Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Timely Message

Since the prospective day is fast approaching, and since there is still time for Pastor Terry Jones to make the right decision, not to mention time for Muslims to reflect on the appropriate response they should make should Pastor Jones choose to plod on with his reckless idea, I wanted to draw attention to an article recently put up today at Answering Islam by Jochen Katz:

Please read it, and spread the word.


Alcaff said...

Silvy Mendonsa said...

I feel this should be postponed till there is clarity on the mosque issue. If Muslims are not sensitive to 70% Americans opposing the building of the mosque then why should Christians care about Muslim sentiments.

I personally do not want any book to be burnt but Islam is now getting on the nerves of everyone.

Jabari said...

I should also let the muslims know that if they want to get mad anyone for burning the Quran, they should be furious at Uthman because he burned all the original manuscripts.

forgive_your_enemies said...

Does anybody have a list of email addresses / phone numbers for some of the news organisations that might be covering this event, if it happens? The media shouldn't be showing images or video of this, or even reporting on it much. They should take responsibility and say: it will not be helpful to report on this.

jes said...

"First, there is not one command or call from Jesus or His apostles to destroy pagan temples, religious symbols or religious books. The example of Jesus and the apostles speaks consistently against it."

Where do you find such examples? The old testament is filled with examples contrary to what you say. And Jesus said himself He came not to take away from the commandments but to lift us above them to freedom in the Spirit. Perhaps we need to be reminded of such idolatry, lest we become involved in it...Mr. Jones has brought something to our attention that needed to be...and he has more guts than the rest of the wimps that criticize him.

Tania said...

I was just informed of this story via Twitter:

Hamas-linked Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) responsible for attention on Pastor Jones

Tania said...

Another blogger put attention to (Acts 19:37). as a reason for condemning this event as unwise. And also noted from the verse that.. apostle Paul had enough sense to know that disrespecting a false god in Ephesus wasn't the way to spread his message.

proof for god said...

Ann Coulter has an interesting take:

jes said...

Some of you are looking as if you were already in an Islamic country, as if you were worried about giving "offense"! You better take a look around and see what remains of your Christian heritage, for it will soon be gone if the Muslims continue with their conquest...They already have you in submission, what else do they need?

Anthony Rogers said...


That sounds like a circuitous way of admitting that you know of no New Testament text that supports this.

Interestingly enough, I know of no Old Testament texts that give pastor Jones the warrant to do this. If you do, please let me know.

In the ABN broadcast, which I have only been able to hear about half of so far, the only Old Testament text that was brought up was 2 Kings and the example of King Josiah.

In light of this, I would simply ask: "Who died and made pastor Jones king?"

JesusTheOnlyWay said...

To Bion, Politico has apparently removed the story you referenced, interesting.

I was thinking today, I can only imagine what these same muslims will do in the future when eventually a "confessing" muslim runs for President of the United States. I wouldn't doubt they will behave the same way and threaten Americans if he does not win. They will claim it's a conspiracy against all muslims I'm sure. I don't agree at all with burning the Quran but this world is only getting more and more volatile and it's scary to think where we are headed. These extremists will find ANY excuse they can to call for a jihad against Americans. Now if they move the mosque then that will incite them. It's never ending unfortunately, we'll not until our Lord returns at least.

Tania said...


Are you talking about the story by Politico? No other news outlets are reporting Politico's story that a Muslim organization (CAIR) has claimed responsibility for publicizing the qur'an story.

Here's an excerpt:

Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, says his group gets evidence of provocative acts involving the Quran all the time, and has issued a handbook to supporters offering guidance on what it should normally do about it – nothing.

“We get videos every day of somebody who shoots the Quran, burns the Quran,” he said. “We normally don’t do anything about it, because we don’t want to give them more attention than they deserve.”

But given what the group perceives to be increased prejudice against American Muslims, especially as the bitter fight over the Islamic center in lower Manhattan has played out all summer, it made an exception to its policy when it learned of Terry Jones and his Dove World Outreach Center’s plan to burn a copy of the Quran on September 11th.

So on July 19 CAIR sent out a press release announcing its intention to respond to “Burn A Koran Day” by distributing free Qurans. The release included a link to Dove World Outreach Center’s Facebook page for “International Burn a Koran Day.”

And that was how the threats of an obscure Florida pastor entered the international media blood stream.

Within a few days, stories about the Gainesville, Fla. church’s plans appeared in the Religion News Service, the Egypt Daily News, Wonkette, Gawker, The Guardian, the Associated Press and Al Arabiya, according to Lexis Nexis.

Ten days after the CAIR press release, CNN’s Rich Sanchez had Jones on his show.

Over the next seven weeks, the story gathered increasing momentum, plunging the United States into an unwanted confrontation with the Muslim world....

Read more:

minoria said...

I think burning the Koran is a bad idea but I also noticed the pastor did NOT use the opportunity,in the mainstream media,to say WHY he was against it.I happens EVERY TIME,or almost.Suppose CNN,the BBC,Reuters,etc were to come up to me and say:"Why are YOU for banning/burning the Koran?"

I am not going to speak in generalities.I would say,in every interview:"The specific reasons are,but first suppose a man came to you and said an angel had given him the very COMMANDS of God and that in:
1.Chapter 4:34 it said you can BEAT your wife.Would you agree that is bad or not?

2.Chapter X said the Jews have been made evil till the day of resurrection?That is God speaking,would you not consider that evil?

