Wednesday, December 1, 2010

42-Year-Old Imam Rapes Ten-Year-Old Girl, Blames Satan

Dhaka (AsiaNews) – A ten-year-old girl was brutally raped on Saturday in Chittagong by Mohammad Moinuddin, the imam of the Chittagong Government Muslim High School. The 42-year-old man said that Satan led him to commit the deed at his shop at Yakubnagar in Firingibazar. The girl was taken to Chittagong’s Medical College Hospital for tests.

Kotwali Police Chief Abul Kalam Azad told AsiaNews that around 6 pm, the imam called the girl as she walked home from school. He then took her to a quiet place where he raped her.

The girl ran home bleeding and told everything to her parents. Her father ran to the place of the crime to apprehend the rapist, who was arrested right after police were informed of the incident.

“My daughter is just ten-years-old,” the father said. “Every time I pray, I cannot but think about what happened. I cannot believe that an imam, a man who learnt from the holy religion of Islam, a man who teaches others, is the same man who raped by daughter. I want justice.”

Deputy police inspector Naznin Sultana Juthee said that the girl’s mother has already filed rape charges against the imam.

Local human rights activists condemned the rape. (Source)


armand said...

Hey Mr David, this is Kabir from Bangladesh. I don't know if you still remember me or not but I called your live show Jesus or Muhammed on ABNSAT a few days ago and asked you some questions. u can view it here

Just felt like letting you know that this imam is from my country. LOL

cmclvr said...

Nothing can be done about the brainwashed. Fence sitting Muslims must acknowledge the truth that Islam is a product of Mohammed's evil and pervert mind that cleverly camouflaged criminal acts like killing, looting and rape as divine acts as long as it is against to so called unbelievers. Practicing this criminal cult believing it as religion will add tremendous psychological pressure on normal human mind as it is difficult to restrain the violent and disturbed mind that contemplates crime and hatred towards unbelievers. The problem is exacerbated as followers are supposed to treat the worst criminal in history as a great example to personally emulate. As he was a confirmed pedophile, those with pedophilic tendency will find Islam a heaven on earth. The Imam of the present report is one such person who decided to emulate his Prophet and the problem is that he did not feel the necessity of paying some poor parents enough money to marry a pre-pubescent girl like his Prophet did. He is unfairly blaming Satan instead of the real culprit, Mohammed.

Fernando said...

Blames satan? Butt ain'y he following muhammad, that dirty person, examplle? Does this mean that muhammad is satan? At laste some muslim says whate we all knew...

Sophie said...

So sad. I pray God heals all her physical and emotional wounds, and binds up her parent's broken hearts. I pray that He removes all shame and stigma attached to this event so she can live with dignity.

What a terrible betrayal of trust.

This reminds me of the perpetrators of the genocide in Rwanda - afterwards, many claimed to be have been possessed by the devil. It's just a way for very evil people to evade responsibility.

Or, you can go the opposite route and claim that you did all the bad things you did because God told you to. I can think of two examples of this off the top of my head - Michael Brea who killed his own mother with a sword, and someone rather prominent in the Muslim world...

minoria said...

There is a history of violence here.Just like the enslavement of 1 MILLION EUROPEANS from the Mediterannean (1500-1800),including CERVANTES(author of DON QUIXOTE,slave of the Muslims for 5 years,tried to escape 5 times,was finally ransomned)we have the affirmation by scholars that 60-80 MILLION HINDUS were killed by Muslims(1000-1525).

Suleiman,called the "Magnificent"(not)when he failed to take Vienna in 1529 took back 50,000 European girlsand women to be used for sex purposes.

When the Turks (army of 90,000 defeated by 30,000 Poles under Sobieski)where defeated in Vienna(1683)they took back 80,000 women foe sex purposes.


The author cites scholars and sources.It is a reality the media ignores and doesn't want to admit.Like for example the Muslim secreatry to SULTAN GHAZNI around 1000 AD wrote the Sultan had invaded India and had taken 500 THOUSAND Hindus as slaves to Afghanistan.

Peter said...

The rape of his daughter did not agree with the muslim father, now i wonder if it still agrees with him what muhamad did to Aisha, since it was basically the same thing.

If the father of the rape victim switches on his brain, he has no other choice but to leave islam, but I doubt it, I think muslims are struck with blindness which cant be explained any other than by some spiritual & supernatural forces.

I hope for that family that they will overcome this drama and that they are open up to see the truth which Is jesus Christ and not islam.


If Muhammad can rape, why not his followers can rape a 10 years old girl, that’s what Islam (sorry, I used the wrong term) Muslim religion is.
God Bless David and his entire team, Amen.

Unknown said...

I could believe him that was Satan that put him to rape this girl, but here is my question:
Jesus Christ, our God, can protect us from such evil.

Why would you not give your life to Jesus ?


Spencer said...

As disturbing as the story is, how are the actions of the Imam inconsistent with (a charitable interpretation of) Islam?

Netranger said...

Reminds me of the oops moment of Muhammad after he uttered the Satanic verses to appease the locals. He conveniently said Satan made me say it. Since Q30:21 says that Muhammad is the ultimate example of all mankind, no wonder this man is following Mohammad's example.

goethechosemercy said...

The rape of his daughter did not agree with the muslim father, now i wonder if it still agrees with him what muhamad did to Aisha, since it was basically the same thing.
end quote.

I was thinking of this father, her parents in particular.
In a culture where this happens all the time, one must question the authority of parents.
I note that Allah was never a parent.

Dhaka Bangladesh said...

hey im J. frm UK, also a girl from bangladesh (old Dhaka),

Born and brought up abroud... heard about diff. types of Imams lool..GUYS DNT FORGET: Imams are human, like us.. so they canbe bad or good.. :-D cheerz n Allahafis