Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pat Condell: Violence Is Not the Answer


markedmanner said...

David... I used to post Pat Condell on my website as well. He says alot of things that I agree with about Islam but he is VERY anti-Christian see the video here:

Also he is not pro-Israel and thinks Jews should give back land to the arabs. See here:

I no longer post his videos since I have found this out. Just thought you should know in case you didn't.

Logos said...

I agree with Mark. I love Pat because he does speak the truth and speaks it from his heart. Pray that the Lord enlightens Pat to the truth of the gospel and God's plan for the Jews. He would be a good bold witness for our Lord. Nothing is impossible.

My Two Sense said...

markedmanner said "He says alot of things that I agree with about Islam but he is VERY anti-Christian"

Are you saying to David not to post Pat Condell? OK so you don't like everything Pat Condell says. In the first video link you posted he says he is against "religion"...

"I don't reject Jesus, I reject religion. I'm happy to listen to Jesus all day long as he keeps his mouth shut about religion." he is against Christianity and Islam more or less equally. Much like the creators of South Park, Pat Condell is "an equal opportunity offender".

On that note, I think I kinda like the guy. Though I am sure I will not agree with his stance on Israel, I am still interested to see what points he makes and will definitely go and watch it.

So here's a quote from your article in the second link you sent:

"These same people are those who criticize Glenn Beck for labeling Geert Wilders a "fascist" one day, then promote Beck the next. Is there no such thing as a principled stand anymore? Shouldn't popular blogs be a little bit more responsible with whom they promote and celebrate?"

First of all, I assure you that I will never promote Glenn Beck. Ever. On that I will always be consistent. When David posted a piece from Beck awhile back on Israel... I gritted and ground my teeth and forced myself to watch it. What do you know... Ol' Glennie said some things on Israel that I agreed with. Huh. So I guess not everything Glenn Beck says is verbal diarrhea. 1% of the time he might be right on something (I'm joking with and heckling you "conservatives" here. Take a breath.).

But let's address the last part of this quote which is "Shouldn't popular blogs be a little bit more responsible with whom they promote and celebrate?"

Wait a minute... "shouldn't popular blogs be more responsible"?? Really? In previous posts on this blog weren't we discussing whether "news shows" should be more responsible? But anyway...

By "responsible", does the writer mean bloggers should make sure not to ever post a video from someone who may not always fall in line with their views on everything? Or is it OK for David to post Pat since, in this particular instance, his video proves a point that you/we can also believe in, i.e.: Violence Is Not The Answer?

Let's ask David. David. By posting Pat Condell, are you promoting Pat Condell or are you just agreeing with his stance that "Violence Is Not The Answer?"

markedmanner said...

Im sure David is just agreeing with what Pat said in the video... But I think the fact that Pat is very Anti-Christian should not be ignored. He says Christians made up the fact that Jesus was the son of God etc. I do not think this should be ignored especially by people in Christian apologetic work. Im not condemning David for posting this. I just thought he should be aware of where Pat stood on the issues of Israel and Christianity.

My Two Sense said...

I just signed up for his iTunes podcasts. I like this guy. He's pretty cool in my book.