Thursday, December 2, 2010

Moderate Sheikh Abu Adam Arrested in Germany for Beating His Wife (While Quoting the Qur'an)

The Qur'an is quite clear: Muslim men are allowed to beat rebellious wives into submission. In fact, the women don't actually have to be rebellious. Men simply have to suspect or fear rebellion, and this subjective thought process justifies a beating.

Qur'an 4:34--Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other, and because they spend of their property (for the support of women). So good women are the obedient, guarding in secret that which Allah hath guarded. As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them. Then if they obey you, seek not a way against them. Lo! Allah is ever High, Exalted, Great.

It should come as no surprise, then, that a Muslim sheikh would beat his wife for desiring to become more Westernized.

A Muslim imam who lectures on non-violence and advises the German government on interfaith issues has been arrested in Germany for beating up his wife.

Sheikh Abu Adam, 40, is now on remand in Munich while his wife, 31, is being guarded by police.

She was allegedly assaulted so badly that she suffered a broken nose and shoulder and numerous cuts and bruises.

Media reports claimed the woman, who has borne one of his ten children, wanted to live a more 'western' lifestyle and was allegedly attacked after telling her husband.

The police said they received a call from a lawyer hired by the victim.

Adam is alleged to have shouted a verse from the Koran at his wife as he beat her.

The line said: 'Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them.

'As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them.'

The imam is said to have refused to let police officers into his home, but they forced their way past him because they feared the woman's life was in danger.

Sheikh Adam is the Egyptian imam of the Darul Quran Mosque in Munich.

He is facing charges of causing grievous bodily harm and could face a jail term if convicted.

A week ago, he held a lecture at the city's Catholic University entitled 'An Islam which distances itself from violence'.

He also spoke at a recent conference called 'meeting Islam in Europe' and met German justice Sabine Leutheusser Schnarrenberger there.

Adam was assigned bodyguards on the outside because of his calls for Muslims to reject radical Islam. He is also being guarded while on remand from racist prisoners. (Source)


chris J said...

Imagine what other imams are like....

AB said...

man .. pity his wife. She must have thought to herself what better time to tell him i want a more western life a week after his lecture "An Islam which distances itself from violence'. and guess what She get assaulted, man heights of hypocrisy.

Peter said...
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YFC777 said...

No wonder the following pool came out of Germany today

Only about one third of Germans think positively of their Muslim neighbors, a much lower proportion than in other western European countries, according to a new poll published on Thursday.

Source -

goethechosemercy said...

This woman's wounds are the imam's indictment.
In the Western World, the evidence is out in the real world, not in the Quran.
Let us think about that.

Fernando said...

If faces could express a psychological personality -- as I believe they do --, this person woulde be sentenced to liffe in a psychiatric warden...

Anthony Rogers said...

I don't know if he was really quoting the Qur'an while beating his wife. It seems to me, given what we know about the Muslim mindset, moulded as it is by the Qur'an and Muhammad's Sunnah, that someone beating their wife while reciting the Qur'an represents an embellishment to make a hero out of him. You know, someone the youth can look up to. If we have learned anything from Milli Vanilli, no matter how good of a reciter this Muslim is when not engaged in other activities, he was probably only lip-syncing while beating his wife.

mommy said...

Yes Qur'an said a man could beat his wife to remind her from sin. BUT IT MUST NOT HURT HER (read the hadist narrated by Muslim, Abu Daud, Turmudzi, and Nasa'i). May Sheikh Abu forswear upon his sin..

Radical Moderate said...

WOW, this is almost as good as the Muslim who started the Sata lite TV station in New York to build "Bridges" with non Muslims. Then he goes and chops off his wifes head.

David Wood said...

Nice try Gud. Please quote a reliable hadith saying that the beating "must not hurt."

Fernando said...

Hi Gud... juste one relieble quote to support your clame, pleaseeeeee... juste one... thanks...

Sophie said...

Gud - the beating must not hurt?

Please explain to me why it's OK for a man to beat me, even if it's to humiliate or intimidate me rather than hurt me. Please explain how a man who is angry enough to beat a woman, can control himself well enough that the beating will certainly not hurt.

Please explain what on earth can be achieved by beating someone lightly, even after the prior steps of sleeping apart and admonishment have failed. What on earth is a symbolic light beating going to achieve after everything else has failed? Nothing, of course.

Please explain why none of the steps outlined in surah 4:34 actually involve sitting down together and having a rational exchange of perspectives, perhaps even with an impartial third party, until the situation is resolved, why none of the steps actually involve listening to your wife and trying to understand what's making her appear potentially 'disobedient'?

Please explain why the stronger, usually more dominant half of a couple may beat the weaker one ("lightly")? How can you be so sure that a man is always right and a woman is always wrong, that it's OK for a man to beat her to make her agreeable?

