Tuesday, December 22, 2009

(Temporary) Victory for Rifqa!

*****UPDATE***** "Fox and Friends" is on a roll. They did another interview about Rifqa, this time with Rifqa's former lawyer.

*****UPDATE***** In a shocking turn of events, someone in the mainstream media actually let someone speak honestly about Rifqa's case. Here's an interview with Rifqa's friend Jamal Jivanjee.

Rifqa Bary had another hearing today. Her parents (and CAIR) were demanding that she be returned home, that she not be permitted to receive Christmas cards, and that she be forced to submit to Muslim counseling sessions. Fortunately, her parents weren't successful. For the moment, Rifqa is safe from her parents, from her womanizing and binge-drinking Muslim brother, and from Muslims who would love to obey Muhammad's commands by killing her. Here next hearing is January 19th.

COLUMBUS--The magistrate in the Rifqa Bary case ruled today that the 17-year-old who ran away from her Columbus home in July does not have to sit down for mediation with her parents.

There were several issues resolved today at the hearing in Franklin County Juvenile Court, including:

  • Mediation. Magistrate Mary Goodrich said issues now being discussed would best be resolved with individual counseling instead of group mediation.
  • Third-party messages. Bary's parents don't want her to receive any cards or letters directly, and had filed a motion that any messages first go to Franklin County Children Services. Omar Tarazi, the family's attorney, withdrew that motion today.
  • Rifqa's mental health. Assistant County Prosecutor Chris Julian said that a counselor was trying to determine whether 17-year-old, whose full name is Fathima Rifqa Bary, has post-traumatic stress disorder. Read More.


Dragostea said...

Praise the Lord !!! Laudat sa fie Domnul...

Great news guys.. God is good !

Tom ta tum Tom said...

Prayer REALLY DOES change things, or maybe it's better said as "Our Beloved Lord God allows the power of reconciliation to work through prayer".

No, I don't understand it but I'm just truly grateful that there are people like Bro. David, Sam and Nabeel praying for this child along with all of the rest of us "wanna-be" prayer-warriors. David, THANK YOU for your leadership! Sir, you profoundly ROCK!

There is much yet that I hope to see our Savior Jesus do on behalf of Rifqa. [I would love to see her whole family transformed...] But oddly enough, it's me that's been receiving the blessings while praying for her...

Thank HEAVEN for that wonderful lawyer, Ms. Lloyd! PRAISE GOD for that precious woman! Hallelujah! PLEASE, y'all, pray for Ms. Lloyd and her staff, also! We have a long road ahead of us - they're gonna need our support!

And, yes, pray for the family of Rifqa Bary - that they would EXPERIENCE the transforming power of Jesus precious Love. HAH! NOTHING makes old satan more mad than to have his accomplices SNATCHED into the Kingdom of GOD through the Love of Jesus Christ! LOL! HALLELUJAH! THANK YOU, DAVID! Thanks to ALL of you who are praying for Rifqa Bary! MAY JESUS CHRIST BE PRAISED!!

aussie christian said...

If i understand it correctly, when someone has their 18th birthday, they are concidered an adult in the US.

If this is the case, surely her lawyers can stall until she hits 18, at which point, she will be free to do whatever she wants, and her evil parents will have no recouse.

So as i see it, keep her safe, as far from her family until her 18th, then get her the heck outta there and free from the threat of death.

Radical Moderate said...

Aussie Christian
yes when she is 18 she is free to go. So what her loving muslim parents are going to do until then is make her life misarable as much as possible

minoria said...

I also am happy she was not forced to go back yet.And her parents NOT wanting to have her receive CHRISTMAS cards when she believes in Jesus as saviour shows they are INTOLERANT.What other conclusion can you get?


I know it is off-topic but sometimes you hear that there is such a thing as PALESTINIAN terrorists who are CHRISTIAN.


He was the founder of the PFLP(Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine).This is a terrorist organization that was into HIJACKING AIRPLANES of civilians for example.
He comes from a Christian family,true.


