Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sami's New Article: "David Wood, the Epitome of a Christian Islamophobic Coward"

Yesterday, I told Sami that, because of his repeated unprovoked insults and childish behavior, he has been blacklisted. Sami defends himself against my charges in his new article, "David Wood, the Epitome of a Christian Islamophobic Coward." Let's take a look at his claims.

Indeed you just have to laugh at this Islamophobic clown, for starters Wood seems to think that he's the only Christian debater out there, or that he knows every single apologist, Wood seems to think that he's the pope! What's more funny is that a debate series we had planned for April has been cancelled, why? Well we have put Wood in his place, you see as I said, Wood thought he was a hot shot, yet I know every Muslim debater he had plans to debate with, so we did the same thing that Wood did, we black-listed him, and now Wood has no one to debate at all.

I don't claim to know every Christian debater. However, here in the United States, there are only a few people willing to debate Muslims regularly or semi-regularly: James White, myself, Nabeel Qureshi, Sam Shamoun, and Mike Licona. I'm good friends with everyone on this list. James certainly isn't interested in debating Sami again. Mike wouldn't go near Sami in a million years. Nabeel has agreed to blacklist Sami, and I doubt Sam is interested in debating a man who's career is over. So, the blacklist in America is official.

What about the UK? Well, I doubt any of the debaters there who are over 20 years old will be interested in debating Sami. So, this has nothing to do with me being the pope. It has everything to do with the fact that Sami has annoyed and insulted practically everyone, and the fact that everyone is sick of his insults and childishness.

Sami says that I have no one to debate. I find this interesting, since I have a debate next month. Sami seems to assume that his "Hyde Park Dawah Group" has all the debaters in the world, and here he's wrong.

I find it absolutely shocking, however, that Yahya, Abdullah, Adnan, and Hamza, are all willing to side with Sami. My reason for blacklisting Sami is that he's rude and insulting, and that he therefore has no business in public debate. I would expect Muslims to agree with me on this. Sami's reason for blacklisting me is that I blacklisted him for his atrocious behavior and lack of manners. Amazingly, Sami has convinced his fellow Muslim debaters to avoid future debates, all for the sake of siding with Nadir Ahmed's only serious competition for the title "Most Childish Debater in the World"!

In fact this Islamophobic clown even writes:

He has single-handedly ended two series of debates in March and April, and he has said that he will convince Shabir Ally never to debate me.

It seems that Wood is disappointed, what did you think Wood? Did you think you were a hot shot? Did you think that if you black-listed me you would be free to go and debate as you please? Well I think you must think again, because that's not going to happen anytime soon, indeed the April debate series have been cancelled due to your own initiation of a black-listing, which I returned in kind.

I'm disappointed, yes. I'm disappointed in Yahya, Abdullah, Adnan, and Hamza for siding with you. I thought they were better than that, and that they would condemn your behavior. Alas, it seems they support you. This is tragic, but it's certainly not the end of the world. (I'll tell you what, Sami. I bet I have at least twenty debates with Muslims in 2009. Care to make a wager?)

Now some may ask why did this coward decide to black-list me? Well the explanation is almost laughable, this Islamophobe claims I am insulting and rude towards him and his religion! The irony! This Islamophobic clown who insults the Islamic religion and Muslim people none stop wants to talk about being rude and insultive?!

Sami doesn't understand the difference between being critical and being insulting. It's the difference between saying, "I'm disturbed by Muhammad's relationship with Aisha," and saying, "Muhammad was a child-molester!" The former is an honest criticism. The latter is an insult. I invite everyone to read Sami's comments here, where Nabeel posts a perfectly reasonable comment, and Sami goes on an unprovoked tirade, calling our God "homicidal" and "genocidal," calling us "marcionites" (polytheists who believe that Yahweh is evil), and in all other ways insulting our beliefs. Also pay attention to James White's comment at the end. (Note: This isn't the first time this has happened. This is a pattern with Sami, a pattern I've confronted him about in the past. He refuses to listen, which is why he's been blacklisted.)

Notice all this Islamophobe has down is expose his own hypocrisy and double standards, he feels it's okay for him and his Islamophobic friends to attack Islam and the Muslims, yet when the same is given back to them, in their own style, then they cry foul play! Indeed Wood, when I deal with cowards and hypocrites as yourself I give you the same as you give to others, however when I deal with well mannered people there is a different way in which I talk and address them, you my friend do not come under that category, you are a bigoted hater, and hence I treat you as such.