3.Chapter Y says men who go to heaven get more thanone beautiful virgin,and that it does not say it is only for single men.If you were a woman would you not think it evil that a husband is given the right to commit adultery?

4.Chapter X says he who kills and is killed for God goes to heaven.That is a universal statement,do you agree?
ANd so on,and so on,but the pastor didn't do it,losing a wonderful opportunity to educate millions on WHY he thinks the Koran is bad.It is not enough to say that it is bad,but the specific passages.

Radical Moderate said...

Remembering 9-11
Everyone Atlas Shrugs gave a link to a site that has a list of video’s from pretty much every news organization that covered the events as they unfolded on 9-11. ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, BBC, MSNBC etc… It’s pretty riveting stuff.

What I find most interesting is how little everyone knew about what was happening even though it was happening right in front of their eyes. The reason I find this interesting is because 9-11 conspiracy NUTS will often take the confused words of some reporter or eyewitness and then twist that to fit their fictional version of events.

Case in point. ABC had a reporter on the ground who was saying early on “I heard a loud noise, it did not sound like a plane, it sounded like a missile… I did not hear a prop plane…. It did not sound like a jet but a missile… It could have been a jet but it did not sound like one….”

When the second plane hit the towers NBC was interviewing a woman who was at the scene. The Woman responded “This is deliberate” to which Brian Gumble asked “Why do you say that, why do you think it was deliberate”. He was seeing the same things on his monitor that this woman was seeing in real time but yet he asks her “Why do you say it looks deliberate”.

BBC news reports that a “plane appears to have crashed… “ and the reporter keeps repeating that it was a plane crash over and over again. However she then says “An eye witness reports that there was a huge explosion they thought in fact that it had come from inside” A reporter on the ground is saying that eyewittneses first were reporting that it was a BOMB but now we know that it was plane”

So let’s put this all together to fit the 9-11 conspiracy nutters narrative.

If it was a plane that hit the first tower then why does a eyewitness report that it sounded like a missile, everyone knows what a missile sounds like and what a Jet sounds like. So why did he confuse a missile with a jet plane.

If it was a plane crash then why do people report to BBC that it was a explosion that came from within the building. If it was a plane then why does the BBC reporter say “it appears to have crashed”.

If this was a deliberate attack then why does Brian Gumble ask the woman after the second plane hit “Why she thought it was deliberate”… This suggests that Brian Gumble was getting cue’s from the woman to now report this was a deliberate attack.

So wrapping it all up. Within the first 30 minutes of the attack we have that it was a missile, there were explosives that were set off in the building and it was only made to appear that it was a plane that struck the building. Also reporters were being told to report that this was a deliberate attack. Yup that makes more sense then what really happened. Well enjoy 9-11 nutters.
Let’s not forget the Muslims who died on 9-11, all 19 of them.

Radical Moderate said...

What a great speech by Gert Wilders

jes said...

To Anthony Rogers, I give you: Leviticus 26:30
Numbers 33:52
Deuteronomy 12:2
2 Kings 21:3
2 Chronicles 31:1
Ezekiel 6:3
Hosea 10:8
Amos 7:9
If that's not enough, you can find the rest yourself...Perhaps you might remember the first commandment. "You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. 5 You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God"

We never seem to understand that jealousy is often zeal for righteousness...and it works both for good and evil! And those who kill you will think it is for the good. And never, but never forget that the devil is a great master of deception, and many will go after him....thinking he is an angel of light!

Silvy Mendonsa said...

After rumour of Quran desecration in US, Punjab Muslims (India) damage church.

Just goes to show their only intention is violence and to hurt people of other faiths even if nothing happened.

See this article -

Anthony Rogers said...


Thanks for those verses. Do you have any verses that are on topic? I certainly don't doubt that idolatry is wrong. Not only do the first and second commandents forbid worshipping false gods or worshipping in an idolatrous fashion, but the rest of the commandments condemn many other things. Do you also believe a 21st century pastor living in Gainesville, Florida has the authority to execute blasphemers (3rd commandment), sabbath breakers (4th commandment), and so on? Do you think the OT law gave that kind of authority to private individuals? None of the passages you supplied say anything even remotely close to this.

Van Grungy said...

"So now we see that Muslims were there handing out tracts right at the gate -- special privilege. They're not sent a long way away."


Thought this might be useful for you guys... From TROP.. Stay cool...

ned said...

Imam’s Interview

Leaving aside what Pastor Jones proposed and then called off, the interview of Imam on Larry king was biggest deception. On one side, he said he is peace maker and used our Lord’s commands to strengthen his view (trying to win Christian hearts behind it, that’s deception cause he doesn’t believe in what Jesus said). On the other hand on the question of will he still choose the same site if he knew it would trigger such a fire and debate in public, his response was no I would not choose this site. But on the suggestion that why don’t you move the site now to another location his response was no and said that for the greater peace the mosque at the current location should be built. What greater peace would be achieved if thee is so much debate at this time and also that he himself admits the site location is in error. Does he think people are ghoofy in accepting his fake claims of peace?

John Lollard said...

Well, ned, if they move the mosque now, guess what Muslims will do around the world. Some hints; it's what they always do when they disagree with someone, and it's what Muhammad did anytime he disagreed witg someone.

So I can actually completely understand the imams statement. He seems to acknowledge his own religion's disposition to senseless violence.