Monday, October 5, 2009

Acts 17 Radio Today at 4:00 P.M. (EST)


Nabeel and I will be on the radio today at 4:00 P.M. (Eastern Standard Time). We will be discussing the Rifqa Bary case and apostasy in Islam. For those in the New York area (as well as New Jersey and Connecticut), tune in to WMCA 570AM. Those in other areas can listen to the half-hour program on the internet. Just go to WMCA's website, where you'll see a "Listen Live" box at the top. Since we're new to doing our own radio programs, please give us as much feedback as possible.


ubiquitouserendipity said...

excellent program david and nabeel. i was so pleased that you dedicated your first show to sister rifqa and the threat on her life by her "honorable" family. you guys are turning this world upside down. G_d bless and keep you both. Peace, in His love, papajoe

200,000 views,,, the second CK came relatively quickly... next, onward towards a million

Michelle Qureshi said...

Thanks brother! Glad you got a chance to listen to the show :-)

Nakdimon said...

I'm glad the show went well. I didnt get the chance to listen to it. But I think its quite telling that Andalusi admitted in the debate that apostacy is punishable by death in Islam. His only response was "well... the Old Testament does it too!".

Unlike Muslims, Jews dont fear leaving Judaism. If they want to leave it, the community just leaves the judgment to Adonai. The worst thing that can happen to such a person is excommunication.

Rifqa is justified in her fear of her parents killing her for leaving Islam. And her parents are despicable for lying about it. But then again, they follow a despicable example, dont they?


Fernando said...

Brother ubiquitouserendipity...

thankes for your always kind, but undeserved, words on me on a previous thread...

may Jesus our beloved and beloving God help you and your entire familie...

minoria said...

It would also be good to emphasize over and over again that POVERTY and OPPRESSION is NOT the major reason why many Muslims become suicide killers.It is one reason,for those who are in that situation,but not THE cause.

There are so many very poor and oppressed NON-MUSLIM people,yet very few of them become suicide killers.The main cause is Islamic theology of the guarantee of heaven and that those killed are not innocent,plus women in heaven.


All the 16 suicide bombers of 9/11 werewell-off,and most of them had a university education.What turned them into killers was a certain theology.Look at BEN LADEN,he had 300 million dollars.He was not poor,oppressed either.


Because there is the idea that if the Palestinian issue is solved,if the US gets out of Iraq and Afghanistan,then terrorism will cease.I don't think so.By exploding an atom bomb in the West,a great economic crisis will ocurr,which can make the West POOR(remember the Great Depression of the 30's)which will make it easier for the terrorists to take control.The terrorists think they can easily solve the world's problems through Islam,destroying the West's economy is no problem for them.

Fernando said...

Brother minoria saide: «POVERTY and OPPRESSION is NOT the major reason why many Muslims become suicide killers»...

absoluttelie right... we don't see christinas, hindus, budists from eben more poor countries comitting this barbarous actions... do we?

Unknown said...

How can I get in touch with wood?

David Wood said...



Javier said...

Are you guys going to podcast?

minoria said...

Hello Fernando:

Greetings!Thanks for the input.And talking about non-Muslim terrorists one reads incorrect affirmations in the Muslim books.


I had read it several times that he was a Christian.The one of the Okhlahoma bombing.He was an ATHEIST,or at the most an AGNOSTIC.He said "Science is my religion."


That the Basque terrorist group is Christian.They are secular and nationalists.I think even Marxist.They are indifferent toward religion.They never mention Jesus,God,the Bible,Christianity in their writings.


The same for them.For the Irish Repulican Army.


Of Sri Lanka,who invented the suicide bomber.They even killed the Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi like that.They are MARXISTS.Religion plays no role in their organization's philosophy.They are Hindu but Tamils first.

They are as secular a terrorist group as the ETA and IRA.Or look at SHINING PATH,another MARXIST group,of Peru.They never quoted Jesus.Again,in none of these groups did religion play a role:no promise of women in heaven,no promise of 100% salvation,no citings from scripture or yelling of "God/Jesus/Mary/Krishna is great."

Haecceitas said...

Will there be a downloadable audio file of this radio program?