Sunday, November 15, 2009

Islam and Apostasy

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minoria said...

Pray for Rifqa and her safety.I just found out today reading JOEL ROSENBERG that in 2008 MASAB,the SON of one of the LEADERS of HAMAS(Sheikh Hassan Yousef) publicly announced he was a CHRISTIAN.He is now JOSEPH.

Just go to google and write "son of Hamas leader converts to Christianity" and you will get at least 2 great websites with info:

1.That which contains an interview given to HAARETZ,the Israeli newspaper.

2.An article by FOXNEWS with a video included.

Masab-Joseph is now 30,living in California,and had been a secret Christian for 4 years.Not yet married he said if it can be with a Jewish woman who has converted to Christianity then even better for him.

I was so surprised.Who would have ever thought a son of a Hamas leader would have become a Christian?

aussie christian said...

Was watching the second video here and was totaly shocked to hear the lady state that the poor girl has been removed from school, has no access to phone or internet.

This is totaly disgusting. If she has not been charged or convicted of any crime, to stop her access to such things is an absolute abuse of her rights.

As much as I hate to go against the law, even if I disagree with said law. Can she be smuggled a prepaid phone, as this poor girl desperatly needs access to outside support. Or even better (to keep inside the law) can her lawers get a court order for more access to her, plus get her education and communication rights back as she has committed no crime. She is a political/religeous prisoner and needs to be helped in any way possible.

This shows to me at least, just how far satan has got his claws into all aspects of life, and is using his Seed to attack God's people.

If possible, can someone let rifka's people know she is being prayed for here in Australia.

Peace and Love

mkvine said...

Dr. Wood, Mary Jo, and Samar, excellent job on the show! I have to say, this is 100 times better than the mainstream media and their coverage on the Rifqa Bary case. Keep up the good work and God bless!

Christ is Risen, He is Lord

sam said...

hey in one of the scenes from MOHAMMAD THE LAST PROPHET movie was that satan comes out and wants mohammad dead. and i was wondering WOW EVEN THE DEVIL WANTS MOHAMMAD DEAD. i found that very amusing and shocked at the same time. That only means that mohammad is considered worse then the devil himself.

Traeh said...

David or other hosts:

Outstanding website.

I notice that most of the hadiths shown at the beginning of your most recent video postings say "If someone changes his religion," NOT, "If someone changes his Islamic religion..." Why is that? Why do so many hadiths forbid, on pain of death, changing religion, but do not specify that the Islamic religion is meant?

Given the apparent absence of reference to Islam in a number of apostasy hadiths, are there any significant schools of thought that argue that Muhammad at any point commanded that not just Islamic apostasy, but apostasy of any kind, is to be punished by death?

aussie christian said...

To Ed,

I think if you look at the material, one can assume with a great deal of accuracy that the reason the hadiths dont bother to state "Islamic religeon" is the hadiths are directed soley at Islam and Muslims, so therefor it would not have been felt nessessary to specify, just as many scriptures from the Gospels dont specifically say "Christian religeon" we know its directed at the early Christian church.

Also another reason to think in such terms is the hadiths and sura stating that Islam is to fight the kafur until they declare allah to be god, which is, changing from whatever religeon they are to Islam, and become a muslim.

The indented audience is always the first thing you should look at, to gain an understanding as to what is meant.

Hope this helps.

Peace and Love

minoria said...

The more I think on Mohammed the more his case seems strange,I mean according to Muslim sources:

1.He first thought it was the Devil who had appeared to him.
2.It troubled him so he thought or attempted to commit suicide.
3.The Satanic Verses incident.
4.Nobody ever saw Gabriel,Mohammed was alone or Gabriel appeared when he was with a crowd only HE saw it(it was in his head).

All this comes from the Muslims.It is embarrasing material.

aussie christian said...

