Thursday, September 9, 2010

Should the Qur'an Be Burned? David Wood and Pastor Terry Jones Debate the Issue (with Calls from James White and Sam Shamoun)

On September 11th, 2010, Pastor Terry Jones is hosting "International Burn the Qur'an Day." Most Americans would agree that Pastor Jones has a legal right to burn books. However, many people would question whether a public book burning is a good idea. Fortunately, America protects our right to have disagreements, and to peacefully discuss our views. In the following discussion, Pastor Jones and David Wood debate the wisdom of Saturday's demonstration. (You can view the initial response of Acts 17 here.)















Hemel said...

I was terribly upset with Pastor Joseph.I liked him before.But the way he was trying to twist the scripture and argue with Sam was horrible

getrealman said...

I thought Pastor Joseph did a great job trying to remain neutral. I noticed him repeatedly holding his finger over his lips to allow others to speak (you will see this during his interaction with Sam). I don't think it is imperative that Sam and David and Joseph always agree. I think it is healthy for everyone to have their views challenged. Sam seemed to try to "call Joseph on the carpet" which wasn't really necessary. I'm glad it wasn't successful and I hope they do not becoming pleasers of men, rather than pleasers of God. I'm glad there's not unanimity among them, simply unity. The strength of the show is the open forum rather than pontificating to a bunch of head nodding adherents, which is not at all desirable. Very, very good show.

1MoreMuslim said...

For all the non-christian, be assured and feel safe. Nobody would burn your holy books or temples, you know why because the US is not a Christian theocracy!! So feel secure and don't worry... for now. But if Terry Jones is president, well, BOOK YOUR FLIGHTS to anywhere!!
Those who are afraid of Islamic theocracy, must see this!!

FreeInChrist777 said...

The Quran should not be burned instead it show be exposed just like David Wood, Sam Shamoun, and James White are doing, it is better to expose the book then to burn it. What will we achieve by burning their book? Nothing, we will not only achieve nothing but we will also endanger the lives of Christians who reside in Islamic countries. When Muslims see non-believers insult Islam in any shape or form such as Drawing a Cartoon of Mohammed for example, they will immediately take their fiery anger on the innocent Christians. Also when people burn the Quran the Muslims will think that their religion is true and that it is a threat to Christianity, which in reality it is not a threat but a stumbling block to knowing the true creator of the Universe - Jesus Christ.

We need more Christian's waking up and taking on the Islamic apologist's claims and start leading people to Christ through Truth, evidence, reason and logic not through violent and aggresive acts such as burning the Quran, we have to do it in Love, because that's what Jesus did, he rebuked the false teachers in peacefully.

God bless.

Love A Muslim Ministry said...

God loves the Muslim people and Jesus died to save them too, but satan deceived Muhammad and is using for exposing the absurdities of Islam. It therefore makes sence to expose the shame of the Quran to the world rather than burn it. Therefore, "open the Quran" should be our watch word and not "burn the Quran"

A.M.D.H said...

Isn't burning the Qur'an the correct Islamic way to dispose of the Islamic Holy Texts according too Sharia ruling?

David Wood said...

Not if it's meant as an insult.

Unknown said...

why are the videos private? what do i need to do to see them?

David Wood said...

I think the account where the debate was posted was shut down by YouTube.