Sunday, February 15, 2009

Selections from a Lecture by Kuwaiti Professor Abdallah Nafisi

Nothing to worry about here.


Anonymous said...

No true scottsman.

Bryant said...

Whats shocking about this is that this man is an educator. No amount of education you have will allow you to think straight when Islam is your religion. I am convinced that if the Holy Spirit was not restraining evil in the world, we would all be dead by now.

It is sad to believe that there are hundreds of millions of people who hate me for doing absolutely nothing to them but being American.

Fernando said...

Whatte a kinde and sweet old man... in muslim's perspective of course...

Taylor said...

"Jihad" in the Encyclopaedia of Isalm

In law, according to general doctrine and in historical tradition, the jihād consists of military action with the object of the expansion of Islam and, if need be, of its defence.

The notion stems from the fundamental principle of the universality of Islam: this religion, along with the temporal power which it implies, ought to embrace to whole universe, if necessary by force.

Trudi said...

He is full of misinformation. Note the claim that "they are going to bomb "the" Nuclear plant at Lake Michigan" And then he says this one plant supplies all the electricity to North America. In his dreams. There are MANY nuclear plants all around the nation and all around Lake Mi in the states surrounding it, some are closed, some are running, NONE supply "all of North America". This guy is sick, twisted, truly disturbing in his glee over the thought of human slaughter and murder. Sick man. Very sick with his hatred.

Trudi said...

Darn, reviewing it again, he didn't say the nuclear plant supplied all the power to North America (unless the translator made an error), he claimed it supplied all the power to North AFRICA. HUH? I think it is a translation error, but even so no plant supplies "all the power" to ANY continent in the world.

Bfoali said...

I cant believe what you said Fernando.
'what a kinde and sweet old man... in muslim's perspective of course...''
Do you believe Muslims support this freak?
Well obviosley you do, which makes me wonder what else you think about islam.

Fernando said...

Well Bfoali... We don't se milims around the worlde saying, in mass street demonstrations, that they desagree with him... do we? Has he been desauthorised? Have muslims politicians and clerics came to the media to rectify this statements? Well... I guess you know the answer... so: who's more wrong about islam? and who is not willing to want others see the truth? Mie knowlege of islam does not resume to what YOU want me to know... I'm totally free to see the reality with MY own yes... by the way: it was great to recieve your kind wordes Bfoali... has we say in our dialect: «hes umhm karha lho»...

El-Cid said...

Bfoali said: "Do you believe Muslims support this freak?"

Well let's see:

1. He is giving a public lecture (From this we can conclude that the attendees support him, and that all the organizers of the event support him.)

2. This 'lecture' was broadcast on television
(So we can conclude that producers, owners, and other stakeholders in the station tolerate his words as acceptable.)

This is especially significant as it is no small thing to arrange public broadcasting of an event on TV. If this was some guy that just uploaded from a camcorder to YouTube, such an inference could not be made. In this case, however, it is a strong stamp of approval from a significant portion of the community.

You see, mass media (like television, cable, etc) is actually designed in such a fashion that it automatically filters out extreme or unpopular content. I wonder why it is that Al-Jazeera has absolutely no problem being a distribution channel and platform for this type of message?

And of course, the most obvious thing that refutes your "Wow you really believe people support this" garbage is the fact that you can hear laughter from the audience!

So in response, Q: "Do you believe Muslims support this freak?"

A: Yes, a number of them do. We just viewed the proof as plain as day.

DAN12345 said...

Ha ha typical muslim i would love muslims to come on this blog and say this man doesnt accurately portray islam when he 100percent does.Everyone who is not a muslim is a KUFFAR,Every muslim must wage JIHAD.And dont listen to anyone who says Jihad is a inner struggle and all this nonsense,jihad is physical war against the KUFFAR,until the whole world is under the flag of islam jihad is to be waged.If it is an inner struggle why would disabled people and old people be excused from it?that shows it is a physical battle not an inner battle with oneself.Its time for the west to understand these basic points instead of the same propaganda"islam is peaceful"islam cannot be peaceful when someone who is not a muslim is classed as an indifel.War needs to be waged.Jesus and Ghandi was peaceful,muhammad and islam is certanitly not!

DAN12345 said...

