Tuesday, August 10, 2010

City of Dearborn Now Endangering David Wood's Family

When Dearborn gets angry at someone, they don't mess around. Last year, Nabeel and I exposed the thug tactics of Arab Festival security. (They were using these tactics against many other Christians; we just caught their actions on tape.) What was the response this year? Festival volunteer Roger Williams lied about us. Police lied about us (see here, here, and here). Even the Mayor lied about us (see here, here, here, and here). They threw us in jail on false charges and launched a smear campaign against us.

But they were just getting warmed up. Through the Freedom of Information Act, anyone can request our police reports. Before releasing our reports, however, police are supposed to block out our personal information, such as home addresses. Not long ago, someone forwarded me the report being released by the Dearborn Police Department. Nabeel's address, Negeen's address, and Paul's address had all been taken out. My full name and home address, however, were prominently displayed on page six of the report! This is disturbing, as I know that Muslims now have access to the report.

Why would police include my personal information in the report being sent to the public? If you recall, I'm the one who made a video publicly rebuking Police Chief Haddad. Is this deliberate retaliation from Dearborn Police, or a mere oversight? Either way, police have endangered my family. I fully accept that I'm in a risky ministry, and that Muslims may kill me one day. But I try to make sure my family is safe, and Dearborn just drew a map for Muslims who want to invade my home.

In case anyone thinks this isn't serious, keep in mind that we are already being threatened. We previously pointed out the following threat, which was posted as a comment on one of our YouTube videos:

"Al Sayef Al Maslool Liman Sab Al-Rasoul" can be translated either as "A drawn sword for him who left the prophet" (in which case it would obviously be directed towards Nabeel) or as "A drawn sword for him who cursed the prophet" (in which case it could refer to either of us, since we argue against the prophethood of Muhammad). Either way, the comment calls for Muslims to "track these guys down" and "deal with the case," which refers to both of us.

Now why would someone be calling for Muslims to butcher us? Since we've been defending Christianity and refuting Islam publicly for years without much problem, this particular call for our deaths seems to be a reaction to recent events in Dearborn. But what did we do in Dearborn? We peacefully discussed our views with the Muslims there. Peaceful dialogues don't usually give rise to death threats, so why such anger from Muslims? It's simple. The Police Department and the Mayor didn't tell people that we were having a peaceful dialogue. The Police Department claims that we were screaming at Muslims and starting a riot, and the Mayor claims that we were attempting to make Muslims look bad (and that we regularly travel to Muslim events in order to cause disruptions!).

In other words, Muslims are angry at us, not so much because of something we've done, but because of the distortion and deception of Dearborn leaders. And now, on top of poisoning Muslims against us through such blatant misrepresentations, the City of Dearborn is giving out my home address!

This is simply shocking. Here's a review of our encounter with Dearborn over the past two years (summary, not direct quotations):

DAVID AND NABEEL: "Dearborn is harassing Christians. This is an element of Sharia!"
MUSLIM SECURITY GUARDS: "We'll fix you guys!" (Security attacks David, Nabeel, and Mary Jo, after setting us up for supposedly breaking the rules.)
DAVID AND NABEEL: "Hey! They just attacked us! Shouldn't someone do something about this?"
MAYOR: "Let's have a meeting to discuss how we can deal with these Acts 17 guys!"

MUSLIM SECURITY GUARDS: "We'll get them this time! We just need an excuse!"
ROGER WILLIAMS: "Acts 17 harassed me!"
POLICE: "Here's the chance we were waiting for! Lock them up! Get the girl, too!"
DAVID AND NABEEL: "Sorry, guys. Lies won't work. We've got cameras."
POLICE: "Seize their cameras!"
DAVID: "Chief Haddad and the Dearborn Police Department are enforcing Sharia!"
POLICE REPORT: "Acts 17 was harassing people, screaming at Muslims, and starting a riot!"
MAYOR: "Acts 17 just wants to make Muslims look bad!"
JUDGE: "Give them their cameras back."
DAVID AND NABEEL: "Here's the footage, everyone. We told you they were lying."
MUSLIM: "Acts 17 is harassing Muslims? Let's kill those guys."
CITY OF DEARBORN: "Here is David's home address."