Sami says that he deals with well-mannered people kindly. Again, please look at Nabeel's comment (which was entirely well-mannered), and Sami's insulting, nasty, mocking tirade. Again, Sami doesn't understand the difference between being critical of a position and just being insulting. I'm critical of Islam. I'm rarely insulting.

He's trying to take a cheap shot at me here, trying to put me down, yet all he does is expose his own idiocy. David, let me fill you in on something, ok? Please pay attention: I AM A WRITER! Did you get that? So when you tell me to enjoy writing articles for my site, I say thank you, I love writing articles for my site, and on top of that my degree is in the field of literature and writing! Writing is my main area, debates are only a side thing for me, not the main area of my work, in point of fact Wood I do not have a debate fetish as yourself, you are the one who is debating every month, yet I only debate 2wice every 3-4 months! It is your miserable career that relies on debates, not mines, and your miserable career just got worst because the Muslims you had planned to debate, are working with me, and they will have nothing to do with you in the future.

Again, I'm disappointed that Yahya, Abdullah, Adnan, Hamza, and, according to Sami, every Muslim debater on the planet are willing to side with a 21-year-old, childish, insulting, egomaniac. But that's on them.

So what does this all say? It just shows you the level of hypocrisy within certain crusading Christians, and it also shows you that these Islamophobes are cowards, when they cannot debate or defeat you, they simply want to silence you, yet too bad for Wood he can never silence me or my work.

This is "Nadir Ahmed Syndrome" at its finest. The strategy is to insult people so much that they want nothing to do with you. Then, when people are sick of you and don't want to be in the same room with you, you declare that they're all scared to debate you! (This is coming from a man I've debated three times, a man I've promoted as a debate opponent for Nabeel, James White, and Sam Shamoun. Yes, I'm absolutely terrified of him, just like I'm terrified of Nadir Ahmed.)

Notice that, in his short article, Sami has called me an Islamophobe (multiple times), a clown (multiple times), a coward (multiple times), a hypocrite (multiple times), a bigoted hater, a crusader, and an idiot. This is in addition to all the other insults Sami has hurled in my direction over the last 18 hours. Can anyone question my motives for refusing to deal with Sami until he grows up? Can anyone honestly think that the blacklisting has anything to do with Christians being scared of him?


B said...

I just finished reading Sami's comments here which David finds objectionable.

It appears that Sami's comment:

"wiped out under the order of your genocidal homocidal God?"

is indeed a comment that would cause offense.

But we have to distinguish between

1) Very blunt and critical comments that cause offense.

2) Insulting and mocking comments that cause offense.

I don't believe Sami's comments come under category number 2.

I don't find Sami's offensive comment to Christians to be more offensive than David's comments to Muslims when he utters statements like:

"Muhammad was a robber and a murderer." Islam Beheaded

"Muhammad's teachings are the source of many of the world's ills. However, we must not forget that the Muslims we encounter often do not live according to Muhammad's standards, but far above them" Geert Wilders's "Fitna"

Or this sarcastic comment (which infuriates a Muslim like myself):

"No one has lifted a finger against the Muslims who raped her, but thousands of rape victims across the Muslim world understand her plight. Welcome to Islam, my friends" 13-Year-Old Rape Victim Stoned to Death (Welcome to Sharia)

I really don't see much of a difference. Sami called David's God homocidal and David called Sami's Prophet a murderer and robber. I don't see the very big difference in the comments.

If the argument is the tone of voice of the person, well I also personally didn't like David's sarcastic tone when he said "Welcome to Islam, my friends" implying that it does nothing to support those women who get raped.

Thus, I don't think David should be making a big deal out of Sami's comments even though Sami's comments shouldn't have been uttered. If David suggests that Sami should deserve blacklisting because of this, then I would argue that David deserves the same.

David said:

"Again, I'm disappointed that Yahya, Abdullah, Adnan, Hamza, and, according to Sami, every Muslim debater on the planet are willing to side with a 21-year-old, childish, insulting, egomaniac. But that's on them."

So how disappointed does he think we are when he tries to go on a debate tour along with Sam Shamoun, who needs no introduction to his character and whose statements make Sami's offensive comment look like a compliment?

In conclusion, all of us (including myself) are guilty of making offensive comments (category 2) to the other person's religion and we should all try to better avoid this. However, the most important thing is that we don't kill each other when we actually meet face to face and do the debate. Just behave like professionals.

