Thursday, September 9, 2010

Burn the Quran Day is CANCELLED... Because Ground Zero Mosque is Being Moved?!?

Whoa... this could be about the awesomest thing I've heard all week! Burn the Qur'an Day is, according to USA Today, getting cancelled because Imam Rauf has agreed to move the Ground Zero Mosque!

He (Pastor Terry Jones) said he decided to cancel his protest because the leader of a planned Islamic Center near ground zero has agreed to move its controversial location. READ MORE
If this is truly the case, then Terry Jones is a genius. If Imam Rauf is pulling a fast one on the Pastor from Florida, well, we'll just have to wait and see.


Reports are coming in that the developers of the Ground Zero Mosque are denying that the mosque will be moved. According to ABC News:

But as soon as Jones and al-Masri finished speaking, denials were issued that the Islamic community center and mosque would be moved away from its current controversial location.
"The Muslim Community Center called Park51 in Lower Manhattan is not being moved," read a statement from SoHo Properties, the developer of the community center that is being called the Ground Zero Mosque. READ MORE
As far as the American public goes, there's no telling what will happen. Let's pray while we're still waiting to see how all this will unfold.


Well, it looks like they got Pastor Jones. According to Yahoo News: "Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf said he was surprised by the announcement and that he would not barter." (Emphasis mine) It just remains to be seen whether Pastor Jones un-cancels "Burn the Qur'an Day". Then we can blame the Qur'an burning entirely on Abdul Rauf. That would make him single-handedly responsible for offending the entire world, Muslims and non-Muslims alike! (Disclaimer for the undiscerning: that was humorous sarcasm).


After realizing that he'd been conned, Pastor Jones is reconsidering the cancellation.

(CNN)--A Florida pastor who called off a Quran burning said late Thursday he was "rethinking our position" after a Muslim leader said the minister incorrectly announced that the proposed Islamic center near New York's ground zero would be moved as part of a deal. Read more.


otto said...

Donald Trump put in an offer to buy the mosque property from the Imam with 25 percent OVER what the Muslims paid for it - ALL CASH.

His offer was rejected.

Radical Moderate said...

WOW, I have to say when I heard about this I thought it was a joke really didnt pay any attention to it. Then it started steam rolling and I was like "What a idiot this guy is".

But now I think he is a total genius what a way to play it.

Tizita said...

I just read on Robert Spencer's blog that the immam canceled that offer......hmmmmm, what on this planet is going on.

We human beings like dram don't we? ;)

I think the media played way to much into all this drama. If the media wasn't broadcasting this all over the news how wuld the majority muslim population know abt this.......

I hate absolutely detest the media, Uggg!!

Rafik Responde ao Isla said...

Hi David
If Pastor Jones had a CAMERA he would not be caught in this awful situation!
We should learn a lesson, you never talk to a Muslim without a camera or a recorder.

Koala Bear said...

Has anyone read Walid Shoebat's book called God's War on Terror? I highly recommend it - suddenly everything will become crystal clear!

vbd said...

Do you think that Jones possibly had some "Taqiyya" and/or "Kitman" pulled on him during that conversation with the imam?

GreekAsianPanda said...

I hope that Jones decides not to go through with it, despite the mosque not being moved. I still can't believe he would even plan on doing such a thing.