Saturday, August 13, 2011

Robert Spencer vs. Moustafa Zayed: Does Islam Grant Equal Rights to Women?

I'm not sure why Zayed is so willing to make Islam look bad. Perhaps it's a Zionist conspiracy.

Robert posted some of his sources here.

In case you missed it, here's Robert's last debate with Zayed:


TAREK said...

Hi Dr. David!
Hi everyone!
First of all we all need to congratulate Mr. Spencer for his good and respectfull behaviour as well as for the victory over imam Zayed.
I have two points please.
1st. I hope I heard Mr. Zayed correctly; when he spoke of "Allah's daughters". From the little understanding Mr. Zayed had just confirm the satanic verses. Can a muslim respond to this please. The quran says Allah has no son or daughter. From this I can say Mr. Zayed is an apostate.

2nd. During the debate he say muslim men rights are = to women. he also spoke about Aisha the six old(wife of Mr. Muhammad). I am glad tht Mr. Zayed has a lot of respect for her therefore he Me Zayed takes into consideration what comes from her. In sahih al-bukhari Aisha spoke of muhammad treating her as a dog (will post the qoutation if needed). Can any muslim answer to this. Can Mr. Zayed tell that Aisha was not telling us the truth, if not what is it and why is it?


Kathy Al Nour said...

Moustafa Zayed,sounds like he didn't get the topic at all. What kind of debator is he? He began by personnaly attacking Robert Spencer from the very begining till the end. That only shows how immature the guy is. And the tactic I found in Mustafa talking fast fast fast shouting lol Moustafa you are immature emmotional and a liar. Please moderators try to find mature islamic scholars next time.
God Bless

Hiwot said...

Thank you Robert. You showed that Mr. Zayed is just a joke. Instead of defending the subject he is defaming his opponent. And the Hijab question was hilarious. Hmmm... why Muslims couldn't answer any question without referring to Christian books or legends? And, Fat Man, those were great questions.

David or Sam, could you debate this guy on whether Muhammad is a true prophet of God? It would be amazing debate...

proof for god said...

Xclnt Vid. The Quran is the only scripture that sanctions and gives the husband the authority to beat his wife. - that alone says a lot. Let us pray that Muslims repent and turn to Christ to bring forgiveness to their souls and liberty to Muslim women.

goethechosemercy said...

Zayed's defensive stance is completely irrational, and he builds his own case for Islam and sexual equality on sand!
Truly, the greates enemies of reason are contempt, brutality and fear.
Reason needs only itself.
The other three need victims, victims and victims.
Indeed, God intended man to use and live by reason.

Deleting said...

mostafa lost it....plain and simple.

curly said...

Tarek is same person as Tarek Fatah, correct?

curly said...

Hey everyone,
My english english is not wonderful as my primary langauge, American Sign Langauge. So, I saw the website, The Danios of claimed Robert Spencher is afraid to debate against Danios. Bob Spencer rather to discuss the weaker debater. I never heard the debated video about Spencer Vs any muslim debate before, because I am Deaf. So, share what you think Danio's claim? Here is website:

goethechosemercy said...

Robert Spencer did extremely well against Zayed here.
You will not be able to judge his performance until you read a verbatim transcript of this exchange.

Deleting said...

there's a verbatim transcript? where do you get it?

Radical Moderate said...

I was the second caller into the show.

I find it interesting that the Muslim quotes and gives explination to Surah but in his own words thsoe surahs are not part of the UM AL Kitab. As he said the "Um AL Kitab" is the first surah in the quran.

Well Surah 3:7 says that there are clear verses "UM AL Kitab" and not so clear verses. And if you try to understand the un clear verses you have a disiesed heart.

I thought it was awsome that Mr Spencer took my soft ball pitch and hit it out of the park.

Muslims are accusing him, Pamela Geller and David Wood etc... of inciting the Norway nut case.

What they don't realize is that they are admiting that the Quran incites muslims to go BOOM. LOL.

Well it was fun can't wait for Sam, David, Anthony and Mr Lewis to be back on.

goethechosemercy said...

I don't know how you'd get one.
I seriously hope that there are transcriptions of them. Transcribing and reading would enable more study of them, wider access, and above all, more reflection.

taomeano said...

Mr Zayed could not defend his assertions and instead attacked Robert Spencer. When you have the truth on your side there is no need to shout or become agitated or attack your opponent, and because Mr Zayed did not have the truth on his side he resorted to attacking his opponent, while on the other hand Mr Spencer was pounding Mr Zayed with the truth. Christians are not afraid of the embarassing things in our Bible, yet Moslems will lie and obfuscate and come up with the most outrageous outlandish lies in order to explain away those embarassing things in the Koran. Also 1.6 billion moslems in the world are not all by conversion, these numbers are by virtue of being born into a moslem family. In christianity being born into a christian family does not make you a christian while in Islam being born into a moslem family makes one a moslem and we all know that moslems have high birth rates. I find it funny that moslems would throw the 1.6 billion number of moslems in the world around as if it shows that their religion is true. Islam is still a false religion inspired by the devil. Our Lord Jesus Christ predicted the behavior of Moslems especially when they shout "alahu akhbar" while perpetrating a crime in the name of Allah. See what Jesus said in John Ch: 16 1-3. This says it all.

betwixt said...

Does anyone know if a speech-recognition software, like the Dragon Naturally Speaking, can transcribe speech from videos? I've never used it, so I don't know if it can handle different speech patterns. It would cut down much of the transcription work if it can.

John 8:24 said...

@curly, @betwixt

I am a techie and couldn't help but notice your comments. You do NOT need any special audio trascription software as it is already built-in to YouTube! YouTube can transcribe all its audio! (How cool is that?). Just, note that it is not perfect but works well in most cases. All you have to do is click the "cc" button as you play the video, click on "Transcribe Audio, click "ok" on the pop-up and wait sometime for magic. :)

curly said...