To Minoria,

1.He first thought it was the Devil who had appeared to him.
He should have gone with his first impression and gone to seek help to rid himself of this demonic possession. But alas the Bible tells us that satan will raise his seed, and mohummad was a willing seed of satan because he was offered riches and sex and power. He succumed and satan stayed with him, whereas Jesus our Lord rebuked satan and satan left.

2.It troubled him so he thought or attempted to commit suicide.
If you read the testimony of people who have been truly possessed of satan, they often tell how they attempted suicide.

3.The Satanic Verses incident.
Again, he let it slide because satan himself had offered mohummad money power sex. And as has been proven by mohummad's own words, he forgets everything he gets told anyhow and needs his followers with more brain power to remind him of what he actually has said, which is why he starts a sura, gets challeneged half way through, then finishes said sura with a change. (and people cant see this is from satan, how truly blind are they).

4.Nobody ever saw Gabriel,Mohammed was alone or Gabriel appeared when he was with a crowd only HE saw it(it was in his head).
Hallucinations, Today mohummad would have been given proper treatment for mental health problems he suffered.

There are so many other points that can show Islam to be of none other than satan, but they are covered in so many other places as to not need repeating here.

But to be fair, I am begining to think mohummad was not an evil person, but a very sick person (mental health issue, knock to the head in his youth causing brain injury, benign tumour causing "visions") that satan used as his seed to bring forth his corrupted version of the Bible. Because satan wishes to usurp the one true God, therefore he himself needs a holy book.

The only thing we as good Christians can do I feel, is denounce the works and words of satan for what they are, testify to the Good News of Jesus Christ and his redemtion of all mankind, implore Muslims everywhere to flee satans grasp and come unto Christ.

If we do this, we can only hope to save as many of our brothers and sisters (humans) as we can before Christ comes again to sit in judgement.

Peace and Love

Traeh said...

aussie christian, I guess your answer must be right. But it still strikes me as a little bit of a puzzle that in many of the death-to-apostate hadiths the Islamic religion is not specified. They just say "kill someone who changes his religion." I'd guess there might be some additional reasons, in addition to the ones you specified, for that.

For example, maybe for the Muslims, "Islamic religion" is a redundancy -- all "true" religion is Islamic. In that sense, then, to specify "Islamic religion" is in a way to imply that there are other religions, and that Islam is just one of various religions.

Well, maybe the "puzzle" doesn't really require an explanation beyond the one you gave...

minoria said...

Hello Aussie Christian:

Thanks for the feedback.There is an argument used by Muslims that "death for apostasy in Islam is the EQUIVALENT of betrayal to the STATE."

Then they say:"In the West,betrayal to the state is punished by DEATH."

I have heard it several times.The equivalency is false because:

1.Betrayal to the state in the WEST is:trying to overthrow a political system.

2.To become an atheist or change to another religion in the West is a SUBJECTIVE thing,you change your opinions,your thoughts.THAT is NOT the same as actively trying to overthrow your country's government.

3.But in Islamic law,you would be killed only for changing your opinion and THAT is the same as betrayal to the state?It is a barbaric equivalency to make THAT also the same as trying to overthrow your government.But most Muslims buy it.

minoria said...

To add something new,the person of Jesus continues to inspire non-Christian Western writers.JOSE SARAMAGO(born 1922) is a PORTUGUESE novelist,the greatest of the 20th century,who won the NOBEL prize in 1998.

He is controversial,he:
1.Contest the official version of 9/11.
2.His criticism of Israel and the Jews is so extreme he is a real JUDEOPHOBE.
3.He continues to believe in COMMUNISM and is an ATHEIST.

DAN BROWN wrote the THE DA VINCI CODE and NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS(Greek) wrote THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST,and SHOLOM ASCH(Yiddish) wrote THE NAZARENE and the great BULGAKOV (Russian)has whole chapters with Jesus and Pontius Pilate in THE MASTER AND MARGARITA.

And JOSE SARAMAGO wrote "The Gospel according to Jesus Christ"(1991).

minoria said...

