Sunday, November 8, 2009

Abdullah al-Andalusi and Other Muslims Support the Terrorist Attack at Fort Hood

Just a few months ago, Nabeel and I debated Abdullah al-Andalusi and Yahya Seymour on whether Islam is a religion of peace. Apparently, either Abdullah was practicing Taqiyya when he claimed that Islam is a religion of peace, or Nabeel and I convinced him that Muslims are called to fight the infidels. Why do I say this? Abdullah has already announced his support of the attack on Fort Hood. In the comments section of a previous post, Abdullah wrote:

Hi guys,

Firstly, no one says that Muslims should 'rise up to kills all americans' - READ THE FULLY QUOTE "Muslims should stand up and fight the aggressor and that we should not be in the war in the first place."

Which I believe in too - which means military targets are viable during war, but NO CIVILIAN TARGETS (and before you mention civilians on the Army base - they are just a sad accident of war- much like the 1000's of dead Iraqi and afghan civilians right?).

I'm sorry guys, but it is time for you to admit when you are wrong to condemn - soldiers go to fight in wars, and in that incident, soldiers got killed - big deal!

Yeah so it happened on american soil, so what, american pilots and drone controllers will track down the enemies of the USA to their very homes and shoot a missle through its living room, despite their family being there or not. I guess the motto of the story is, do unto others, as you would have done unto you". Perhaps your christians should look at this incident, as a 'judgement of God' upon the wicked american army.

p.s. One thing I have noticed, for people who profess to love everyone, most of you are full of hate (your emotions are hateful, whether or not your tongue issues peaceful platitudes - repent now to the only God 'the Father').

So the attack was justified because it was a military target, and the civilians killed were "just a sad accident of war." According to Abdullah, then, Muslims in the U.S. military are justified if they open fire on military bases.

I have never said that we are at war with Islam, but others have been condemned for saying as much. I find it interesting, however, that even moderate Muslims like Abdullah al-Andalusi believe that Islam is at war with the West and that Muslims are justified in attacking any military target--even if the Muslims have sworn to protect their country "against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

For more on Muslims supporting Hasan's attack, see the following:

Washington D.C.'s Khadeeja Nuur and other Muslims Pray for Allah to Bless Hasan withe a Full Recovery

Killeen Mosque Member Sides with Attacker

Muslims at Fort Hood Blame the Military for Hasan's Attack

Here's a video of some American Muslims calling Hasan "an officer and a gentleman":

Isn't it strange that Muslim organizations like CAIR an ISNA are claiming that Muslims condemn such attacks?


BlackBaron said...

Why can't these turds be forced to preach in a "free speech zone"?

dasize said...

I also invite others to watch thses 2 videos.

How dare you critique islam.

Radical Moderate said...

Wow David you are trully a great debator, you convinced a peacfull muslim that islam inst trully peacefull. :)

Jennifer said...

Love your blog! Thanks for the hard work!

Radical Moderate said...

David Wood now all yuo need to do is debate Violent muslims and convince them that islam is peacful :)

PersonOfTheBook said...

These are extraordinary times. In WW2, pro-Nazi speech would have got you in jail or worse, shot as a traitor. It’s time to demand an oath of allegiance (as Lieberman wanted in Israel), from all citizens, should be no big deal for every member of society. This would form a strong legal basis to cut through all the PC crap and it would stop all the confusion and doublespeak, and cut through to the truth.

The incitement from the mosques would be silenced within one session of Friday prayers. Don’t like it? Well a permanent holiday abroad is in order. This is the only solution. Islam cannot reform from within since mohammedans don’t want to be fair game from all their vigilante co-religionists.

Another thing, this is not about freedom of religion – it is about freedom from totalitarian theocracy, so it’s not necessary to reinterpret the First Amendment.

aussie christian said...

Lets look at the outcome if islam ever becomes dominant around the world.

6.2 billion people will be reduced to 1.8 billion muslims once all the kaffur are killed off.

1.8 billion muslims will be reduced to around 300 million muslims after the shiites and suni complete the dominance battle.

300 million will be reduced to around about 300 thousand once the muslim countries complete the dominance battle.