They celebrate at innocent peoples deaths!As long as these people are kuffars they celebrate,we are worse than animals to them but yet they say we are made by the very same God they call God,allah!Where is the sense,where is the humanity of these people where they celebrate the death of fellow human beings?That is the other difference us christians hve "fellow human beings" the muslims dont have this they have "fellow muslims" and then the rest the kuffars,and the kuffars lives are less important than a speck of dust to them....

Bfoali said...

Your right, Muslims should demonstrate against this freak. You are also free to believe what you want to believe.
El Cid, Your statements are un true or can be questioned.
I highly doubt that everyone at Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speech in Columbian university supported Israel being wiped of the map. Do you believe they all did? Do you believe the station that played his speeches in America supported his views on Israel and America? Personally this is my first time ever hearing of such a person, and if it wasn’t for this blog I would have no idea that he ever existed

Dan you are a kaffir so? Unless you were joking around and you believe In the Quran and in Muhammad being the final messenger of God. I am assuming you don’t believe those things, so unfortunately you fall under the group of disbelievers. According to you I am a disbeliever so it’s a two way street my friend.
In regards to you jihad statement, your wrong. You know your wrong, I don’t even have to refute your statement. I never knew that the word Jihad was a debated issue among Christians. Also for you to say that this man represents Islam one hundred percent I think David Wood would tell you that your over exaggerating it a bit.

El-Cid said...

I'm curious....this guy is a "professor"....does anyone know if he is affiliated with a University somewhere? I searched but couldn't find any information.

DAN12345 said...

Bfoali Number one kuffar and disbeliever are 2 different things,disbeliever means you DONT BELIEVE THATS IT kuffar puts you under a different catogery than the muslim,near the level of pigs and dogs,so dont try to play word games,everyone knows disbelievers and kuffars they are not the same and kuffar is worse than calling somebody
pig.AND about jihad we all know what jihad means and has meant so dont try to pull the wool over our eyes,go on tell us your explaination of it

El-Cid said...

Bfoali said: "I highly doubt that everyone at Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speech in Columbian university supported Israel being wiped of the map. Do you believe they all did? Do you believe the station that played his speeches in America supported his views on Israel and America?"

There is a major problem for you in the parallel you are attempting to draw here. Let me elucidate a few of the reasons you have drawn a false parallel:

1. There were numerous protests of Columbian University for even inviting A-jad to speak.

2. The news media provided an opportunity for people to rebut and refute the claims of A-jad

3. For every minute of exposure his views recieved there was about 5 minutes of exposure of condemning opinions/refutations

4. Parallels of 1,2,3 above do NOT exist in the Muslim world for Abdallah Nafisi. Rather, Muslims and the Arab media remain conspicuously silent when people give 'lectures' like this one.

If an American Professor was making statements like this about Saudi Arabia (for example) he would be shouted down so loudly there would be no doubt about it being an unsupported opinion. If he had a job somewhere people would be screaming to have him fired.

Where is the obvious and vocal outrage from Muslims? Surely it should be visible on the same media outlets that carried his 'lecture'? To answer my own rhetorical questions, it is not heard because it does not exist.

Popa Woody said...

I'm intrigued by those who profess that Abdallah Nafisi "doesn't represent Islam" or "most Muslims". That misses the point entirely. It be be true that there are millions of Muslims who don't subscribe to Nafisi's radical agenda. It is also true that there are millions of Muslims who DO. As a westerner I may not understand Islam. But I understand enough of radical Islam to know that there are large numbers of young Muslims being taught by radicals like Abdallah Nafisi that the Koran teaches them that I should be killed.

The position that Nafisi doesn't represent most Muslims would be far more convincing if a few Muslims would disavow him and his ilk publically.

Unknown said...

ALL of you friends
requesting you think and look by the other eye whats happening in islamic countries which force the professor and some others to talk in this way agreed 11-9 has cost 3000 americans and still no 100% proof muslim has doen it ,and even agroup which maybe not more than 10000 men doen it so 3 million muslim so far has been killed in very cheep way, look to afganstan ,gaza,sudan,somalia,iraq,posnia,lepnan,etc . and kept more than 300 million muslim under dictator rules by american full support and still for the jews to rule american policy ready to kill other maybe 10 million and still you expect muslim to be die quiet without voice