Now in his novel SARAMAGO makes Jesus fall in love with Mary Magdalene and God reveals to Jesus he has chosen him to found a new religion,and shows him how many would be killed and persecuted by the new religion.Jesus then doesn't want to continue but is finally convinced by God to do so.

People have criticized the book ideologically saying SARAMAGO was being hypocritical because he was an ATHEIST and convinced COMMUNIST.I will explain:

They showed that COMMUNISM has killed more than 90 million innocent people in the 20th century and in PEACETIME:

1.70 million by Mao(10% of China's population)
2.20 million by Stalin(10% of Russia)
3.1.5 million by Pol Pot(about 20% of Cambodians)
4.1 million by the DERG regime in Ethiopia,communist.


Then HIMMLER and GOEBBELS and HEYDRICH and BORMANN were atheists.
It is possible Hitler was an atheist also.

Fernando said...

Brother minoria... thanks, always, for your analisis... greet to keep reading them...

Saramago's new book (Cain) is a frontal attack to the biblical God... he calls Him, from rading the Genesis litteraly -- as he claimes he did -- a despot, a sexist, a violent, a misogenis, a barbaric invention off men (how similar to muslim positions)... when asked whie he did not talked aboutt the qur'an he answered: "I do not beliebe thate a book thate created the great arabian kingdoms coulde be as half violent"...

He belives thate for being a nobel laureat person he can say everything he wants as a dogmatic true... when confronted withe the lack off honestie in his book he saide: "I habe the right to say everithing I want"... yes he does, butt he has to accept the critics thate are being made, from scientific and historical perspectives, to his ignorance... butt he does not... someone's subjective truthe can never be over the objective truth acknoledge from historical and scientific evidences...

this is valid also for muhammad: his invention (islam) cannot be accepted since muhammad saide he was predicted in the Bible and he's nott... off course muslims then invented the stoiry off the injill, butt thats a joke: all the historical evidence is agains muhamamd and islam, butt nevertheless muslims want everyone to beliebe in mushammad's subjective (and clearly false) "truth"...

minoria said...

Thank you again Fernando:

I had not heard of Saramago's book Cain.But I wonder if,when finding out about the negative aspects of Mohammed's life as found in Muslim sources,I wonder if Saramago would be willing to write an article or even book and give his HONEST impressions about Mohammed.


If the same negative material were to be found about Jesus,Saramago would not hesitate one second to denounce him.

Now I think even if he does know about Mohammed's failings he would never write against him out of fear.What if Islamic law were the law again in Portugal like from 715-1200?Would Saramago denounce the violation of human rights and Mohammed?No.

Also does Saramago KNOW about the sex-slave system in the Muslim kingdoms,about slavery of Europeans and Africans by Muslims(about how MIGUEL DE CERVANTES,author of DON QUIXOTE,spent 5 years as a slave of the Muslims),about the dhimmi laws,death for apostasy and blasphemy?About Muslim imperialism and jihad?

Does he know that circa 800 AD the Muslims attacked and pillaged ROME,the second most sacred city of Christianity?Where was their religious respect then?

thegrandverbalizer19 said...

I would like to ask you a question Mr. Wood.

Could you give me your a Biblically based answer for debating with Muslims?

Could you please spell out for the Christian audience your aim and objective of wanting to debate Muslims?

I am very interested in your response above; because if Muslims are always practicing Taqiya (lying or concealment) than what makes one so sure that they will ever be honest in a debate? If they are never capable of being honest in a debate than why debate?

Is it for income?
Is it for fame?
Is it just to defend Christian claims?

I mean I just don't see the intellectual honesty in debating a people whom you have stated time and again to be practicing taqiyah?

I also have someone in mind who would be highly interested in having a written debate with you or James White on the issue of salvation in particular the Christian regeneration before faith. I personally believe that James view of salvation concept completely agrees with the Islamic view.
Of course you got Jesus, the Cross and the Trinity but in terms of core understanding of who is saved and why. 100% compatability
James White regeneration before faith and Sunni Islams qada wal qadr

I think this should set up some alarm bells in the Chrisitan community especially among Spurgeon's followers as what James White's agenda is.

