Tuesday, October 6, 2009

David and Sam on TV again This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

It's that time again!

Sam and I will be on ABN again this weekend.

*****UPDATE***** The schedule's been changed. For our European friends who can't watch at the times below, ABN will be rebroadcasting the programs. We'll update you with the rebroadcast schedule.

*****SECOND UPDATE***** The Saturday evening schedule has been moved half an hour. I've corrected it below.

8:30 PM-10:30 PM (Eastern Standard Time)
11:30 PM-1:30 AM (EST)

9:30 PM-11:30 PM (EST)
12:00 PM-2:00 AM (EST)

9:00 PM-11:00 PM (EST)
11:30 PM-1:30 AM (EST)

To watch the programs, visit ABN's website and click the third box on the right for live-streaming. (Requires Windows Media Player or something similar.)


Nakdimon said...

Great, other than the closing of the Feast of Tabernacles I have something else to look forward to for this weekend.

David, do you know what the topix will be?

David Wood said...

Some of the topics will probably be:

(1) Muhammad, Aisha, and Child Brides
(2) Jesus in Islam and Christianity
(3) Salvation in Islam and Christianity
(4) Rifqa Bary and Apostasy in Islam

GreekAsianPanda said...

Sounds cool! I'll try to watch it.

Fernando said...

I'll definatelly stay tooned... I'll pray for the outcome of the programs... May God bless you Dovtor Wood and our brother Sam...

ubiquitouserendipity said...

hey folks, over at abnsat.com there is one (1) 2 hour show of david and sam shamoun, hosted by sister samar. it is dated 8-26-09,,, and i bet there's more of that date hanging around somewhere.


they start off addressing the fallacy proposed by the muslim student association that they should accentuate the positive (politically correct garbage that no real mohammedan would engage in with Christians), and talk about our similarities,,, garbage. they also address the fallacy of appeal to popularity (as if the way to hell is not the broad path, and the way into the Kingdom of G_d and His Lamb is not the narrow path). of course the conversation drifted into violence and rape, which of course are pillars of the moahmmedan religion

"brother ahmed," the extreme nadir of mohammedan apologetics, calls in to do his tarzan yodel and does his typical "if you are a man" type screed. he's still saving the world from "nazi genocidal Christianity." what a putz.

anyway, enjoy sisters and brothers, and searching others. Peace, in His love, papajoe

Nakdimon said...


What I would like to see addressed sometimes is difference of the nature of the eternal dwelling places in Islam and our faith. Why is there such a stark contrast in the description of God’s kingdom in the Bible and Jennah in Quran and Hadith. Where there is an emphasis on the holiness of God and a reflection of God’s holy nature, that reflection of Allah’s holiness is completely lacking and there is an emphasis man’s carnal desires, as if Allah’s holiness is not important at all. Maybe because Allah is NOT the holy God we know from Scripture and Jennah is just a ploy to entice those that look for only concerned with the things of men and not the things of God. (Matthew 16:23)


btw: does anyone know what the award is for women that are "worthy" of Jennah? All the emphasis is on the male side: servants, virgins, wine, etc. But what do women benefit?

David Wood said...


We could certainly cover that when we discuss salvation in Islam and Christianity. That is, we could divide the topic into subtopics, e.g. "the Goal of Salvation," "the Way to Salvation," "Assurance of Salvation," etc.

leviMichealathan said...

the muslim sheik quotes the di vinci code as authoritative; amazing scholarship, amazing!!!

finally a real reason is given to show islam is true! (osama, i'm being sarcastic, ok)

Dk said...

Re: The Sunday Show (second) non-christian, non-muslim caller

It is most likely no one will address David and Sams ridiculous response concerning what the caller asked regarding the level of irrationality it would take to believe in the virgin birth(christianity) and a donkey flying into heaven(islam).

The response given by these two gents said that it was equally if not more irrational to believe that the universe just "happened" that it came into existance from "nothing" that it is formulated by "chance" and "natural processes" than it is to believe in the miracles of Islam.

First note the inconsistancy, Christians themselves believe that the universe was created using no pre-existing materials(this is referred to as nothing)this is called creation EX NIHLO, yet at the same time they say a creator existed, now you have nothing and something existing simetaneously! How irrational, either there is nothing that exists or something exists, it cannot be both.

But further notice that ATHEISM doesn't say anything about cosomology, the big bang or the origins of the universe, or whether the universe has "chance" or "fate" guiding it, strawman...

Then they assumed the guy was a materialist when the caller made no such claim. If he is an atheist , how do you know he is a materialist? this is just a non-sequitor.

Further more if they can assume materialism on behalf of the caller, then why can't they also assume the caller might accept Humes probability of miracles, so maybe the virgin birth did happen but it is highly improbable, just like the donkey flying is improbable, thus the caller is suggesting it would be improbable and unlikely to believe in both, hence why believe one or another? Hitchens a popular atheist takes this view aswell, why not imposes his views on the caller...

In summary: an inconsistant argument, a strawman and a non-seqitor, and out right fabrication..

So poor effort...guys please do a favour and stick with Islam.

Fernando said...

Hi Dk...

"exist": from the lattin "ex"+"stire": putted forward in realitty...

God "previous" of the creation did not "exist" (neither nowadays): He was/is an eternal realitty... at an original moment in our "time vinculated universe" He created and made thigs ex-sist... no ambiguitty when you know, as I beliebe you doo, whate you're talking aboutt...

so: how can something begin to ex-sist (the Universe as a whole) withoutt a previous element making a sparcle to originate thatt existence? you can say thate that sparcle is endogenous to the condition thate existed at the time... ok: butt whate originated those condition? or wahte originated the conditions thate originated those conditions? and why then and not before or latter?

It wouulde bee greatte to have a good answer from you so I can shake my ideas...

thanks in advance...