300 thousand will reduce to about 400 once the muslim mosques complete the dominance of mosque battle.

400 will be reduced to 1 after the muslim mosque completes its fight for dominance for the dwindling food stuffs at the local supermarket.

1 will reduce to 0 human population once the last muslim decided to suicide bomb him/herself cause they finally realise they are all alone and allah doesnt exist.

0 will be replaced by the second comming of Jesus Christ and all who were murdered by the muslims will be reserected and islam will be forgotten as we spend eternity worshiping the one true God YHWH.

Food for thought.

Bring on the second comming!!!

Peace and Love

aussie christian said...

Also a small comment on why most media are silent on the Islam issue, quite simply it all boils down to MONEY. the media mougles love money above all else. If you pay them enough they will do entire programms on why the earth is flat the matrix is real and why crows fly backwards to keep the dust out of their eyes.

The islamists have paid the mougles hush money so they will deflect any and all critisism away from islam and onto everyone and everything else. and the mougles are hoping that if islam becomes dominant they will get a cut of the media outlets, little do they know as soon as they take over, the mougles will cease to be of use and will be treated like all other kaffur and beheaded.

Anyone else get the same message from what you "dont" see in the media of late??

Peace and Love

minoria said...

I never thought Abdullah would say such a thing.His idea is this:

1.Westerners are in Afghanistan and Iraq fighting the Taliban and Al-Qaida.

2.Since he is against fighting them,the terrorists,then by logic he is for them.


Because they want to establish Sharia law,or better said,MORE Sharia law in their lands.

Yet their Sharia law violates human rights.So Abdullah is against human rights.Abdullah became a Muslim at the age of 17 I think.So that is his moral progress in the succeeding years.

Anthony Rogers said...

Andalusi sounds like he picked up a flower, and with each pluck of a petal, said: "Islam is peaceful"..."Islam is not peaceful"..."Islam is peaceful"... "Islam is not peaceful."

Or perhaps he just goes back and forth on which verse of the Qur'an he feels like listening to at the moment.

sam said...

oh man. the terror headlines keep on coming. and we all keep on posting our thoughts. its a never ending thing. this will never end. muslims need to realize and open there eyes that wut they believe in is evil. and i hope it is not too late for them.

Christopher Logan said...

Thanks for the repost!

Keep up the good work!

mkvine said...

It seems like Muslims are so bi-polar. First they try to convince us how "beautiful" and "peaceful" Islam is, and that they "condenm" the terrorists acts of extremist Muslims who only make up "a small minority of Muslims." Then, we see them praising acts such as the Fort Hood massacre, saying "soldiers got killed, big deal." I guess it seems like most Muslims DO support the "extremist minority." I think Muslims should get over their emotional bipolar disease, talk to a psychologist, and be CONSISTENT with what they preach, and stop LYING about Islam being a religion of peace.

Christ is Risen, He is Lord

Chennai Man said...

Love your blog! Thanks for the ha(te)rd work!

ned said...

I always think that the small jihadist minority is represents the majority since the majority is always silent. Their claim of peace is just an expression of the westernized muslims. I don’t know why they are shy to accept that Islamic teaching is based on aggression and I don’t mind it if they accept their own word, I do mind deception that’s hypocrisy.

I have many good muslim friends and I love them but when u talk of suicide bomb going off in Pakistan and innocent victims killed they defend them speaking against America and about what’s happening in Palestine and elsewhere.

The difference I see is that they act in violence following their teachings and Christians show violence, like wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, in rebellion to the teachings of Christianity. I consider these wars to me are political and not religious but surely their aggression in west is aimed to terrorize the non believers.

Unknown said...

"How dare you critique islam."

You have spoken like a true cult member Dasize. Charlie Manson had the same attitude.

Ashraf: Why do you blame unbelievers for the things Muslims say and do? It is like a rapist blaming the victim for his crimes, and just as credible. You can call people haters all you like, but until you look into the mirror, it will be as meaningless as a dog barking.

BlackBaron said...

What happens if you convert to Islam and you're just not able to grow one of those oh so attractive, make my Amish neighbor jealous, beards?

Muhtaramah said...

