Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Call for Nabeel's Execution

Interesting comment from OurStyleZ on one of our YouTube videos:

My dear muslims....Im sure there is one lion living in America who knows how to track these guys down.......PLease deal with the case....Slit this guys nuts open and leave the dog belly up in the street....
Al Sayef Al MAslool Liman Sab Al-Rasoul!

The last part means "A drawn sword for him who left the prophet," so this is a call for Muslims to kill Nabeel.

It's in the comments section here.

Strangely, in another comment on a different video, OurStyleZ claims to be a Christian:

I am a christian who would like to thank the police for arresting this person who is promoting hate between Americans......
David Wood is a hate monger who should be charged and thrown in jail!

This was right before he said this:

Im so glad you got arrested it made my day!
Is it going to stay in your record?

I can't figure out if this is a Muslim (sometimes practicing taqiyya) who wants his fellow Muslims to kill Nabeel or someone trying to cause trouble.

If it's the former, I'll say that we're not hard to find. We'll be in Dearborn for our pre-trial hearing next month. I'm sure we'll make a trip down to the festival area in case anyone is interested in dialogue. (In case anyone didn't notice, we're not scared of dying.)

***UPDATE*** Paul (who speaks Arabic) just sent me a text saying that "sab" can be translated as "leave" or as "curse." If it's the latter, the translation would read: "A drawn sword for him who cursed the prophet." In that case, the threat could be directed towards Nabeel or towards me.


David Wood said...

Note: This is usually the point where a Muslim says, "Ha! You Christians invented OurStyleZ in order to threaten yourselves."

Tizita said...

hahahahaha, LOL, hahahaha....Well, the supposed "Christian" who was happy abt ur arrest sounds to me like a muslim in sheep clothing. LOL Good one, im making myself laugh! O boy, really, though that was funny, pretending to be a Christian?, ha!
The whole thing abt islam is full of deception and lying. It's funny the extent they will go to give Christ a bad name.
Even if they kill u guys at least ur going to heaven away from this messed up world! Geeze, who wants to be here anyways? at least i don't, im dieng to be w/ Jesus, God, Paul, Peter, King David, King Solomon, Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Mary, Martha, Andrew, Timothy, doubting Tomas, The thief on the cross, Rebbecca, Rachel, Lot, Job, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Daniel, Shadrake, Meshak and Abendigo etc.....U get my point.
David please post more videos from the festival, everyday i check the blog to see if u have new videos up yet.....i really want to see more. Tnx

Carla Rolfe said...

This is incredibly disturbing.

Traeh said...

Was OurStyleZ's IP address logged somewhere on your system? Perhaps you should ask your experts how to access it.

I don't think this sort of threat should be taken lying down. You should consider publishing the IP address on your website for all to see.

I gather the IP address can tell police where the individual is and often who he is.

Radical Moderate said...

Oh man,oh man. This is serious this is how it started with Theo Van Gough, the wording is almost exact.

GreekAsianPanda said...

He's so a Muslim. What he's trying to do is make it appear to people that you guys were busy harrassing Muslims in the name of Christianity, and it's less likely for a Christian to be against a Christian, so when people see a Christian condemning a Christian, they think, "Hey, since even their fellow Christians are saying that these guys are hatemongers, they really must be hatemongers! Why would a Christian say bad things about another Christian unless it was truuue??" Hatemongering Christians make Christianity look bad, so he needs to make people believe that David and Nabeel are hatemongers.

I came across a sort of similar case a few days ago, only it ended with the Muslim (pretending to be a Christian, of course) faking a conversion to Islam.

Fun times.

Anyway, I pray that no one's actually going to track down David and Nabeel (that eviiiiil apostate). God bless you guys =)

Locrian said...

OK, so either Nabeel is to be killed for apostasy now? Last time I checked he wasn't a Muslim cause the Sunni and Shia don't accept Ahmadiyya.

It is so hard to keep score without a card.

Zack_Tiang said...

As much as it will great to reunite with God in Heaven.. it would be very convenient for the rest of us that you guys remain on earth to continue the good work you guys are doing with Acts17.

So pardon me when I say...
Don't go dying on us so soon. =P

Anthony Rogers said...

On the Youtube page of "OurStyleZ" he has a remark to "Free Palestine". That would seem to add to the circumstantial evidence that this man is a Muslim.

