Sunday, November 22, 2009

Convert to Islam Supports Fort Hood Massacre

Major Nidal Malik Hasan murdered fourteen people in the name of Islam at Fort Hood. Taqiyya-practicing Muslim groups like CAIR are claiming that Islam condemns such attacks, and Western media organizations believe them. Yet many Muslims are openly admitting that they support violent attacks against military targets. Watch as Sadiq Abdul Malik, a Muslim street preacher in the Bronx, defends the Fort Hood Massacre.


Anonymous said...


Great video. But Obama doesn't care. You should also see what is going on in Australia This one is unreal

Nakdimon said...

I find it absolutely mindboggling that this open act osf treason (because that is what it boils down to) is tolerated by Western nations. No back bone whatsoever. It doesnt seem to trouble Westerners that there are millions of people living amongst them that will stab them in the back in times of fighting against an enemy that seeks to subjugate them to its rule. Since the time of the rise of secular society, it seems to be an act of bigotry or even a sin to "offend" others. Thats why programs such as "Jesus or Muhammad" are barely given the chance to make it to the public square, lest it is deemed "offensive" to Muslims. If protecting yourself and your society from harm has less priority than the possibility of "offending" people, then dont be surprised that those you are afraid to "offend" will eventually stand on your doorstep telling you to "acknowlege our superiority or else".

Acts of open treason such as that lunatic Abdul Malik should be punished and punished severely by either booting such persons out of the country (preferably to the Sahara) and ban them for life or imprisonment. But that is what we will not see in a spineless secular society as they exist in the West.


aussie christian said...


Was that caller actually for real?

I wonder what he would say if we Christians decided to follow that sort of horrendous example and started a "crusade" on all muslim people because of the abuse of Christians in muslim countries such as sudan, sadia arabia, iran, turkey, iraq, pakistan, etc.

But Nakdimon, you say this was an open act of treason, I would say to you my good person that no, it wasnt treason, it was and is islam begining to show its true face as the seed of Satan the Devil as the prediction from Genesis 3:15.

Revelation tells us that we will be surounded, seemingly without hope of survival, but our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ will step in on the command of YWHW and put an end to this system of things.

Worry not one and all, keep announcing the Lord loudly and proudly day by day. We are very close now to having the Good News being preached in all lands in all tounges and then the end will come and woe to those who dont heed the simple message.

Oh yeah, before I forget, great job everyone is doing shining forth the light to those who seek to keep mankind in darkness and ignorance.

Peace and Love

Aristion said...

Can somebody send this to CNN to expose what true Islam is capable of doing?

Traeh said...

Sam gives an excellent response at the very end. Unanswerable.

minoria said...

I saw the program last night.Very interesting.I didn't know that 2:208 says a Muslim has to "enter Islam COMPLETELY".You know what that means.It means they have to(if they are logical)accept CUTTING OFF the hands of THIEVES,for example.That is how I see it.They can not say "let's ignore it."As I had said before,it is a strange religion.

Now the caller who suppots the Muslim terrorists of Al-Qaida and the Taliban doesn't mind that they kill other Muslims.I think he thinks they are NOT good Muslims,so they can be killed,I suppose.It would be he is SUNNI and considers the SHIAHs to be apostates and as for the Sunnis of Afghanistan they would be collaboraters of the Americans,or if INNOCENT,it doesn't matter,they have gone to heaven.

minoria said...

I forgot to thank David for the info about 2:208.I have written it down in my notes.Again,it is not to ridicule Muslims,but so I can show the ones who want us to IGNORE certain parts of it as being of the 7th century that their Koran does NOT allow it.They have to be logical,otherwise it is an imaginary Islam,not what the book says.


One thing I noticed in the powerpoint presentation given by Nidal that he said the GREATER jihad was self-struggle and the LESSER jihad was war.

He had obviously not investigated that point well.We all here know the hadith that says it is WEAK.That means there is little chance it is true.Or maybe he was tricking his hearers,but I think he didn't know.Now if a Muslim talks of the GREATER JIHAD being self-improvement I will show him his own Muslim scholars say it is weak,not to ridicule him/her but because it is reality.

Unknown said...

At least this muslim is honest. I wish every muslim would be honest like this one.

BTW, Very good response at the end.

Unknown said...

Leonard some of them are but use Taqi'ya as honest mulsims/true muslims to immigrate into non-muslim land for one sole purpose, DOMINATION

UK is getting it already.

They think we do now the violent teachings of Muhammad, and those that tried to expose them to innocent non-believers were silenced, but i say to you my brothers and sisters we are not going to be silenced.

Radical Moderate said...

David I tried to call in on Saturday but as usual it was just to busy. A credit to your success. The reason I wanted to call in was to correct Pastor Joseph on something he said. He asked this muslim caller "Were the Japaneese allowed to fight in WW2.. No they were put in interment camps"

While the Japaneese imigrents and even Japaneese US citizens living on the west coast were put in internment camps, the Japaneese were allowed to volunteer to fight in the US army. As a matter of fact so many who's own family were in internment camps joined up to prove their loyalty to their new adoptive country that they formed their own regiment. The 442nd Combat Regement affectionitly called "THE BUDDAH HEADS"

This combat unit served in North Africa, and the Italian campaign. In such meat grinders as Monte Casino, and the beaches of Ansio.

It was on Ansio that a Army Chaplin led the congregation in the following prayer. "God please come yourself, dont send your son Jesus, becasue Ansio is no place for children".

I bring this up only to demonstrate the difference between the Japaneese imigrints and Japaneese citizens either born here or naturalized during WW2 with Muslim americans after 9-11.

The Buddah Heads- of the 442nd served with such valor, honor and distinciton that they are the most decorated military unit in US military history. No other combat unit has recieved the number of awards for bravery and self sacrafice as the Buddah Heads.

Contrast that with Muslim americans after 9-11. Even though the muslims wwere not interned and live freely in the US enjoying all the freedoms and anemenities that the US has to offer. Do they sever with distinction? Did they sign up large numbers to demonstrate and prove their loayty? The answer is a resounding NO. instead they verbely and even physicaly attack the same nation that gives them the freedoms they so enjoy. Instead we get muslims like Mr Hasan, and the muslim street preacher who called in.

Khalid said...

A call to all the Christians commenting here:

I'd like to remind you of the verse in 2 Tim. 2:24-26

And the Lord's servant must not quarrel; instead, he must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful. Those who oppose him he must gently instruct, in the hope that God will grant them repentance leading them to a knowledge of the truth, and that they will come to their senses and escape from the trap of the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will.

Please take it easy on Abdullah, Jon, and the rest. It's really hard for them to share their thoughts with you since they are pressed between the violent teachings of Islam and a sense of civility and tolerance. They have to equivocate and be inconsistent -what else would you expect from them? I just urge you to keep your fruit of the spirit evident in your discussions and disagreements.

May it be kindness and gentleness that lead our Muslim brothers to repentance.

For God's glory!