Thats brilliant.
The internet even the muslim person down the road preaches "all good things" about Islam, but do the exact opposite and still justifies their actions with scriptures from the Quraan. Fairness and peace.....huh. thank goodness I live in a country of "laws" and not "Shariah"

Muhtaramah said...

Thats brilliant.
All over the internet and even the muslim down the road preaches "ALL GOOD THINGS" about Islam, yet they do the opposite and can still justify it with extracts from the Quraan.... HUH....Thank Goodness I live under "Law" and not "Shariah".

Fernando said...

Hi ashraf... always playing withe words... bery foonie off you...

butt then: how is thate presenting the hate thate muslims habe is being ha(te)rd?... I woulde lobe to have a replie, butt we all know you won't gibe it, don't we?

george said...

ashraf its ur book and people who spread hate.check out: where there are muslims there is a Problem. thats islam , thats truth.

minoria said...

I do not know why Ashraf thinks the post was a hatred post.Abdalusi showed he favored the Taliban and Al-Qaida.Ashraf the reason why there are STILL troops there is because of them,they would have left a long time ago otherwise.

For example the US has invaded Latin America several times since 1898 and the troops stayed a short time and left.


I think there never should have been an invasion in the first place.The only thing is to leave and take all the native non-Muslims with them.

The US was criticized for leaving Afghanistan alone when the Soviets pulled out.I think if US troops had stayed to put order we would STILL have the same situation.


The only reason it worked there was because the local Muslims were extremely secularized after decades of Communism.For most Islam was only a word.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Fernando said...

Hi Abdullah...

you saide: «I have ALWAYS said Islam can use force to fight against injustice»...

coulde you, please, say to us all not inlighted people whate you mean by injustice? Do you think, for instance, tahte the treatment islam prescribes to non-muslims is injust?


minoria said...

So Andalusi considers the Iraqi militants to be resistance fighters.But as Ali has pointed out 99% of its victims are MUSLIM,mere civilians.

They have blown up alot of Shia mosques also.I see that as more than merely fighting US soldiers.Everybody is entitled to their opinion.


In El Salvador there were the DEATH SQUADS that killed alot of people merely SUSPECTED of being Communist sympathizers.Nobody sees them as heroes.But at LEAST they killed people who they thought were against them,but the Taliban and Al-Qaida are killing natives who are just there by bad luck.

Anonymous said...

ashraf said...
Love your blog! Thanks for the ha(te)rd work!

Gem said...

Hi ashraf, I thought you asked me to respond your comment on the other subject entitled: "Muslims Assault Reporter outside Detroit Mosque" which you can find here

I am still waiting for your response.

By the way, why do you think it is "a hatred" to expose the terrorist act? Please explain your worldview.

Certainly, there are reasons behind your statement right? You have given us your statement, but now please give us the background of that statement.

Thanks and peace in Christ

dasize said...

"One man's terrorist, is another man's freedom fighter. I thought that when Jesus comes back, he will still be a man, and he will pick up the sword and start killing the unjust nations of the world ('Babylon' included) - so I don't see why you Christians are against resisting unjust empires (unless that is, your opposition is due to Nationalism or just religious hatred - which seems the most likely explanation in this case)."


That’s the difference between Islam and Christianity. Vengeance is God's and God's alone! We cannot take the law into our own hands and would be condemned to hell if we tried to fight in the name of Christ. Unlike Muhammad who commands martyrdom and commands his followers to fight and kill for the cause of Allah. In order to be a true Muslim you have to present yourself as a dead sacrifice for Allah.

Unlike Allah, Jesus said we are to present ourselves as LIVING sacrifices. We are not to fight for his sake.

“But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.
For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? If you greet only your brothers, what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same?
Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”

When Christ comes back he will not be a man of flesh and bone, but the divine son of Yahweh who will smite the nations for scattering his people and dividing his land.

PersonOfTheBook said...

To Dasize:
We do not defend ourselves out of religious hatred. Christianity is the most sophisticated and mature recognition of the divine that has ever been understood by our limited human minds. Christ did not prohibit us from defending ourselves or our children. We are in the material world, and the concept of 'turning the other cheek' does not mean that we are to allow evil to sweep over the earth.