Anthony Rogers said...

Mr. Verbalizer,

Since Islam does not teach that man is "dead in his trespasses and sins" in the first place, then how can it have any position on the order of regeneration and faith, or any view of regeneration AT ALL?

I look forward to your answer; as it stands, I don't think you have verbalized the matter very well. Indeed, it looks to me like the very attempt of a Muslim to prove such a thing would involve him in presupposing a view of the human condition that he, as a Muslim, necessarily rejects.

minoria said...

It is good to debate people who even try to trick the audience because if you really know your subject most in the audience will see you have the evidence on your side.


For example Muslims ALL the time talk of Muslim Spain or AL-ANDALUS as an EXAMPLE of TOLERANCE of Muslims for Jews and Christian.They talk of the "spirit of Al-Andalus".It is a myth.Those who know the facts can easily explain why.

There were good and bad aspects but it was no "example of MULTICUTURALISM" for today.One glaring example is that circa 850 no less than 50 Christians were executed in Cordoba for speaking against Islam and Mohammed(wow,what tolerance for today's world).


That is why in 1212 the kings of Navarre,Castile,Leon,Aragon and Portugal(Spaniards,Catalans,Basques and Portuguese soldiers) united to make an army of 100,000 which defeated the fanatical ALMOHADS(army of 120,000) in NAVAS DE TOLOSA.Some 100,000 Muslims were killed or wounded,it was one of the turning points of history.After that there was no holding back the Christians and by 1275 90% of the peninsula had been reconquered.


Unfortunately most journalists are too slothful to do real homework and only repeat cliches they have heard from Muslims about "when the Muslims ruled Spain there was peace and tolerance between the 3 faiths."THEY,the journalists,can not imagine that they would be INTENTIONALLY misled by Muslims regarding history,they do not know about taqiya,and when they learn about it,for some sentimental reason they can not accept such an idea,at least at first,it just can not be true.People who are religious do not intentionally hide negative aspects and give a distorted image that is unrealistic,it can not be,they say to themselves,even when you present the documents that show it is a myth.

Fernando said...

thegrandverbalizer19 saide: «I think this should set up some alarm bells in the Chrisitan community»...

No, no one whatesoever... at least around here in this true world I live in...

dear thegrandverbalizer19, coulde you try to ring the bell again? thanks...

you also saide: «I mean I just don't see the intellectual honesty in debating a people whom you have stated time and again to be practicing taqiyah?»...

well, just some points:

#1: the Bible (1Pt 3:15 for instance) crearly says thate we should give testimony of our faith, hope and charity (all off these three gifts from God are interconnected)...;

#2: the Bible (Mt 24:11 for instance) also warns us thate after Jesus there woulde appear some false prophets (the only place thate I have to reconn thate muhammad is predicted in the Holky Bible)...

#3: therefore the point in debatting muslims is quite clear: announcing our faithe and denouncing muslims falsity for the Glory off God and salvation off many human brothers... everytime thate some muslim is practising taqqiya in debatting Christians, the horns off the devil inside muslim rethoric becomes more evident to all who are nott intoxicated by muslim lies...

may God, the only True God, the God off the Bible, the Holy Trinity, bless you and your family... and I hoppe, dearly, thate one day you'll habe the straight to leave thate false relision thate saide: «Gabriel came to Muhammad and said, "If a black man comes to you his heart is more gross than a donkey's"» (Ishaq 243)...

Fifth Monarchy Man said...

you said:

I think this should set up some alarm bells in the Chrisitan community especially among Spurgeon's followers as what James White's agenda is.

I say:

I only see four problems with this statement

1) Spurgeon agreed with White on this issue
2) No genuine Christian would call himself a follower of any man
3) Calvinistic predestination has nothing in common with Islamic Fatalism
4) White often debates those who disagree with him on the Ordo salutis and continues to do so.