Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Debate Saturday: "Women in the Bible and the Qur'an"

This Saturday (5:30 P.M.), Mary Jo Sharp will debate Tabasum Hussain in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. We'll post the debate here on Answering Muslims as soon as the footage is available. For those who are in Canada, however, don't miss it! For more information (location, directions, contact info), click here.


Christopher said...

Thank you David for the clarification re: date and time. God bless you.

Bro. Christopher White

Negeen Mayel said...

VERY excited about this.

sam said...

david or nabeel

will either of u be there in scarbrough?

Anonymous said...


This debate should be very good much more informative than a debate with the worst debater on the face of the planet and of course I refer to Osama [check it out on my website Answering DASH Christianity] Abullah.

minoria said...

Very excited about this also.Unfortunately I had not gone to Mary Jo's website for quite some time so I knew nothing of a fundraising campaign to be able to have the debate in the first place.But there is another fund there for MUSLIM-CHRISTIAN DEBATES(go to CONFIDENTCHRISTIANITY.COM) and I have contributed to it.

To my surprise there were comments by YAHYA SNOW and NEGEEN about the debate.I didn't know they knew read the website since MARY JO is more into debating Western skeptics.It will be a fascinating debate.

Nora said...


That's all.

Confident Christianity said...


We are deeply grateful for your contribution. You are very generous and we will repreent our Lord and Savior to the best of our abilities.

Roger & Mary Jo Sharp

Confident Christianity said...

REVISED Debate Format:

UPDATED: February 18th, 2010


General Introduction & Welcome Message to the Event: Farooq Khan (executive director, NAMF)

Introduction to Mary Jo with Bio – Neil

25-Minute Opening Statement - Mary Jo

Introduction to Tabasum with Bio – Sheharyar

25-Minute Opening Statement – Tabasum

Intro. To 1st and 2nd Rebuttals section – Sheharyar

15-Minute 1st Rebuttals - Mary Jo

15-Minute 1st Rebuttals - Tabasum

10-Minute 2nd Rebuttals - Mary Jo

10-Minute 2nd Rebuttals -Tabasum

Intro to Q&A (questions from audience, written on paper) by Sheharyar starting with 1st question to Mary Jo

Then Neil puts a question to Tabasum (3 mins max for each speaker to answer q – with 1 min response from other speaker to the same question - repeat until each speaker has had equal number of questions put to them within the 30 min time given).

Introduction to Conclusion by Neil

10-Minute Conclusion - Mary Jo

10-Minute Conclusion - Tabasum

Closing of the event by Sheharyar

*** There will be a break for the night prayer (15 minutes) at 8:00pm.

Anonymous said...

Mary Jo

Looking forward to seeing you again. There is a young girl from our chuch who is dying to meet you. This is going to be a very good debate.

minoria said...


Thank you very much Roger and Mary Jo.I am looking foward to your upcoming book.To the people of the blog Mary Jo is writing a BOOK and it's a great idea.There are not to many Christian writers but there are some:ANNE RICE(sold 100 million).And the great G.K.CHESTERTON of another time(of England,his book THE EVERLASTING MAN ( a rational defense of Christianity)is magnificent,what a brilliant style,he puts many writers to shame).

There is PAULO COELHO,the BRAZILIAN,who wrote the famous THE ALCHEMIST(sold 30 million).He is a devout Christian,Catholic.But he is a bit too much into New Age and not enough into Jesus.But,yes,he is a believer,a real one.He says it publicly.He has written THE ROAD OF SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA(it's a church in Spain where pilgrims go).Also THE PILGRIMAGE.And VERONIKA DECIDES TO DIE(about a girl who thinks about suicide)THE DEVIL AND MISS PYM(about evil),BY THE RIVER PIEDRA I SAT DOWN AND WEPT(about finding meaning in life).He doesn't mention Jesus much or not at all even though he believes in him.And I don't think it's a good idea.

I know the debate will be fascinating.I know the theme but I can't debate.I'm glad a Christian lady can do it and it will be enjoyable.DEO GRATIAS.

Dragostea said...

Will this debate be posted anywhere on youtube or any other website? What about the debates from Ottawa?

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

We will be praying for you Mary

Sepher Shalom said...

Go Mary Jo!! May you be guided by the Ruach Ha'Kodesh (Set-apart Spirit).

Psalm 82

Confident Christianity said...

Here is the latest blog on the Mary Jo Sharp, Tabasum Hussain debate!

Roger Sharp

Nazam said...

The debate should be posted shortly after on Nazam44, my Youtube channel.

I am hoping that it will be upload within 48 hours time.

Keep a look out.

Confident Christianity said...

I did a quick blog on the debate tonight:

Roger Sharp
Confident Christianity

TobyG said...

Fantastic debate last night. Both speakers did a good job, however I think the Muslims were in a celebratory mood after the event.

minoria said...