Actually, don't bother explaining. You have no excuses. I can only conclude that to be a Muslim, I must allow that there are situations where a woman may just need a good slapping to bring her to her senses (ie, make her agree with her husband).

I can't accept that, so I could never be a Muslim. In any case, Muslim heaven doesn't appeal to me much more than Muslim hell for the obvious reason that Muslim heaven is essentially the Playboy Mansion, so it doesn't matter too much.

It sickens me that you think you can add the words 'the beating must not hurt' and suddenly it's OK to physically degrade, humiliate and intimidate your own wife, your flesh and blood.

Sophie said...

'To remind her from sin', Gud?

Is that a special responsibity only entrusted to men, to exercise over their wives? If so, who will beat the men to prevent THEM from sinning? Or don't men need to be beaten? Don't men sin? If I see my husband drinking alcohol and he won't stop, can I beat him?

Why can't you just admit the truth - that Mohammed and his Allah were OK with violence against women, that they even sanctified it, that they sanctified something abominable?
Why can't you just admit that it's morally wrong to hit a woman, and that the Koran is therefore morally wrong?

Your defence of violence against women is repulsive. Sura 4:34 is repulsive.

Jabari said...

BackInTime77 said.......

" ... false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."

Someimes I have hard time stopping myself from laughing, because of the incapability of almost each & every "moderate" muslims, of remaining "moderate" once tested.

Especially the muslim apologist go ballistic as soon as someone exposes them, or diagrees with them, the most recent one is the german Imam, but not too long ago muslim apologist Shadid Lewis had a super tantrum on ABN show "jihad exposed" when Kamaal Saleem gave him Islam lessons. Shadid called him a " ignorant thug terrorist"(actually sounded like "Fuck" and he propbaly meant it that way, according to his tone of voice and face expression), he also called him basically a Liar and uneducated. I wonder how shadid would react to a real attack aginst his persona off camera, since he is hardly able to control himself after him being corrected in a TV show watched by millions of ppl.

I say.......

BackInTime77 you can see more of his tantrum in the debates he had with David Wood and Nabeel Qureishi. Go to the left side of the website where it will say "debates", if you look closely you will see Shadid's debates with David and Nabeel. In his debate with Nabeel you'll see the reasons he left Christianity for Islam. If you look in the comments section of both his debates with David and Nabeel, you'll see him going into even more of a tantrum.

GreekAsianPanda said...

@ Gud,

I know of some hadiths that seem to indicate that the husband CAN hurt his wife while beating her.

(I'm going to shorten it because it's really, really long.)

Sahih Muslim
Book 4, Number 2127:
Muhammad b. Qais said (to the people): Should I not narrate to you (a hadith of the Holy Prophet) on my authority and on the authority of my mother? We thought that he meant the mother who had given him birth. He (Muhammad b. Qais) then reported that it was 'A'isha who had narrated this: Should I not narrate to you about myself and about the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him)? We said: Yes. She said: When it was my turn for Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) to spend the night with me, he turned his side, put on his mantle and took off his shoes and placed them near his feet, and spread the corner of his shawl on his bed and then lay down till he thought that I had gone to sleep. He took hold of his mantle slowly and put on the shoes slowly, and opened the door and went out and then closed it lightly. I covered my head, put on my veil and tightened my waist wrapper, and then went out following his steps till he reached Baqi'. He stood there and he stood for a long time. He then lifted his hands three times, and then returned and I also returned. He hastened his steps and I also hastened my steps. He ran and I too ran. He came (to the house) and I also came (to the house). I, however, preceded him and I entered (the house), and as I lay down in the bed, he (the Holy Prophet) entered the (house), and said: Why is it, O 'A'isha, that you are out of breath? I said: There is nothing. He said: Tell me or the Subtle and the Aware would inform me. I said: Messenger of Allah, may my father and mother be ransom for you, and then I told him (the whole story). He said: Was it the darkness (of your shadow) that I saw in front of me? I said: Yes. He struck me on the chest which caused me pain, and then said: Did you think that Allah and His Apostle would deal unjustly with you?...

See also Sahih al-Bukhari Volume 7, Book 72, Number 715. How could the husband have given his wife a green bruise like that without hurting her?

I'm no expert on Islam, so I don't know which hadiths you have in mind. I'll leave that to you to show them to us.

Jeff said...

The impression I get from reading selections of the ahadith and sira literature presented by Muslims on this issue is that Mohammed permitted some beating but was fiercely against very violent or excessive beatings.

For the sake of honesty, it seems to me that we should admit this:

Jeff said...

Worth mentioning too what you find scholars telling Muslims.

Yes, I saw the Qatari sheikh on the now infamous YouTube.

But when you read something like this

you don't get the impression that any Muslim man seeking guidance for his behavior from it would come away thinking he had justification in his religion to beat the heck out of his wife.

cmclvr said...

