you hear me apologizing to any Muslims?

goethechosemercy said...

Mr. Quigley.
I do not honor Allah.
I do not honor his prophet.
In my eyes they are profane.
And as a Christian, and by Christian doctrine, I have every right to say so.
So . . . where is your 1st Amendment now?
Where ... ?