Friday, November 6, 2009

"Revolution Muslim": Yousef al-Khattab and Younes Abdullah Mohammed

In light of so much deception from CAIR, ISNA, the media, and other groups, you have to respect the honesty of these men. Anyone care to guess their view of yesterday's terrorist attack?


Anonymous said...

at last I beat you to posting a video. I haded posted this one last evening. But praise the Lord you have it up as well. You do great work in exposing the real Islam/ Of course the dhimmies at CNN and the rest of the state controlled and drive-by media fail to grasp what Islam is all about. Unfortunately there will have to more tragic events like Fort Hood before they finally get the message. Krrp up the great work.

minoria said...


It is tragic that the mainstream media does not have programs really talking about the issue of the connection Mohammed-Koran-terrorism.

The point is not if some may disagree,the point is they do not even talk about it.In a free,open society that is the way it should be.

You and Mary Jo did great in the show where you two tackled alot of issues.Now THAT is what CNN,Fox,ABC,the BBC,should have.

Their RATINGS would go up alot!The sad truth is they are afraid of a bomb just SAY it,be honest with us the public.Say there are good arguments in favor of a real connection Mohammed-Koran-terrorism but you are afraid of bombs.But don't say you are being objective.But they never will either,that is why I only read the mainstream press for basic ideas,not THOROUGH and IMPARTIAL ANALYSIS.

mkvine said...

Dr. Wood,

I seriously think you should contact CNN, Fox, NBC, etc. and ask if you can do a show on Islam and have Muslims call in to the show.

sam said...


its not that they r scared of getting bombed or anything cause regardless they r going to terrorism u anyway. thats is there task. 9/11 didnt say anything about the muslims but there task was to blow the towers anyway. and not to forget the england bombings as well. so might as well speak the truth and die.

Master Phase said...

I think the media needs to wake up and stop the political correctness. Time to expose islam on all fronts. Islam is not a religion it is an ideology and an evil one at that. ANY PERSON WHO FOLLOWS THIS IDEOLOGY IS DANGEROUS TO AMERICA. Sorry for the caps but the point needs to be made. Islam is evil and has no place in a free society it is uncivilized and barbaric.

minoria said...

Hello Simon:

You have a good point.I was reading a book by an Israeli scientist and he said the terrorists "can NOT be stopped".

What he meant was that you can make the airplanes 1000000% secure and so the suicide bombers will just blow themselves up INSIDE the airport.No problem.

You can make the airport 100000% secure and they will blow themselves up in the SUPERMARKET,in the CINEMA,in a BUS(like in Israel).

Here this man killed in a high technology,remote countrol,smart bomb,secret meeting,just a gun and that was it.

sam said...


people now need to realize and north america especially is that no matter wut they can do to stop the war and hate they will be uncusessful. u c there wil be only 1 person who will bring peace and that will b the antichrist. which the muslims believe it to be there holy prophet. i think he is called, correct me if im wrong "mahdee".

minoria said...

Hello Simon:

You are right that anybody is vulnerable to a terrorist attack.And I am sure even after 50 terrorist attacks in the West the media will still avoid having an open and honest discussion about the Koran,Mohammed's sayings,the Muslim concept of good and evil and how it is different from ours.For them,in general,good=doctrines of Islam=submission to Allah.It is not good=love your neighbor as yourself.What a problem.

Ali said...

Why isn't the video working?
All I see is a blank box with cnn on top.

David Wood said...

Don't know. Works for me.



I fully concur with Master Phase every wee bit. Truly, Islam teaches violence which no other religion on the face of the earth teaches and preaches. I had suggested CNN almost a year back to invite Christians and Jewish apologist to highlight the dangerous and barbaric teachings of Islam. I strongly feel that all the major net works such as CNN, Fox and others should allow apologist like you, Sam Shamoun, Samuel Samson and other jewish apologist to expose this dangerous doctrine on a daily basis.

This way the whole world of different faith will come to know the true and dangerous side of Islam. America should know that we are in an IDEALOGICAL warefare, and if people of the world would come to know the true side of Islam then we have won the battle.

This will reduce our military involvement and restore our economy back to normal.

minoria said...

I think Checkster has a great idea.It is all part of freedom of speech that is part of an open,modern society.There will be non-Muslim people who will disagree with us but they will AGREE that both sides have the right to speak freely.

However I am certain most Muslims will disagree to our having that right,they would say the word Islamophobia or hate-speech.


I had said before about DANIELA SANTANCHE,an Italian feminist,calling Mohammed,live on Italian tv,a pedophile.Now,as she also said,in our culture,that it is how it is.

If a Muslim says it is hate-speech then WHY is being against sleeping with a 9-year-old HATE?So,a person is against that,or "hates it".The Muslim would have to convince us:

1.It is not wrong.
2.That there are good reasons to not consider it to be pedophilia in our culture.

He can't.It's impossible.And he knows it.He has convinced HIMSELF it is ok,that ok with me,everybody has their opinion,but he has to be honest and say:"I know I can not give reasons to convince you it is still ok but for me Islam is true and so it has to be ok somehow."