His organization is openly MARXIST-LENINIST.Anybody who has studied Marx and Lenin knows that one of their doctrines is ATHEISM.You can't be a Marxist-Leninist if you are not an atheist.So Habash was an atheist.


The PFLP has also sent suicide bombers.But EVERY time they do they send a MUSLIM.No Palestinian Christian has ever wanted to be a suicide bomber.The reason I add all this is for knowledge's sake:sooner or later someone will point to HABASH as a Christian who is a terrorist.He was not,he died in 2008.My affirmation is based on the facts,not to win an argument.

Unknown said...

Praise God....Free For Christmas and hopefully the rest of her life.

Continue on praying brothers and sisters.

GreekAsianPanda said...

Praise God Almighty!!

Fernando said...

A muslim drinking? Where habe I seen thate before? Everywhere!!! Tipical muslim morality: "no unless"; "yes, unless"...

aussie christian said...

I heard in the interview that rifqa will be 18 in 8 months. Oh boy do her lawyers have a tough fight ahead of them.

I wonder if her new location has been kept secret from her evil brother, that will be very important here.

Our prayers are with rifqa, lets hope she gets back on the net, gets her phone back, and gets her cards. prayers for her lawyers also, to stall for 8 months, then her family will have no recourse.

and to the keepers of this blog, thankyou guys for keeping us updated, this site is a Godsend to people like me who arnt great at searching the net, to get all the lowdown info on whats going on. big thanks.

Peace and Love.

sam said...


check this out guys. sorry for going off the rifqa berry case but i found this on fox news site. i feel this is just getting out of hand with the taliban and islam. and i also i saw a suicide bombing caught on tape in pakistan that just happened yesterday or so i think.

Unknown said...

Brother Fernando said " muslims drinking!"

yes , earlier revelation in the quran, allowed drinking of alcohols !!! later, it looks that the author of the quran, realized he did something bad, so he decided to abrogate what he said earlier , leaving the people with a condraictory book !!!

but thats not the whole problem yet !!

it becomes even worse if you know that muhammed and his companions were drinking alcohols all through the revelation period, except for the last three years when it became haram and forbidden !!! it is amazing that the perfect man was doing this great islamic sin !!! even worse the perfect Allah didnt punish him !!!

a muslims may respond saying: well but since it was revealed later, so the prophet wasnt punished !!! but thats not how islam work!! do your reme,ber the story of Aisha being accused of adultery, those who accused her were punished by a revelation that came down later after the deed itself , when earlier when they accused her, there was know law condemning accusing a wife of the prophet with adultery !!!

Another big big problem of alchol in islam, is that muslims according to quran consider it a work of satan, it something from the devil to deviate ppl from the path of Allah, but ironic enough, that what the muslim will be drinking in his heaven, having Rivers full of this satanic works !!!, what kind of heaven is this, that is full of all the works that the devil is doing on earth ?!!! i is amazing that the earth is more pure than the isalmic heaven !!

Cheers muslims!

Fernando said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you.

May the always incarnating God bless you all and all off your families.

Radical Moderate said...

God Bless everyone and a Merry Christmas.

Rifqa's Parents

"We love our daugther"

"Our Daughter is Brainwahsed"

"We love our Daughter"

"She is a drug abusing sex addicted pregent teenager"

"We love Our daughter"

"She is a criminal and should be held in contempt of court"

"We love our dauther"

"Here is her diary please publish her most intamite and private thoughts"

"We love our daughter, and she can practice her Christian Faith"

"We dont want her to recieve Christmas Cards, or have any contact with christians or her church"

"We love our daughter, we just love her to death, so we love her more then you christains do"

Did I mention that Rifqa's parents really do lover her and want to kill her.

minoria said...


