Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jesus or Muhammad Today (Saturday) at 2:30 P.M. (Eastern Standard Time)

We'll be having an episode of "Jesus or Muhammad" at 2:30 today. We'll be discussing the "Freedom Flotilla." Be sure to tune in via satellite or online here.


Tizita said...

Hello everyone, Here is a prayer request:
I'm chatting with a muslim via e-mail who lives in Denmark, abt the Bible, Koran, Jesus and mohammed. The debate is going really well except for the fact that Jesus being both God and man is troubling him. He insists that in order for Jesus 2 be God's son that means that God had sex with Mary. I know it might sound troubling to some, but this isn't an uncommon belief in islam.
He also would like proof that Jesus died and Jesus rose from the grave. I'm not really a genius in that department yet, but i know many of u on here are, so if anyone can help me out that would be great.
I'm winning him to Christ very slowly and im not willing to give up on him for my Lord NEVER gave up on me.
He never really studied the quran or the hadith that well until recently but he isnt willing to give up on islam, b/c their isn't enough proof for him that Jesus is God, Jesus rose from the grave, and the Bible wasn't written "by a bunch of lunatic men who had nothing to do but make up a bunch of stories" those r in his own words.
So help me out here everyone. Give me anything, websites, books i should read, that would help me answer his questions. Being 21 and answering to ppl who r MUCH older and have more experience than me is hard. But thats why Christ has given me ppl like u guys that i can come to for help. thanks and God bless

David Wood said...

Hi Kate,

We can take this one step at a time. So your friend insists that Jesus can only be the Son of God if God had sex with Mary.

Ask your friend to read literal translations of Qur'an 13:39 and 43:3-4. Both passages refer to the "Mother of the Book." Since Jesus can only be the Son of God through sexual intercourse with Mary, your friend would have to admit that there can only be a "Mother of the Book" if someone had sex with this mother to produce the book (i.e. the Qur'an). So who had sex with this mother to produce the Qur'an? Did Allah produce the Qur'an through sexual intercourse?

Your friend's only response will be to suggest that this isn't referring to a "mother" who reproduces through sexual intercourse. But then, how can he insist that Jesus can only be the Son of God through sexual intercourse?

Unknown said...

Hi David
I would like to have the date and time of the Jesus or Muhammad at least a day in advance so i can set my recorder and if you can tell us when the show ends Thanks George

minoria said...

Hello Kate:

A great place to start is the LICONA-EHRMAN(Can historians prove Jesus rose from the dead?"Licona is very good.

Here is what I wrote in is to show him PAUL did NOT invent Christianity but you find the Christian ideas in the OT:






The Berean Search said...

Hi Kate,

It's honorable that you are fulfilling the Great Commission and reaching out in love to the Muslim people. I just wanted to give you a gentle reminder that it's the Holy Spirit whom converts people, not the strength of human arguments. Give the best information you have access to, show the love of Christ, and trust in the Holy Spirit to do the convincing with sincere seekers :]

Keep witnessing, and my prayers are with you and your Muslim friend. God bless you!

Tizita said...

Hi The Berean Search....
Thank you for your encouragement. And yes u r right that the Holy Spirit does the converting and my job is to plant the seed. My dad is always the one through out my life to make that clear to me.
That is something im trying to over come. I feel like im responsible if the person i tell abt Jesus doesnt come to Christ. I almost go into a depression mode. I start to worry for the person, i sit alone and try to figure out what i did and didnt tell the person, did i do it correctly, did they see Christ through my words and deeds, and on and on and on.
You will not believe how many times my dad tells me not to worry, as long as the person knows the Gospel and the message of Christ. And so the moment i read ur comment, it was as if my dad was speaking the exact words that u wrote.
Thank you, and im still working on it, but im sure someday i will not have to stress to much. It's amazing how Jesus will use a complete stranger to knock some sense into ur head, saying "Stop worrying! you did what i commanded you to do and i'll take it from here!!."
i also want to thank everyone for your help, keep Muhammed in ur prayers (thats his name). and i'll bring all the questions that he asks here if im incapable of answering to him. thanks again and God bless!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

Please go to and click search.