I'm not sure what to do in situations like this. Normally, we call on police and other leaders to protect us. What can we do when police and other leaders become part of the problem?


Anonymous said...

This is just unreal! My family and I are praying for all of you.

"Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all." -Psalm 34:19

Glenn Hendrickson said...

David, I'll be praying for your safety during this ordeal. My advice is to take things up a level. If the police chief is not taking care of business figure out who he reports to and go to that guy. Other than that I don't know what to say. Stay strong brother!!

Glenn Hendrickson

hugh watt said...

I'm not sure what to do in situations like this. Normally, we call on police and other leaders to protect us. What can we do when police and other leaders become part of the problem?

Psalm 91.

How did Paul survive for so long? God sets the boundaries.

2 Tim.1:7 For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

How did God keep Peter whilst in jail? Who set the bounds over Job?
When Abraham feared he would be killed for Sarah, Who set an hedge around him? Who was it that protected Daniels' 3 friends, Mishael, Hanniah and Azariah, not forgetting Daniel in the lion's den? Who is it who knows what will happen before it does, answer if you can tell me? Did you think you were keeping yourself from harm all this time? Who told the satan he could go so far and no further with Job? Who made the Dearborn mayor and police? Are they mightier than He? I would not have time to mention Esther, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Gideon, the whole Jewish people in Egypt.

You think this is just talk? Watch how Satan attacks you spiritually bro'; Jude 9. I've faced that one for YEARS!!!

And yes, I'll continue praying for you all.

Phil. 4:6,7.

Letitia (The Damsel) said...

I think that Dearborn PD have just given your lawyers reason to involve the feds. Appeal to Caesar if you need to. As for your family, our home is your home anytime, and the medical care available is outstanding.

aussie christian said...

Well its time to take the gloves off David.

This is a breach of trust also it puts your life in immediate and grave danger. You need to immediatly take this department to the supreme court, as this was not an oversight but a dileberate attempt to have you murdered by muslim gangs.

Haecceitas said...

I don't know how common mistakes of this type are, but given all else that we know about your recent history with Dearborn, there is little room left for doubting that this was intentional. Perhaps they are trying to justify this (to themselves - obviously it wouldn't work in a more official setting) as "payback" to how you made reference to the contact details of the mayor and/or police chief (obviously very different than private contact details).

Fisher said...

I get the Dearborn PD's animosity towards you guys, but why on earth would they give out your private information for anybody who would want to track you guys down? That is just outright irrational and out of line (then again, so has everything else the Dearborn PD has done these past few months)...

Lydia McGrew said...

Get legal advice on this immediately. Surely there should be some way to "file something" (now you really know I'm not a lawyer) requesting that they block that address instantly, prove that they have done so, or be ordered to do so by the court.

Yeah, it's shutting the barn door after the horse has gotten out, but it's the first thing that comes to mind.

There also should be some way to fold this into a civil lawsuit.

Lydia McGrew said...

Betcha they'll say it was an oversight.

Of course, in the world of private business, companies are sued for large sums of money for much more minor and less dangerous oversights (or "oversights"). I wish something similar could be done with police departments. Can it?

serrevin said...

believe me when I say I envy you.

I wish I was living a life worthy of persecution.

mkvine said...

I've tried to report this "OurStylez" character, but Youtube policy says that the person threatened himself (in this case Nabeel) has to report the threat.

Tizita said...

OK, David, it takes a lot to scare me and this threat to u and ur family is doing just that.I'll keep u in my prayers, and always remember what Paul said there is nothing worth in this life keeping for the sake of being w/ Jesus!

P.S. I'm not new on this blog, i just changed my name from kate to the one i have now.

CrazyKens said...