We have complete justification in reaction to barbarism - it is a natural response and is the same mechanism which keeps YOUR body alive at the cellular level.

We have been gifted with human minds can can recognize the difference between totalitarianism and self-actualization and yes, transcendence and the experience of the divine for that matter. Theocrats are interested in human power over others, and while Western civilization is not perfect, no one to this date has offered a better alternative.

Truth will prevail and it is certainly not the earth-bound, brothel-heavened totalitarian theocracy which is mohammedanism.

dasize said...

I'm not sure what your saying

To Dasize:
We do not defend ourselves out of religious hatred. Christianity is the most sophisticated and mature recognition of the divine that has ever been understood by our limited human minds.

I'm not sure what your saying. We are not to fight or kill in the name of Christ period. I never said anything about defending ourselves from murder. But we are to pray for our enemies unlike Islam.

This faith can stand on it's own two feet. We don't have to defend it with violence or force. God will deal with those who insult or blaspheme him not us. We cannot take the law into our own hands. That is what i'm saying.

We are not to kill or fight people who insult the Bible or Yeshua. Islam teaches the opposite. Whoever insults the prophet is to be killed and you are rewarded for fighting for the cause of Allah. It's actually commanded.

PersonOfTheBook said...

To Dasize,

We don't want a 'holy war' from any group, you are right.

We CAN use non-violent means to protect what we have, with our legal systems.

Firstly, there is no need to modify the First Amendment, all we have to do is affirm what religion is in the first place. "Re-ligio" is from Latin which refers to living with awareness of that which links us - our connection to the divine. Inspired as such, a true religion is not violent and certainly its scriptures would not encourage violence.

So Islam truly reforms into the affirmed definition of religion or else is not tolerated in peaceful society. Perfectly legal and non-violent.

PS You don't have to be American to recognize the content of the First Amendment.

Unknown said...

“This is why God honours the sword so highly that he says that he himself instituted it [Rom 13:1]. For the hand that wields this sword and kills with it is not man’s hand, but God’s and it is not man, but God, who hangs, tortures, beheads, kills and fights. All these are God’s works and judgements”

Martin Luther - the soldier and his conscience.

Fernando said...

Dear Dallas...

you saide: «islam truly reforms into the affirmed definition of religion»...

well, we habe the ethimological meaning of "religion", and the meaning the founders off the US had for "religion"... I do not know the "US Constitution", butt I would say thate islam is not, eben as it's first step, a religion, rather an ideology taht as an religious dimention... whate do you think? Thanks in advance for a posible answer...

Unknown said...


No one is advocating revenge! I merely am saying (a 1001 times it seems - cos no one seems to get it), that FIGHTING AGAINST INJUSTICE is justified, whether that be political campaigning or military action against the legitimate targets of war (i.e. NOT CIVILIAN).

When Japan attacked the U.S. as pearl harbour, was the US wrong to attack Japan on Japanese soil? Just a question - I'm interested to hear the response.

Btw - everyone, just thought of a new Question, will anyone condemn the Sudanise Christian rebellion and the Christian insurgency in Orissa province, India - in the name of adherence to Romans 13?

minoria said...

Hello Abdullah:

You said you are fighting against injustice even if it involves military as long as civilians are not targeted.Well,that is exactly what the US forces are doing,they only target the terrorists.


But the terrorists target civilians left and right.So I understand you are against them,by your definition.


There is the Golden Rule of do to others as you would have them do to you.That means sometimes military action is necesarry to protect the INNOCENT.There in 1994 800,000 people were killed in 100 days while nobody did anything.Jesus would NOT have been for that.


The Islamic regime there is killing innocent animist and Chrisitian Africans and they have the right to defend themselves.ROM 13:1-7 has a limit.As for the case in Orissa I do not know about it yet.It talks of authority having the sanction of God but there are situations when PAUL HIMSELF would have been against obeying state authority.


One was idolatry to foreign gods.Paul was a JEW,and the Jews were 100% adamant on resisting idolatry,so much so that they forced the Emperor to EXCLUDE them from the imperial obligation to offer incense to a statue of the Emperor.That was obligatory for all the others,as a mark of loyalty.