You need to type "son of God" and there are many posts over the matter.

I did the search and it came up about 2000 posts.

Hope this help.

God bless you...

By the way, last Friday Night I and a friend went to evangelise people on the street. And during the course of finding the lost we met a muslim from India. He too asked about how come Jesus is called son of God. Then I explained to them that son of God in the context of Jewish background at that time is equal to God. Thus, it is only a name for God or divinity. He then could not argue any more.. I mentioned that it is not about biological son.

Anonymous said...

Hi kate,

Your friends confusion is futher explained from the Qur'an. The Qur'an refutes itself on the issue

If Allah had willed to choose a son, He could have chosen what He would of that which He hath created.Be He Glorified! He is Allah, the One, the Absolute. (39:4-Pickthall)

Sura 39:4 clearly states that God could have taken Himself a son from among his creation, i.e. without the necessity of a consort to father such a son

Yet Sura 6:101 clearly rejects the same idea as a logical impossibility.

6:101-Wonderful Originator of the heavens and the earth;How can He have a son when He has no consort?He created all things, and He hath full knowledge of all things.

This poor argumentation derives from the misrepresentation of the Christian believe concerning the trinity

But to make this issue more understandable for the islamic mindset we could point out that there are 2 types of Sons even decribed in the Quran. The words 'ibn' and 'walid' are used numerous of times in the Quran. The word 'ibn' mostly never refer to biological relationship but mostly a spritiul one.

To answer you 2e question. The historical fact that jesus died isn't disputed by any Jesus Scholar. there are secular and hostile sources that testify to that.

saleeb al 7ub said...

Hi kate: converting from Islam to christianity takes at least several months of studying,comparing and contrasting. our muslims brothers are trained to reject Christ since they were children and converting them via chatting by is kind of hard. therefore, I would suggest: If your friend is Arabic speaker , just refer him to If he is English speaker refer him to In either case he will be in the hands of either David wood Or Father Zakaria Botros and he will be listening to lesson after lesson, lecture after lecture. Meanwhile, you keep contacting him and after period of time he will be touched by the holy Spirit and he will be saved.

Unknown said...

Hi Kate, God Bless you! Its obvious you have many people here who are with you in wanting to see Muslims saved, and will help you to pray and learn to answer islamic questions from both the Oranic view , but more importantly, from the Bible.One really great resource that I use myself for encouragement and learning is the youtube channel MUSLIMS4JESUS. Its got about 150 video testimonies of Muslims who have come to Christ. Its wonderful to watch their stories, and especially to see how God uses MANY kinds of means to draw them to Himself. You will be blessed to see that simple faithful people like yourself faithfully sharing Christ(sometimes in weakness!)is greatly blessed by God.The owner of this blog, David wood, is featured in the Video Muslims4Jesus "NABEEL". He was a college student sharing Christ with his roomate , a Muslim named Nabeel.I was personally so blessed by this video and uplifted as my husband is also a muslim from the same part of the world as Nabeel. Actually almost all of these videos are excellent and you will be strengthened.I have noticed that God uses His own word mightily, and often a single Bible verse is used by the Holy Spirit to pierce through to the deception in a unbelievers heart. I personally know a man from Algerian background who remained unconvinced by all and every argument, but the work of the Holy spirit was great in him, softening him internally, until one day in desperation he lifted his hands in the air and said"God I want to know you!" he heard a sound like wind fill his room, and was from his fingertips down through his body instantly filled with Gods power like electricity!When these several moments passed, ( a feeling he says he can only describe as like being in heaven,) the first words out of his mouth were "Jesus is the TRUTH!, Jesus is the Truth!, Jesus is the Truth!". Look, one instant a Muslim, the next by the power of God and the mercy of a Lord just WAITING to come in,a Christian.He is now a faithful and devoted follower of Christ!:)
Be in prayer, and ask the Holy spirit to motivate you to speak, and remember that Jesus already made the way, and paid the price, so He is also actively drawing your friend. One final note, be careful that this man does not seek to draw you into a relationship based on his quest. This is a very real trap.The Lord bless you Kate, I will also be praying for Mohammed. May he be saved, and one day soon, our brother in Christ , Amen!