My opinion? Islam is illegal, here's my point. It's not a religion, it's a book written to destroy unwanted people. It's a book instructing people to kill people. That is a cult. Everyone start petitions demanding that the ISLAM cult be listen as a hate group organization. In comparison to the Ku Klux Klan, Islam is bad, the Klan is good. What? Google kkk.com and read it. It's a Christian organization with no hidden agenda. Islam masks itself behind a supposedly peaceful ideal, but in it's own text orders followers to kill, allows for rape (felony 1), stoning (aggrevated assault) felony 1-2-3, theft (felony 1-2-3, deception (felony comparisons, fraudulent schemes, treason, conspiracies on all counts relating to all subject). We need to get the word out. You need a place to stay, I've got gangbanger homies in the south to back you up if the system fails you.

PatriotUSA said...

23rd Psalm, my friend. I
have followed you since last
year's festival. Will be sure
to share this on my site.

You have my prayers for the
duration. islam is an evil
that many are justing finding
out the real truth about. I
have been fighting islam for

May He watch over you and yours!

The Berean Search said...


If you haven't already done so, please have a meeting with someone in your local police department over this matter. Obviously they are far too overworked to post someone at your front door, but at least make them aware of what is going on so that they can respond effectively if (God forbid) someone attempts an attack on you or your home. Your local jurisdiction *must* (I hope) have some protocol in place for people who have received documented threats on their life from unknown persons. After all, you have evidence of an open call for your murder, and the Dearborn PD has compromised your personal details.

I'm praying for you brothers.

Rafik Responde ao Isla said...

My dear brother,

Never forget that Islam's tactics, involves FEAR.
Be courageous, but I guess you will have to move and then SUE the Police for endangering you and your family.

Christie said...

May God put his hand over you and keep you safe...where are we living again? I thought for sure I was living in the USA. Now it is time to take the gloves off. It is one thing to make life hard for an evangelist, it is totally another thing to put his children's lives in danger. Call your lawyers (I am sure you already have) and file whatever you need to with who ever you need to. This is ridiculous if the Dearborn police cannot act little better than the mob then they need to be replaced starting at the top.

minoria said...

Hello David:

My opinion is you and your family should permanently move out.Go live with relatives or friends,till you rent a new place.

The one thing I have learned about Muslim leaders,plus many ordinary Muslims,is their IRRATIONALITY.You see it in many forums.They:

1.Condemn the abuse of human rights by non-Muslims but refuse to condemn HAMAS and HIZBULLAH,WHEN you ask them if they condemn them also(one case,IMAM RAUF,chief of the Ground Zero Mosque project).

2.They refuse to admit the human right of FREEDOM of SPEECH to criticize Mohammed and not be punished.They are IN FAVOR of punishing people for talking negatively against Mohammed,who did many wrong things.

At the SAME TIME they are ok with insulting PAUL of Tarsus.Yet they won't admit others the right to do the same to Mohammed.NO CONSISTENCY,so it a HYPOCRITICAL position of theirs.You see that over and over again.

It is like this:if you say negative things about Mohammed you are a "hatemonger".So saying Muslims believe,the great majority,that he had sex with a 9 year old girl,which is reality,is "bad".How can it be bad when it is true?Muslim leaders and those who follow them know they do not have reason and logic at their side and so resort to name calling.

Fortunately the great majority of NON-MUSLIMS see through their illogic right away and are not convinced,but since they can not win a logical argument they can only make weird affirmations that contradict their positions.

GreekAsianPanda said...

I am praying that you and your family will be safe, David! God bless you, brother.

3D said...

Yes, there are some "lions" in the US and they will be looking for the goats that have the nerve to threaten you for exercising your 1st amendment rights.

You'll have an entire pride of lions on your side. Count me among them.


moderationist said...

Sue sue sue

PT said...

May the Lord protect you, but I think you need to move immediately.

PT said...

May the Lord protect you, but I think you need to move immediately.

jem said...

Hello, david....while I dont think what the DPD did (omitting personal info)was the right thing to do.......I dont think you should be worried......as some of the people are commenting.....(exaggerating...... from the perspective of privacy...yes I would be upset.....from being in danger.....i think things are being blow way out of proportion..

I will keep you in my prayers...

Best regards,


Zack_Tiang said...

Clearly Jem is oblivious to the previous 'incidences' with radical Muslims...

e.g. Theo van Gogh murdered by a Muslim for his film about women abuse in Islam,
and numerous death threats, etc on the artists of South Park due to Muhammad drawings..