Saturday, June 25, 2011

Best Muslim Response to Arab Festival Anger

I haven't posted much of my recent video footage from Dearborn yet, though I will certainly be posting some videos in the next few days. Nor have I posted some of the important videos filmed by others at the Arab Festival (but I'll be posting many of those as well).

However, I did want to draw attention to an especially refreshing video made by a Muslim woman after the festival. In the video, she calls on her fellow Muslims not to respond angrily or violently to the protected free speech of anti-Islam protestors. I say her comments are "refreshing" because so many Muslims and non-Muslims suffer from what we might call "Always Someone Else's Fault Syndrome" (ASEFS).

When security guards physically attacked us after Nabeel asked a question at a booth in 2009, Muslims generally (though not always) blamed us. Many non-Muslims blamed us as well. In 2010, when police arrested us for having a peaceful discussion, Muslims generally (though not always) blamed us. Many non-Muslims blamed us as well. When Dearborn Police and Mayor O'Reilly were exposed for outright deception, Muslims generally ignored it. Most non-Muslims ignored it as well. Several weeks ago, when Muslims (and some non-Muslims) stormed the police barrier for a shot at Terry Jones, many Muslims and non-Muslims blamed Jones. At the 2011 Arab Festival, when certain Muslims reacted violently to Ruben Israel's group, virtually everyone blamed Ruben Israel (and, believe it or not, they blamed us as well).

It seems, then, that Muslims are never responsible for their actions. If a Muslim throws a bottle, or a punch, it must be someone else's fault--namely, the person who offended the Muslim. Even many media representatives (just check out the blatantly biased work of Niraj Warikoo of the Detroit Free Press) suffer from ASEFS.

Those who have contracted ASEFS, however, are the real Islamophobes. They don't expect Muslims to follow the same rules as everyone else, because they don't believe Muslims are capable of responding rationally. Many critics of Islam, however, are so vocal in criticizing the actions of certain Muslims specifically because we hold Muslims to the same standards as everyone else. That is, we hold Muslims accountable because we believe they are responsible for their actions. Who are the racists here?

That's why it's good to see someone calling on Muslims to behave civilly, even when Islam is being criticized. Kudos to our Mulima friend Gina.


PoliticallyIncorrect said...

I wanted to make just one comment on this video. When she spoke of the Muslim who was saying F__K Jesus and said how it bothered it should have; knowing what the Qur'an teaches about Jesus, it would be contrary to the Qur'an for a "Muslim" to defame Jesus. The Muslim who did defame Jesus simply showed the Satanic Spirit that empowers Islam. When the Devil has had enough, even his diguise is revealed.

donna60 said...

Is Gina a revert?

Koala Bear said...

I wonder what percentage of muslims know nothing about their religion? I think it is quite high. Most seem to follow a Christianised non existent version.

GreekAsianPanda said...

Good for her.

What disturbs me most, though, more than how the Muslims reacted, is that there were Christians there doing stuff like that at all. Listen people: You will win no one for the Gospel by spewing hatred.

I wish people like Terry Jones would just disappear.

Yusuf Alamo said...

"The Muslim who did defame Jesus simply showed the Satanic Spirit that empowers Islam. When the Devil has had enough, even his diguise is revealed."

He isn't a Muslim. He is a Shi'a. Shi'as are notorious for such speech. No Muslim that follows Ahl-us-Sunnah is going to speak badly about Prophet 'Isa (alaihee salaam).

PoliticallyIncorrect said...

Yusuf alamo, regarding your response to my statement about the Muslim who blasphemed Jesus (not Isa), Isa is a perverted version of the True Jesus of the Bible. Just as Muhammad perverted a great deal of the bible in his attempt to give legitimacy to Islam. But to your point. You say the Muslim who blasphemed Jesus is not a "true" Muslim, but instead he's a Shi'a. I must first ask, if a shi'a had responed to my comment, would he have called that Muslim a Sunni and not a "true" Muslim? I make an aside here...Since Muhammad supposedly brought nothing new, but simply came to call people back to the one true religion and correct those who had previously corrupted the "scriptures" since Allah obviously was unable to keep his Word from becoming corrupt, did Allah not have enough foresight this time to make sure Muhammad appointed a Caliph before his death? It seems that Allah's shortsightedness caused yet another major rift in his "one true religion" and that is Islam's immediate bifurcation upon the death of Islam's "final" messenger. This error on Allah's part has caused interneal strife and bloodshed for 1,432 years and counting until the true Jesus Christ comes back and judges humanity.
Now, for the main point. You called the Muslim who blasphemed Jesus a Shi'a, so as to distance him from your version of true Islam. Well, the problem is that Muhammad said that there would be 72 sects of Islam before the Last Day. Each sect will deem itself the "true" Islam. Since Muhammad said only the "one true Islam" will be victorious and that you are to fight and kill all "non Muslims", then this infighting will continue. Now, you will need to prove to me and to Allah that you follow the "one true Islam" in order to give creedence to your response to my initial statement.
I'll be waiting.