Friday, November 6, 2009

Muslims Claim Victim Status . . . Again

The day after a Muslim killed thirteen and wounded thirty in a vicious terror attack, Muslims once again portray themselves as victims. But is it Muslims who are really in danger in this country?

Since yesterday, Nidal Malik Hasan's family has been claiming that people made fun of him for his Muslim faith (as if this justifies the violence he committed). Indeed, such reports have been splashed across the major media outlets, in a rather obvious effort to build some sympathy for this poor, poor terrorist.

Unfortunately for Hasan's family and supporters, there's no evidence of such an anti-Muslim bias in the military.

Fox News--A Muslim veteran affairs organization says it has not received reports of harassment from Islamic soldiers, contrary to claims by a relative of the man authorities say is responsible for the worst mass killing on a U.S. military base.

Abdul-Rashid Abdullah, deputy director of the American Muslim Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Council, told that the nonprofit group has not received a single report recently of a U.S. soldier being harassed "simply because he was Muslim."

"That kind of report is inconsistent with what we've heard," Abdullah said prior to a press conference in Washington to denounce Thursday's shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, that left 13 dead and 30 wounded. Source.

But the mythical Muslim persecution doesn't end there. Muslims are calling for extra protection of their mosques in the aftermath of the Muslim attack against the American military.

Following the shootings at the Fort Hood Army base in Texas on Thursday, those at the Islamic Center for PEACE in Fort Myers have requested additional police patrols, though there have so far been no threats to the center.

Alibaba Lumumba, president of the center, said anytime there is a crime allegedly committed by a Muslim, the whole Muslim community suffers.

“But when there is a Christian who commits a crime, we don’t get into his religion or whether he wears a cross or not,” Lumumba said. “It’s a lack of knowledge about what Islam is and what it is not. Such acts of violence, especially if there were women, children or elderly who were hurt, are not condoned by Islam.” Source.

When a Christian commits a crime, he's acting contrary to the teachings of Jesus. When a Muslim kills non-Muslims (especially those who will be fighting against Muslims), he's perfectly in line with the teachings of Islam. But the media will never say such a thing.

So why are Muslims claiming to be victims when non-Muslims are being killed? As Robert Spencer notes,

CAIR knows well that victimhood is big business: insofar as they can claim protected victim status for Muslims in the U.S., they can deflect unwanted scrutiny and any critical examination of how jihadists use Islamic texts and teachings to justify violence and supremacism. Source.

Indeed, CAIR has often resorted to fabricating hate crimes and statistics in order to mislead people into believing that hate crimes against Muslims are on the rise. P. David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry give the actual statistics in their new book, Muslim Mafia:

After 9/11, CAIR cited an explosion in anti-Islamic hate crimes in demanding more outreach with the FBI and special rights and protections for Muslims. "Unlike any other past crisis," CAIR claimed, "the post-September 11 anti-Muslim backlash has been the most violent."

But the latest Justice Department data on hate crimes reveal CAIR has been crying wolf. Not only are anti-Islamic hate crimes way down, but they're a fraction of overall religious hate crimes. The overwhelming majority of such crimes target Jews, something CAIR and other Muslim groups don't seem all that concerned about.

In 2007, a whopping 69 percent of religiously motivated attacks were on Jews, while just 8 percent targeted Muslims--even though the Jewish and Muslim populations are comparable in size. Catholics and Protestants, who together account for almost 9 percent of victims, are subject to as much abuse as Muslims in this country.

In the most recent year, anti-Islamic hate crimes totaled 115. While just one hate crime is one too many, that's a 26 percent drop from 2006 and a 76 percent plunge from 2001. And the number is minuscule compared with the 969 offenses against Jews. For every attack on a Muslim in this country, there are nine against a Jew. (pp. 141-2)

When are people going to catch on to the fact that Muslims are lying about what's in their sources, lying about the motivation behind terrorist attacks, lying about persecution against them, lying about their true allegiance, and lying about their ultimate goals in the U.S.? When are reporters going to turn to Muslim sources and realize that such lying is allowed in Islam?

*****UPDATE***** The Associated Press has announced: "Anti-Muslim Backlash Immediate over Suspect Accused of Killing 13 at Army Base." So there's been an immediate backlash against Muslims, eh? And what has this anti-Muslim backlash consisted of? Murdered Muslims? Bombed Mosques? No. AP offers only one instance so far:

The Arab-American Institute said it received one threatening call from an unidentified male shortly after Hasan's name was released. The group, which condemned the massacre, said it expected more.

That's it? A phone call? And a fearful expectation of more . . . phone calls? Have we even begun to fathom the control Muslims have over the media? A Muslim shot more than three dozen American soldiers while shouting "Allahu Akbar," and the media treats a phone call (assuming it even happened) as an "anti-Muslim Backlash."

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