You have to take into consideration All the Details of a Jewish man's life to understanding his thinking,in this case Paul's.NOBODY in NT studies would think in ROM 13:1-7 Paul was saying he was in favor of offering incense to a statue of the Emperor.


We have William Garrison,Las Casas,Wilberfource,Beecher Stowe,Abbe Gregoire....they knew of ROM 13:1-7 but they resisted certain unjust aspects of their governments.So again,to understand and interpret Paul correctly one has to take into consideration all aspects that we know of him.And yes,sometimes military force is necesarry.

dasize said...

"When Japan attacked the U.S. as pearl harbour, was the US wrong to attack Japan on Japanese soil? Just a question - I'm interested to hear the response."


Let me answer this question and ask you the same. No i don't think we were wrong and i don't think we are wrong for fighting in Iraq or Afganistan. We are not there to kill muslims we are fighting a war that was brought to us and is still being brought to us. But let me guess 9-11 was a Zionist Conspiracy to go to war with poor innocent muslims?

Your question just validated my point. So it's wrong for the U.S to fight terrorist and as a result innocent people get killed that might not be terrorist? You said yourself, innocent people some times get killed in war. Why don't you condemn the muslim terrorist when they kill other muslims?

So it was not wrong for us to bomb Japan, but it is wrong for us to send troops to Afganistan and Iraq?

What about the 1.5 million Armenian Christians that were slaughtered by Turkish muslims? Why don't you condemn them? They are illegally occupying Christian lands. Christians were there first until they were slaughterd by musilms. Why don't you condemn those muslims? We could say Muslims are illegaly occupying their lands. Why don't you condemn them and the many other muslims that kill Jews, Christians and Hindus. Was it wrong for Lebanese Christians to arm themselves and defend their families from the Muslim slaugher that was brought to them once Islam took over Lebanon?

dasize said...

Walter said...
"How dare you critique islam."

You have spoken like a true cult member Dasize. Charlie Manson had the same attitude.

Walter that was sarcasm. That was actually the title of the video to the link i posted.

PersonOfTheBook said...

Fernando, you are right in your description of Islam - it is an ideology with a religious dimension. But what kind of religion advocates murder and allows humans to exact draconian punishment. The Inquisition was similar on a far far smaller scale, but then that was not true Christianity.

Unfortunately the West is responding as if it were a true religion The US constitution exalts people's right to practice religion, which is laudable, but the idea breaks down when there is a Trojan horse in the group of what they call religions. They had better clarify that.

Islam is a religion in the same way that Nazism is a religion. Nazism and Islam are ideologies in which the state controls the peoples' thoughts and actions 24 hours a day.

Irrational hatred of the West, even by Marx-inspired liberals, has created this bizarre situation in which the word "freedom" has become tainted.

That's the tragedy. The previous generation fought WW2 and this generation wants to give away the freedoms that they fought for.

The knee-jerk response by the leftists is to blame "capitalism" and "multi-national corporations" as the villians, honoring totalitarianism in the process.

Still... not ONE leftist has presented any positive alternative to Western-style democracies.

I have friends who believe that Iran and Cuba are the most advanced societies, call themselves activists, and I invite them to go there and grind their axe about social injustice... they would last less than one day.

It's time that we define and appreciate the advances of the Enlightenment and the Renaissance which ended the Dark Ages, or we risk returning to them.

ned said...

Even if Islam teaches to fight against injustice then why is the injustice in many muslim countries unattended. I know muslims countries filled with corruption and that includes bribery at all levels, prostitution, abortion clinics, injustice to poor and many more evils. It would be better if they clean their own backyards before killing others for their improper backyards.

If some muslim claims that talibans are fighting those injustices in Afghanistan and Pakistan and that’s the kind of fight Islam allows, then what west needs to stand up and defend. According to some muslims are to fight against injustice then those who are being attacked would be fools if they just stand and wait.

I appreciate Abdullah agreeing and not shying from the fact that islam orders muslims to fight against injustice and its upto muslims to determine what kind of fight they will indulge in. It of course will depend on the level of muslim strength in that country.