Friday, November 20, 2009

Sam and David on "Jesus or Muhammad" this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

It's that time again.

Sam and I will be back on TV this weekend. To watch the program, visit

Here's the schedule:

7:00 P.M.-9:30 P.M. (Eastern Standard Time)
10:30 P.M.-1:30 A.M.

7:00 P.M.-9:30 P.M.
10:30 P.M.-1:30 A.M.

7:00 P.M.-9:30 P.M.
10:30 P.M.-1:30 A.M.


leviMichealathan said...

do u think osama will phone in?

minoria said...

Recently NONIE DARWISH,an ex-Muslim,Christian,who speaks against the Muslim terrorists and is critical of Islam,was prevented from talking in PRINCETON University.One of those responsible was SOHAIB SULTAN,author of the "Koran for Dummies".

Now Nonie Darwish gives out her arguments in an intellectual,calm way.Here you see another Muslim not wanting to see people hear information and decide for themselves.It is very easy to show, using the Koran,that it is oppressive to women.Sohaib Sultan can not argue convincingly.I have shown the verses,it is there.What can you do?Sohaib Sultan should just say that he has DIFFERENT values than Westerners and they come from the Koran.I think he is secretely ashamed or is not ashamed but is doing a hide the info act,and hoping nobody will notice.


Things are changing.The French government insists on having its population have a common set of values.25% of all MUSLIM WOMEN marry NON-MUSLIMS.Now they know the Koran says they can't do it.I think they don't really believe.

leviMichealathan said...

the calls by "tony", muhammad and the my-god-my-god-why-have-you-made-my-face-appear-like-Jesus guy are all timeless classics...

just when u thought it couldn't get anymore ridiculous...

even the ridiculously-insane osama will call this ridiculous (at least i hope).

i'm convinced "tony" is a muslim...

david, u gotta upload these clips, please!

great job sam and david!

minoria said...

I would like to add a bit more on "The Koran for Dummies" by SOHAIB SULTAN.I have read it.Now in that book he nowhere mentions the verses I showed that in fact authorize sex slaves.He talks of women in Islam and he certainly knows the verses I mentioned(he has spent years studying the Koran after all).

Womanfortruth,do you see how a respected scholar of your community is hiding things to non-Muslims and also Muslims?Now the PUBLISHERS of the book are non-Muslims and if they knew all the facts they would have hired somebody who says the whole thing.


Also take the case of KAREN ARMSTRONG,the ex-nun.She certainly knows about the sex slave verses yet in her books on Islam never mentions them.If somebody were to bring them up to Sultan and Armstrong they would not say "Yes,they exist and they do say what you say",instead I think they would change the subject and say "You are demonizing an entire community"or "You are ignorant".They would not deal with the EVIDENCE under their noses.

For that I say Karen Armstrong has no real credibility,not because I have a personal grudge against her,or don't like her personality,etc,but because the EVIDENCE shows she intentionally knows and hides info in the Koran and gives a false picture to us non-Muslims.Why she does that I don't know,but I do know it is not an unintentional mistake on her part.Very sad situation.

minoria said...

The latest from AL-QARADAWI.He is a Muslim cleric who has a weekly show in AL-JAZEERA.He is watched by millions.He approves of suicide bombing of Israeli civilians.He has also condemned the terrorist attacks in the West,so you can see he is a man of contradictions.


Recently he has publicly said the Holocaust was a divine punishment by Allah carried out by Hitler.
And AL-JAZEERA still has him and expects us non-Muslims to respect it as a serious news organization.


Go to google and write "Al-Qaradawi praises Hitler's antisemitism".You will see the speech where he says it.

Radical Moderate said...

David and Sam great show last night.

Favorite Higlights from Muslim Callers

"Why are you doing this?... God will Punish you... You will remmeber me... When God Punishes you"

And the best "Jesus said on the cross God why have you changed my form" that had to be the best lol

Again great show. Looking forword to tonight

mkvine said...

I wonder if the Muhammad person who called the show is the same Muhammad who called in an earlier show and threatened you guys "to hang you like Jesus was hung...."

Apollos26 said...

Hi brother David,

the caller called Ralph, do you rememeber that he called some shows ago and said that we christians believe in a myth, that Jesus never existed and to proof his point he quoted Isaac Asimov?

I recognized his voice and because he used to stutter.

As an atheist he used taqiyya!!!

God bless,


Anonymous said...

Hi David,
I am from New Zealand and I missed out the program. Wondering if you will upload this later on?