Since I know people like debates(and it's a good idea to write down notes)in 2003 there was a debate between MICHAEL LICONA and DAN BARKER called "Did Jesus rise from the Dead?".It's not in youtube but it's in 4TRUTH.NET.


There was discussion of the word used in ACTS about Paul and whether there is a contradiction(did Paul's companions hear a voice or not?).Also about the word used in Greek and whether it meant Paul saw a physical Jesus or had a vision.Also about the word used for resurrection.Here is the link:

minoria said...

I also state that that link has other debates of LICONA:


Anonymous said...

A few comments on the Debate. First I must say that both sides were very respectful (unlike the debates in Ottawa with Osama the world's worst debater. Mary Jo did a fantastic job and Tabasum
was very good.

However; I must point that Tabasum failed to understand the context of a number of passages in 1 Timothy and Ephesians reguarding the position of woman in the Church. Espeacially those were Paul said "I do not permit a womant to teach" I would like to point out are woman in the Masjid allowed to teach the men or lead the Jumah prayers? I will say this again that Tabasum was gracious, polite and stayed on topic unlike the World's worst debate Osama Adullah.

Christopher said...

Blessings to All,

I agree with Bartimaeus that the debate overall was highly respectful between both debaters. I had anticipated more fireworks to ensue during the rebuttal period, but alas the women (at least for this debate) showed themselves to be more diplomatic in their presentation than otherwise would be expected of men. This is no attempt to bash men perse (considering that I am a male myself), but simply to point out (in general) a man's desire to be right often overrules his ability to behave appropriately, especially as it relates to hotly debated issues. Of course, as it relates to The Truth of The Gospel, to those of us who have been given A Measure of FAITH according to The Holy Spirit, do testify that Yeshua IS The Son of God who came to ransome us from our sins so that WE could BECOME The Children of The Most High God. As such God expects us to behave in a manner that ultimately Honours Him and draws others to The Cross of Christ. As The Scriptures declare "Christ MUST increase and WE must decrease", until all that is left is Him. I sincerely pray that WE will all live to see that day and to be transformed into "His Likeness and His Image" as The Father intended it to be from "The Beginning of Creation".

Of course it is always easier to talk a good talk than it is to walk The Walk of Genuine Faith. I pray that all our lives will "reflect" His Glory as WE strive to be "perfected" in Him.

Let's continue to pray for all those who are "outside" The Fold of Christ" that they might come to KNOW Him who IS "Life Everlasting".

On a final note, as I was listening to the debate I could not help but think of The Words of Christ that "We MUST be born AGAIN" - from Above. We MUST become "Alive SPIRITUALLY" to the realities that are to be found EXCLUSIVELY in Christ Alone. Muslims as well as others have been "blinded" to this reality because they are spiritually dead and things that remain dead cannot produce "Fruits of Righteousness". Christ is The ONLY ONE capable of bringing "The Walking Dead" back to LIFE! But they got to be willing to BELIEVE first, so that God can "breathe" life back into them.

Please refer to:
1st Corin. 2: 14 Re: The Natural Man

God continue to bless US one and all!

Bro. Christopher White

hugh watt said...

May the Lord Jesus guide you, o Muslims and enlighten your hearts that you might love others. The Forum does not revile the Master of the prophets. It is for the display of truth, and for you it was revealed, this is the truth that you do not know.
What we profess are the words of the Master of the prophets. We do not worship the cross, and we are not possessed. We worship the Lord Jesus, the Light of the worlds. We left Muhammad, and we do not follow in his path, we follow Jesus Christ, the Clear Truth. Truly, we love our homeland, and we are not traitors. We take pride that we are Saudi citizens, how could we betray our homeland, our dear people? How could we, when for death - for Saudi Arabia - we stand ready? The homeland of my grandfathers, their glories, and odes - for it i am writing. And we say, " We are proud, proud, proud to be Saudis". We chose our way, the way of the rightly guided. And every man is free to choose any religion. Be content to leave us to ourselves to be believers in Jesus. Let us live in grace before our time comes. There are tears on my cheek, and oh! the heart is sad. To those who become Christians, you are so cruel! And the Messiah says, " Blessed are the persecuted". And we for the sake of Christ all things bear. What is it to you that we are infidels? You do not enter our graves, as if with us buried. Enough - your swords do not concern me, not evil or disgrace. Your threats do not trouble me, and we are not afraid. And by God, i am unto death a Christian - Verily i cry for what passed by, of a sad life. I was far from the Lord Jesus for many years. O history record!and bear witness, o witness! We are Christians - in the path of Christ we tread. Take from me this word, and note it well. You see, Jesus is my Lord, and He is the Best of protectors. I advise you to pity yourself, to clap your hands in mourning, see your look of ugly hatred. Man is brother to man, Oh learned ones. Where is the humanity, the love, and where are you? As to my last words, i pray to the Lord of the worlds Jesus the Messiah, the Light of Clear Guidance, that He change notions, and set the scales of justice aright. And that He spread love among you, o Muslims".