Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sharia Strikes Again: Killing Women vs. Stealing Goats

Arab News--We have an entrenched judicial system that is based on Divine Law and not personal whims. This is the reason why I could not understand two recent court verdicts handed out on the same day.

In the first ruling, two thieves who stole two rams were sentenced to three years imprisonment and 1,000 lashes each.

The second ruling of two years imprisonment and 200 whiplashes was for a husband who beat his wife until she swallowed her tongue and died. Read More.


Anonymous said...

I have tested by ability to predict responses from apologists exhaustively. This time I will try to be more detailed in my predictions.

Sami Zaatari will respond something like:
"Islam will prevail, hurrah!"

Osamma Abdallah will respond something like:
"You filthy liar!"
An attack on the bible might also be a plausible outcome.

Ibn will attack the bible.

A "No true muslim"-argument is optional for every candidate.

If you're not on the list but want to respond, feel free to pick any tactic you like or come up with another one (I think the odds for this last option are rather low).

El-Cid said...


I'm banking on the "beat her (lightly)" defense.

Netzari G.Funk said...

Hey everyone. My cousin sent me a link to this blog. Very interesting topics here.

I don't get why Muslim men are so afraid of their women. What's the deal with that?

Fernando said...

Weelcome Netzari G-Funk to this blog!!!

Royal Son said...

Allah knows best

Netzari G.Funk said...

Thanks Fernando