Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pictures of Muslim Facebook Protests

Today, Muslims the world over are protesting free speech. I mean Facebook. I'm not going to comment much, except to say: wow. Muslim outrage is rather misplaced and misguided. Hey, I have an idea: how about you guys just not go to the facebook page? No one's forcing you to look at it. I guess this whole freedom thing must be a bit confusing for those who don't have it.

I'm particularly impressed by the photo of Muslims burning the Norwegian flag because they were upset at Danish cartoons. Amidst this flurry of protests, the Swedish embassy in Pakistan had to close for security reasons. If we can just get Finland involved, we'll have the whole Scandinavian Peninsula.

Without further ado, here are the photos:

I'm glad they aren't pretending to fight for "tolerance"

The green signs all say "Muhammad" (notice the lack of drawings)

I have problems with my participles, too. Must be a Pakistani thing.

Although we can't read the whole sign on the right, notice it's a call for shame on the West (not just Facebook). Can it be more clear that they're angry about free speech?

*Guy who's pointing*: "The blue stripe down the middle of this Danish flag looks real nice"

Notice the thinly veiled threats (with the word LOVE in caps right underneath)

Wow - that's a lot of people. Certainly more people than showed up at this protest.

Threats of boycott against... Facebook products. Yes, let's all stop giving Facebook our money - that'll show 'em.

Photos courtesy of the Associated Press.


David Wood said...

If Muslims could get this excited over something positive, I think the world would be an awesome place.

Anonymous said...

In the first picture, the one with the students.
I can understand the lake of understanding from simple people, but not from people with a higher level of education.

Really sad.


David Wood said...


In other words, why blame Facebook and YouTube, when Revolution Muslim is responsible for the cartoons?

Tom ta tum Tom said...

NABEEL! Dude, shame on me for not stopping by more often but you made me especially grateful that I came by today. Yeah, I just enjoyed your post. Probably, they especially enjoy burning the Danish flag because it includes a cross. Thank Heaven, His cross will endure in history long after the flames have consumed all memory of mudhummer. Bless you, Nabeel! Thank you for standing with David and Sam and the whole team. Thank you for choosing the One who chose you and me before the beginning of time. Please give my regards to David and Sam and Hogan. You guys lift me up. Thanks again. MAY JESUS CHRIST BE PRAISED!

Radical Moderate said...

As a founding member of Everybody Draw a picture of Mohamed day. All I can say is Mission Accomplished. Thank you Muslims for playing, and yes you have been PLAYED.

David Wood said...

The Muslims in these photos have a massive problem directing their anger towards an appropriate target.

"Hey! People around the world are drawing pictures of Muhammad in defense of free speech! Raaaaah! Let's burn Denmark (or kill some local non-Muslims who had nothing to do with the cartoons)!"

Note: Drawing pictures of a dead man gets you a death sentence. Burning the flags of the nations of the world? No problem. Most people don't kill over insults.

GreekAsianPanda said...

I don't even have a Facebook account. It's not that hard to ignore Facebook. If there's something going on there that I don't like, I'll never see it. It's that simple. If they don't like Facebook, they should just ignore it!

Love the commentary underneath the pictures, Nabeel.

Nakdimon said...

Errr... guys I'm pretty sure that the 5th picture is the burning of a Norwegian flag, not a Danish flag.

But LUVIN the childish reaction of these people. Wonder how many would hit the streets if it were Yeshua being know...since they are not to differentiate between the prophets and all...


Tizita said...

Now i really want to go onto facebook and see these pics of Mohammad.I mean how bad r these pics, really? what i don't understand is why is it only the Pakistani mulims that r having a problem w/ this, what abt the rest of the muslim countries? Nabeel, or anybody for that matter,can explain that to me that would be great. cuz im really confused. Or should i wait a couple more days and the rest of the middle east will protest? Hmmmm....

Radical Moderate said...

I just thought of this, look at the POWER a cartoon has. Cartoons can cause a entire Muslim nation to bend to it's will.

Radical Moderate said...

Look at the pictures, you can see threats, and they are, but what is a threat really. It is someone begging, begging you to stop. A entire Nation because of a few pictures is BEGGING US TO STOP.

The Berean Search said...

I don't for a single second think that Revolution Muslim is disappointed that their threats resulted in hundreds drawing Muhammad and causing Muslim outrage. It's one of the main strategies of Islamic terrorists and it's as old as Muhammad. Think of all the examples where he provoked and prodded his enemies and then claimed "self defense" and victimhood when they finally responded.

This is just another example of Muslims emulating the behavior of their quasi-deity, Muhammad.

Radical Moderate said...

kate said...
Now i really want to go onto facebook and see these pics of Mohammad.I mean how bad r these pics, really?

There pretty bad. Some are really creative, but most are well just bad. But then again the Muslim pictures are just as bad too.

David want me to copy some of the lovely pictures the respectable Muslims are posting.

Tizita said...

The Fat Man......
I havent checked the pics out yet. but if u say they r bad then, im not gonna check them. it seems to me that FaceBook is trying to provoke the muslims.
but i also understand that they (muslims) shuldnt act like this. i mean dont they think it's offensive to us Christians when they call JESUS CHRIST just a prophet? when they know clearly that for us HE'S GOD! but u don't see use causing riots and vowing to kill or send death threats to those who have mocked JESUS.
i just dont know what to say about Islam, i try to hate their religion but love them. but the more i study Islam i find it so hard to disassociate the two.
Anyone any suggestions?

Radical Moderate said...

I draw a picture of Mohamed for one reason only. And that is to defend the Muslim's right to OFFEND ME.

Michelle Qureshi said...


Yes, I know that's the Norwegian flag. Read the article and you'll get it :-)


minoria said...

Whoever thought it would take such a turn,all beginning with a TV cartoon.Now the woman who began it has given in,we can not even see her face.
You were in Nicaragua?It is some change from there to the front lines again.At least in Nicaragua nobody kills anybody for a religion.