Thursday, May 20, 2010

Molly Norris Receives Death Threats for "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day"

"Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" was proposed by Seattle cartoonist Molly Norris. She almost immediately changed her mind, however, and has fought against the event ever since. (Check out her support for the Muslim position on her website.) She even visited a mosque and has spent time with Muslims as a sign of her repentance. Yet this isn't enough. Because of her involvement, she is still a target.


Michelle Qureshi said...

I don't like the idea of offending billions of Muslims through drawing cartoons, because I don't have to do that. I do, however, have to tell them that Christ is Lord and that Muhammad was wrong when he said otherwise. Therefore, I'd rather reserve the offense for what's proper and necessary.

But this girl also had a justified reason to offend: in order to defend free speech. She has buckled under the pressure, however. I can't say I blame her - having the world protest against you and your brainchild is a pretty heavy thing.

But, though I don't blame her, I do think she's making a mistake by absolving Muslims of their censorial ways. She should have stuck to her initial position, because it was right. "Everybody draw the CEO of Viacom" day is a joke, specifically because drawing the CEO of Viacom is not what caused the censorship to begin with. She knows that, and she should be honest with herself and everyone else.

minoria said...

You are absolutely right Nabeel.I feel sorry for her.She does not have the stuff of a heroine and I think deep inside she knows she has betrayed her ideals,herself and regrets it.

Grizzly Mama said...

She should have stuck to her original position because it doesn't matter at all that she backtracked and tried to make peace. They still want to kill her. That's one of the difficulties with islam - they're going to chop your head off anyway, so why bother trying to make nice??

hugh watt said...

Molly, if you're reading this, i'll be praying for you. If you're a Christian read Psalm 91.

Yusuf Alamo said...

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem. Molly, if you're reading this, consider accepting Islam.

Think about the Masjids that you've visited and the Muslims you've spoken to since this happened.

Did any of them kill you? No.
Did any of them kidnap you? No.

Molly, read The Noble Qur'an, accept Islam, and become a Muslim. It will be the best decision you'll ever make.

Personally, I've never been happier since I became a Muslim.

John Lollard said...


I'm not sure how "we didn't kill or kidnap you when you came to our mosque" makes for a convincing case for Islam.

Though you do make a point. If she converts to Islam, it is the only way I can conceive of Muslims ever ceasing their death threats against her. Even then, it didn't work for Rushdie.

"Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell." - Matthew 10:28

May God have mercy on her, may He protect and guide her, and may He forgive the hearts of the men seeking her life.

Love in Christ,

The Berean Search said...

Yusuf Hamza,

This woman has been receiving death threats from people following the example of Muhammad and you expect that she will "accept Islam"?

I think just about every sane person on this planet would be repulsed by your religion after experiencing that.

hugh watt said...

Wow Yusuf!

Hey Molly. 'Accept' Islam, not because it's a peaceful, loving, tolerant ideology where you can express freedom of speech as you have seen, no; 'accept' it because if you don't and you express freedom of speech Muhammad's alter ego Allah, says to do a Salmon Rushdie on you! Oh, you will be able to blaspheme others beliefs if you become a Muslim, (only to save your life). You will have millions backing you no doubt; but would it be willing submission or because you're threatened?
Christians don't play those games. We understand you're in a difficult situation. Matt.10:28 is a good verse. See the 'love' Islam has for its enemies!?

Matt.11:28 "Come to me, all of you who are tired and are carrying heavy loads. I will give you rest. 29 Become my servants and learn from me. I am gentle and free of pride. You will find rest for your souls. 30 Serving me is easy, and my load is light."

S.9:5.But when the forbidden months
Are past, then fight and slay
The Pagans wherever ye find them,
And seize them, beleaguer them,
And lie in wait for them
In every stratagem (of war);
But if they repent,
And establish regular prayers
And practise regular charity,
Then open the way for them:
For God is Oft-forgiving,
Most Merciful.

S.9:29. Fight those who believe not
In God nor the Last Day,
Nor hold that forbidden
Which hath been forbidden
By God and His Apostle,
Nor acknowledge the Religion
Of Truth, (even if they are)
Of the People of the Book,
Until they pay the Jizya
With willing submission,
And feel themselves subdued.

otto said...

What is the point of not showing her face when it is all over google? She even wears her hair the same. This woman thinks she doesn't have to take responsibility for any of this? She thinks she can just appease Muslims and everything will be gravy? Shee made things worse by demonstrating how quickly the freedom of speech loving westerner will cower away from Islamic intimidation.

Molly Norris - You only had ONE REAL option and you blew it. Instead of standing up, instead of taking initiative and control over the matter, you distanced yourself from it and let it fall on others. You could have made a facebook page, you could have controlled which pictures went up and which ones didn't; instead you chose to be broken, and break they will. I just dont get why you did what you did.

Seriously, I wouldnt be surprised if Molly becomes Muslim. It seems she has been through all the intermediary steps, she went to the mosque, she talked with many Muslims, now time for death threats. Best Islamic technique for gaining converts = manipulation through intimidation.

Apollos26 said...

I agree with you Nabeel totally, when you say:

"I don't like the idea of offending billions of Muslims through drawing cartoons, because I don't have to do that. I do, however, have to tell them that Christ is Lord and that Muhammad was wrong when he said otherwise. Therefore, I'd rather reserve the offense for what's proper and necessary."

I think she shouldn't have come up with this idea at all, iniciating this draw mohammed day. I think there are other ways to critizise islam. As an artist I just would draw a real depiction of the first encounter of mohammed with the so-called angel. I would show how the angel strucks and strangles Mohammed. By depicting their accounts of their hadiths etc. you would do a better job than asking people to draw their own version of Mohammed.

And I have to agree too, that if she began this, she should have been consequent. She wasn't born yesteday, since 2001 she should have known that you can't make fun of islam without consequences.