@John 8:24
I used CC on youtube before. My wife is professional sign language interpreter. So, my wife said the cc of youtube is doing poor. It can lead misunderstand for Deaf reader.
Anyway, Thank you for your helping...

Radical Moderate said...

John 8:24

I dont see any CC, button. Where is it located?

TheBereanSearch said...

I think Curly's wife is correct. I enabled closed captioning and was told I was watching "ABM's Under Date Night", and that the motion being debated was "Islam guarantees women equality of rights with Matt".

TheBereanSearch said...

...I was also informed that Mr. Spencer wrote "The Politically Incorrect Guide to a Slob"....and Zayed's opening Arabic prayer was translated, "Terminals Uncle Sam as you look at those Mussolini".

I can see why YouTube stresses this feature is only at Beta stage.

Haecceitas said...

I think Youtube's CC functionality has great comedy value, as TBS's examples demonstrate.

curly said...

LOL at Haeccieta

betwixt said...

Hello, everyone. I transcribed the first debate: "Islam Guarantees Women Equality of Rights with Men". It's too long to post in the comments section, so I created a blog where I can post it for easier reading.

I did not get to the Q&A portion yet, and I'm not sure if I will do so. I'll probably just move on the another debate.

John 8:24, thank you for pointing out the CC feature in the YouTube videos. It saved me a lot of time (not to mention, provided entertainment ^_^).

David Wood said...

Thanks betwixt. I passed on the link to Robert, who posted it on Jihad Watch.

betwixt said...

No wonder my page view count spiked. :D Thanks, David. I'm glad it's useful to a lot of people. I'm currently transcribing the other debate.

God bless.

betwixt said...

Hi, David. Here's my transcript of the first debate between Mr. Spencer and Mr. Zayed:

Muhammad Taught that Muslims Must Wage War against and Subjugate Unbelievers

curly said...

Hey Betwixt,
many thanks ! SMILE...

Peacetreaty said...

you know why you guys see so much hatred against Islam? because none of you are practicing your own religion correctly. All religions, especially the three main religions share many things in common including not to spread hatred and violence, but all these posts are doing exactly that! You only see the bad stuff that is happening by "Muslims" because that is how the media wants everyone to portray the religion, Islam. If the 1.2 billions of Muslims around the world gathered all the crap that is happening around the world by Jews and Christians than it would seem like the entire world is corrupted. Instead, we Muslims make dua (prayer) that everyone follows the right path and May Allah (God) forgive everyones sins. You know why? because that is what our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) AND every OTHER prophet including Prophet Jesus, Adam, Abraham, etc have taught us to do. You guys pretend like your such great followers of your religion. Well you can pretend all you want, but God knows your real intentions and he is the ultimate judge that everyone will face in the hereafter. Seriously though as the saying goes "dont judge a book by its cover" .. stop Judging a religion by its "believers". If you guys even took the time to actually read the Qur'an and the hadiths (and not the so called "Spencer hadiths" you would be astounded by the beauty of Islam. There is NO other holy book that has been preserved for 1400 + years but the Quran and it has not changed one bit! We dedicate an ENTIRE chapter to Mary (showing the love that Islam has for women). Like i said, read the Qur'an or get your information from authentic scholars and not from people who are hating on Islam (aka Robert Spencer).
I'm not bashing on any religion because I know that Christianity and Judaism are peaceful religions, but the people who are posting crap about Islam than yes I am bashing on you. Go back and read your holy book, stop hating on other religions!
Ever wonder why Islam is the fastest growing religion? Yeah that's right because it's the ultimate best. Again like I said go read the Quran and the right hadiths or look up some authentic scholars.
thanks! May Allah guide US ALL and show us all the right path and forgive all our sins. Ameen!

Peacetreaty said...

Oh how much I hate it when your computer freezes and u lose everything you wrote. This is the second time I will be posting a message because my previous message is gone due to technical difficulties, but I find it my job not only as a Muslim, but as a human being who cares to spread peace to defend Islam, the peaceful religion it truly is.

To all the people who written these harsh remarks about Islam, did any one of you even read the Qur'an and authentic hadiths? You don't need to answer that because in all honesty if any of you did, you would not have posted such remarks.
Why do you guys think that there is so much hatred going on against Islam? because the media wants to portray Islam as a violent one. If the 1.2 billions of Muslims around the world spread media about the crap and violence that exists because of the so called christians and jews, than this world would just be filled with corruption. Instead, we as Muslims are taught to make dua (pray) to God to forgive everyone and guide everyone in the right path because that is how we were taught by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and all the OTHER prophets that came prior to the last, including Prophet Jesus (A), Abraham (A), Adam(A) , etc.
If any one of you actually took your time and read the Qur'an you would have noticed that an ENTIRE chapter is dedicated to Mary(Maryam), showing how much Islam praises women.

Just as the saying goes "do not judge a book by its cover" ... please dont judge a religion by its "believers". Islam is a religion of peace and nothing more. If you actually take your time to learn about you will know.

For everyone who is posting harsh things, Please go back and read your holy books because every religion, especially the top three all share the common theme of not spreading violence and hatred.

Did you guys ever stop and think "why is islam the fastest growing religion?" .. because it is the ultimate best!

Please, I cannot emphasize this enough, PLEASE go and read the Qur'an and actual authentic hadiths (NOT "spencer hadiths"). If you want to learn about something you learn from a scholar and not from the enemy, because clearly the enemy would do nothing but spread lies.

May Allah (SWT) guide US ALL in the right path and forgive all our sins. Ameen