Islam was invented by Mohammed to mainly to justify living on proceeds of crime and violence. Thus, most of his revelations are oriented towards raising a ruthless and killer army capable of indulging in murder and rape and not feel guilty about it. The very purpose of hateful brainwashing in Koran is to mould even the weakest of males in to a violent person so that the job of looting and raping is ruthless and efficient. Keeping men as a sort of restless beasts is key to success. Controlling and channeling the sexual urge is central to create frustration leading to restlessness. He instantly realized that if men are allowed to treat women affectionately, they will get distracted and may not be ruthless and inefficient in battles. Downgrading the status of women to a level just a shade above domestic animals was almost forced. But, an outlet must be found to make sex even more attractive elsewhere than with their wives. He introduced liberal sex with slaves to further motivate the killer gangs. To ensure that men will not get totally distracted by captured women, he introduced slave trade so that men will make extra bucks and ready to wage the next Jihad. All this was psychologically worked to perfection by the master criminal and it made him the richest war lord of the desert within no time. It is a tragedy in human history that something conceived primarily for crime took the shape of a religion. It is surveying on certain key brainwashing concepts. Abusing women is one of the main requirements for the very survival of this cult. It ranks next only to Koran is the word of God, do not read other scriptures and kill those who leave Islam.

The modern world has put them on defensive and as a result most followers have become restless and agitated as happy and peaceful living is incompatible with the violent urge that rages in its true followers. It is for this reason even those who try to desperately project a moderate image of Islam will come under tremendous strain on account of the deliberate deception they practice. A devout Muslim can beat his wife. It is just that Sheik Adam could not resist becoming a devout Muslim for a moment. The result was a brutal assault on one of his wives!

Sophie said...

Yes, perhaps he wouldn't feel justified in beating 'the heck out of' his wife.

However, the Koran makes it clear he may *beat* his wife.

I can't understand why there is debate on this site regarding the severity of beatings Muslim men may inflict on their wives.

None of it is excusable. So leave it to Muslims who take the Koran and hadith seriously to decide precisely how savage they may be.

goethechosemercy said...

In the West, we have a distinction between liberty and license.
I see no such distinction in Muslim society or culture. No discussion of this in the Quran. No public dialogue about it in the here and now.
So, I guess that license is the word-- Muslim men do indeed determine how savagely they may beat their wives.
And I'm sure that, given that rage can be a really addictive drug, those beatings are plenty savage.

Peter said...
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Jeff said...


We shouldn't misrepresent people we disagree with, that's all.

There is a lot of evidence that harsh beatings were condemned by Mohammed.

That doesn't mean that itty bitty beatings are okay. But it DOES mean that harsh beatings were condemned by Mohammed.

There are lots of things to debate on this issue. But we shouldn't simply say, "Islam teaches that it's fine for a man to whale the heck out of his wife". Because as far as I can tell that isn't true.

Jabari said...

I also think very soon there will be a lot more terror attacks, more often and bigger ones.
I think that because muslims in the west start to realize that westerners wont believe the whole moderate muslim thing anymore, example a poll says that 87% of germans reject islam as religion, cultur and ideology, there is some noticable resistance in western europe against islam, not from the goverment, but from the regular ppl, so I think since taqqija does not work as it used to do, the muslims probably will go to stage 3 in their jihad and we all know what that means. God help us.

I say....
And Europe is where Islam is getting a foothold. I think people over there are starting to wake to the danger of Islam. I pray that people over here in America will wake up as well.

I think that since the Governments in Europe refuse to deal with Islam, those not in the government are taking a stand against this Satanic religion. Just like here in America, people in the government like President Obama, won't do anything about Islam, some of the ordinary American citizens are taking a stand (i.e. me, David Wood, Nabeel Qureshi,Tizita,etc.)

BackInTime77 said.......
I also think that he is far worse than Nadir Ahmed, BUT I hope I am wrong with my assumptions.

I say......
Do you see Shadid constantly inulting fellow muslims and Christians??? No. Do you see him going around claiming to the greatest muslim apologist ever???
How do you come the conclusion that Shadid Lewis is worse than Nadir Ahmed??????

Peter said...
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Unknown said...

Hi from indonesia

not surprise at all .

you know what , indonesia government sending thousands of maids known as TKW each year to countries in asia and middle east .

Out of those countries which country do you think where the most violences cases emerge to these poor little people who just happend to travel thousand of miles away from home in hoping to send money to their familiy back home for better life !

Guess what ?

Bingo ! It is Saudi Arabia . It is funny where the most violence and inhuman , slavery ,rapes , murder , beating happended in land where islam is born .

What is more disturbing , often the employeer got away with it . They only pay some amount of money(blood money) to the victim family.

What sad about this , our goverment wont do anything to these poor people .

here is one of the story

Unknown said...

Just want to share , how saudis treated their maids just like what quran teaches