Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nonie Darwish at the Rally for Rifqa

Nonie Darwish, a former Muslim, gives her perspective on Rifqa's current state of affairs at the rally in Columbus.


aussie christian said...

Well, Nonie Darwish couldn't have made it any clearer if she tried.

Islam tries to kill any who leave islam, rifqa will be killed unless the leagal system steps up to the plate and actually does their job, which is protect the inocent from the guilty.

I fear that if the worst happens and poor Rifqa is killed, the US leagal system will say, we had no way of knowing that these people would actually do this, but you can't blame islam, its peaceful remember.

Take head, listen to the warnings, if you dont, you are guilty also of murder.

Wonderful talk Nonie Darwish, keep up the good work. Prayers and thoughts to Rifqa.

Peace and Love

minoria said...

People,I read just a while ago that MARYAM and MARZIEH,the 2 Iranian girls who have been imprisoned and tortured for becoming Christian have been released.I am so happy they are out of their hell.They were there for 259 days.They were released on NOV 18,3 days ago.

It is in had helped by sending emails of protest to the Iranian embassy.In another time they would have been executed quickly.Iran knows people are watching them.But he Muslims there were just following Mohammed when he said to kill apostates.