Ironically, I just got through defending Nabeel against a Muslim who made much of the fact that Nabeel has an Ahmadiyya background. One of the things he said was that Ahmadiyya Muslims are few in number. I replied that in part this has to do with the fact that Ahmaddis are peaceful while their orthodox counterparts (who like to kill them) are not......

.......And then we have the comment of people like "OurStyleZ" proving my point. Thanks, OurStyleZ. People like you are a credit to your prophet.

Anthony Rogers said...

edit: Ahmadis

Letitia (The Damsel) said...

To say that this OurStyleZ is calling for Nabeel's "execution" is being too generous. He/She is calling for murder.

Now, I'd like to see all those peaceloving Muslims out there to publicly repudiate any threats of violence against either David or Nabeel on Islamic grounds and show support for their constitutional rights as Americans, even in Dearborn.

Christie said...

Ok--even at the level of a you-tube viewer a death threat is still concerning. We shall pray hard that the enemy will not be successful in silencing you. I do find it rather ironic that the Muslims will constantly say "Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance" and yet they issue fatwas against people for things they will not tolerate. (toungue in cheek) Oh yes I want to convert to a religion that will have me killed if I ever ever change my mind even a little bit...That sounds inviting.

Anonymous said...


This is disturbing but this is also Islam. Islam the hater of mankind the hater of God.

May Gof protect our brother Nabeel

Unknown said...

Ok Chief Haddad! Show America how much you care about Homeland Security, put on your swat uniform and get out and nab this Muslim terrorist.
The true color of Islam is clearly shown in OurStyleZ, and his cowardly fatwa. Islam is all about terrorism and has no place in America.

Does the Quran inspire OurStyleZ?

The Quran commands Muslims concerning those that will not follow ISLAM: Kill them Q 2:191. Murder them Q 9:123. Slay them Q 9:5. Humiliate them Q 9:29. Annihilate them Q 2:193. Mutilate them Q 5:34. Torture them Q 22:9. Slaughter them Q 47:7.

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

Calling for someone's murder on the internet is a criminal matter, these things need to be taken seriously.

It's disturbing indeed, every co-worker of mine in the West dialoging with Muslims has been threatned with death. Probably half of my co-workers from Muslim countries have suffered arrest, torture and beatings.

Haecceitas said...

I suppose that at the very least, it would be easy to get his Youtube account closed on the basis of this threat.

Chris said...

Isn't it ok to lie in Islam if you are doing it to benefit Islam (or Allah)?

gran'pa said...

I believe the crux of the problem is best demonstrated in the following:

" The sincere Muslim is responsible for his womenfolk’s adherence to the Islamic teachings regarding her going out, and the hijab which is the badge of the Muslim woman. The day when a husband lets his wife or his environment take over and dispenses with this Islamic ruling without being able to stand up to them, is the day he says good-bye to both his religion and his manhood ".

I had attempted an earlier post which did not go through because of an error on my part, and so shall remark as follows:

Nabeel comports himself very well, such as he did when faced with a difficult situation as with the young man Hakeem.

But it is singularly the aggressive posturing as demonstrated by Hakeem, that is so clearly evident, and I may say required in the teachings of the quran.

It is why not only resisters of islam, but often too, the women of islam are subject to the most egregious behaviour by islamic men.

Hakeem says that he respects Jesus, then let him pay strict attention to the words of the Lord when He said, " No lie is of the Truth ".

Indeed Hakeem, you had not even opportunity to know of the words of Jesus except for the Old and New Testaments which both foretold His coming, and gave us His utterance as posted above.
That and the marvelous story of His death, burial, and resurrection, as recorded in the scriptures which Nabeel so faithfully attempted to share with you.

My encouragement to you Hakeem, is to find some measure of discipline within yourself to quietly access what is in the Holy Word of God by reading it for yourself and listening for the " still small voice " that shall bring you to salvation.

God Bless You, Hakeem

aussie christian said...

Where are the muslims to tell us that this person is misunderstanding islam?

Where are the muslims to tell us that this person can not possibly be a muslim?

Nowhere because they all agree with his death threat, and notice that they are too cowardly to defend with hadith or sura this muslim's threats.

Through their silence they loose the defence that islam means peace. because it doesnt it means murder death and abuse.

kitchenmaid said...

I'm so sorry this has gotten out of control like this

Here's a cartoon depicting your recent visit to Michigan.

Van Grungy said...

This link is for official translated Quran keyword searches... uses this resource....