Fernando beat me to greeting everybody.I also wish a MERRY CHRISTMAS to all who are Christian,whether they live in the West or not,also a MERRY CHRISTMAS to all Westerners,since it is a part of Western culture.I remember when I didn't believe I and others celebrated Christmas also,a beautiful thing.

Also to those who are not Christian but live in the West a very nice HAPPY HOLIDAYS and go out with friends to restaurants or cafes and enjoy yourselves.

Yahya Snow said...

Merry Christmas to all and a happy New Year


GreekAsianPanda said...

Merry Christmas everybody!

And happy New Year to you, too, Yahya =)

Traeh said...

Great news. Every step against Rifqa the parents take is a misstep. They just don't get it. They seem to confuse love with ownership, and their love seems to be very conditional. They've apparently appointed radical Muslim lawyers who also don't get it, and therefore make misstep after misstep.

Is it true or false that her brother blinded her right eye, by throwing something at her? In the other films of her, I had never noticed that her right eye was disabled.

How lovely that she might very well escape the Islam cult. And even if someone wants to argue that her Christianity is a cult too, at least it's a cult whose founder's central message was love and the separation of religion and state ("Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, to God the things that are God's," and "My kingdom is not of this world," etc., etc.,). Muhammad, by contrast, became Caesar, i.e., he became the ruler of a state, and worse, an expansionist theocratic state. He was a warlord totalitarian and a terrorist. For just one example:

Qur'an Chapter 8, Verse 12,
"When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them."

In Sahih Bukhari, the most canonical of hadith collections, Muhammad said, "Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him."

In the same hadith collection, Muhammad said, "I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: 'None has the right to be worshipped but Allah.' And if they say so, pray like our prayers, face our Qibla and slaughter as we slaughter, then their blood and property will be sacred to us and we will not interfere with them except legally and their reckoning will be with Allah."

In other words, if you are not a Muslim, Muhammad says your blood and property will not be safe from Muslims.

Traeh said...

Perhaps the most likely path this case will take is various forms of stalling by the judge and defense attorneys till Rifqa hits 18. Anyone connected with this case, politicians, judges, lawyers, Rifqa's state custodians, etc., has to have in mind that if Rifqa goes back to her parents and is killed or disappears in Sri Lanka, and her death gets into the media, there might be hell to pay as far as the careers of the people now involved with Rifqa's case are concerned. But for all concerned there is an easy way out: Muslims can be allowed to save face, since Rifqa need not be allowed to win her case outright, but at the same time the case can be made to drag on till she is 18; then it will be dismissed. The politicians, and everyone else who wishes to, can then "apologize," if it seems appropriate, publicly or privately, to the Bary family and to Muslims, and explain that everything was done in an effort to give the Barys their rights as parents, but "unfortunately," now that Rifqa is 18, there is nothing more the courts can do. Muslims thus save some face, because Rifqa didn't win; Rifqa goes free; and judges and politicians don't have to worry too much about losing Muslim voters or financial supporters, or facing Muslim violence. Stalling thus seems a no-brainer.

However, the foregoing scenario is perhaps too cynically conceived. It's of course possible a judge will simply side with Rifqa for various legal reasons.

I don't believe a judge will side with the parents. If Rifqa were younger, that outcome would be more imaginable. But not when she is only eight months from her 18th birthday, and many voices are warning that she is in danger if she goes back. After all, what judge is going to take that risk, when the whole case will be merely moot in only eight months?

In two months or less she will be closer to 18 than to 17. People should keep praying for her, but based on the foregoing reasoning, I think her chances now are good.

minoria said...

Hello Yahya:
And Happy Holidays and New Year.

ubiquitouserendipity said...

a blessed and joyous observance of the birth of our King to all who bow the knee to Jesus our Lord. to all non-believers, may your day be filled with the love of family and friends, and may your bounty be plentiful. and may G_d's Holy Spirit touch your hearts and minds that you might come to the peace of knowing Jesus as Lord. Peace, in His love, papajoe

Adam said...

Merry KRISTMAS and a happy new year to all