I would request David to lift this "black list" off Sami and start thinking about the bigger picture and what is more important. Its just hurting the preaching opportunities for both sides.

To David:

I'm sure "the Lord Jesus Christ" would prefer you ignore Sami's comment in order for you to "spread His word", which is your priority as a Christian David. I'm sure "the Lord Jesus Christ" wouldn't want you to blow opportunities for evangelism simpy because someone offended you (which I highly doubt is the first time that it happened to you)

If you don't agree then so be it, its your call.



ben malik said...


I know you can't help but to attack Shamoun because you are afraid of hiom but these exchanges have actually shown that Shamoun was right when he said your group started this by mocking and insulting him and his beliefs and so he gave you a taste of your own medicine:

So stop lying and admit he was right and you guys got exposed for tyring to put the blame on him. Man up and admit and stop with the excuses.

It is amazing how you guys tried to do everything you can to discredit Shamoun but it is now come back to bite you and you have all been put to shame. If I didn't know better I would see this as God's way of exposing you for your lies and fraud.

Fernando said...

[Sami... I'm disappointed in Yahya, Abdullah, Adnan, and Hamza for siding with you...] said professore Wood...

Sami... is Yahya really supportting you? I can't bellieve... I thought you were more cerefull in choosing those with whom you make friendship... as a former egiptian muslim schollar said: «may my God Jesus Christ save me from mie friends, that I can hadle with love those who consider me their enimy...»

Sami... I'll still be prayieng for you recoverie...

David said...

I remember when James White came on to these blogs and severely rebuked Ben Malik for insulting Muslims. He did not merely correct him, he strongly opposed him. Then Ben repented and stopped posting because he accepted the rebuke. I would expect that we will soon see a number of Muslim posters began to also strongly oppose Sami for his reprehensible behavior. I'm looking forward to hearing from the true Muslims that will step up and make their opposition heard. No equivocations or excuses, just honest and dignified censure for wrongful behavior and unacceptable conduct.

B said...

Ben Malik,

Get real, those emails Shamoun posted don't date further back than mid 2006, while he began insulting me on Paltalk in the end of 2005. So get your timelines figured out.

As for me being afraid of Shamoun, loool, cmoon man be reasonable please. No one refutes Shamoun as I do. Yup thats cuz im scared.

David Wood, I would appreciate a response to my post.



David Wood said...


Did you even read the exchange with Sami? It seems you've simply read his version of things.

First, I have no clue why you're bringing up something I said in an article several years ago. Sami's tirade was directed against Nabeel.

Second, there's quite a difference between someone writing an article meant for a general audience, and someone engaged in a discussion with a person who's being very nice. Sami writes offensive, deceptive things on his website all the time. I rarely comment. But when he's trying to arrange a debate with someone, and he starts mocking the person's religion and saying false things about the person, I have to object. (Please tell me where I've behaved similarly.)

Third, you act as if the blacklisting is due to the single comment you pointed out. I can only assume that you haven't read the exchange. True, Sami called the One True God "genocidal" and "homicidal" (despite the fact that Allah has done similar things). He also said that Nabeel and I are polytheists who declare that Yahweh is evil. He also insulted our religion in a number of other ways. And this was directed towards Nabeel, who posted a completely nice and reasonable comment.

Fourth, all of this is part of a long series of unprovoked insults by Sami. It never ends with him. Sami has only two speeds: (1) nasty, and (2) preparing to be nasty.

Fifth, I gave Sami the opportunity to correct his behavior, and he refused. What is the only course of action left? I'd say it's to end all dealings with him.

Sixth, you've read Sami's article, so you know that he's called me a coward (repeatedly), a clown (repeatedly), a hypocrite (repeatedly), a bigot, an idiot, etc. And you're still acting as if this is all a matter of a single comment he's made.

Bassam, not long ago, you compared the Mumbai Massacre to a group of Christians who broke some furniture. It seems that, in your eyes, if a Christian does anything, it cancels out the deeds of a Muslim who does a hundred times worse. This is frightening, since it's a pattern I see across the Muslim world (e.g. "Hey, some Westerners made cartoons about Muhammad; let's go around killing non-Muslims").

So, feel free to pat Sami on the wrist for his behavior. He's still blacklisted.

Nabeel Qureshi said...

While I certainly am not free from emotional flare-ups myself, I do think that insulting someone is not appropriate behavior in any sphere, especially public.

For that reason I think it is only honorable to apologize to someone if they have felt offended by something you have said (unless they are hypersensitive, but that situation would be obvious to all observers.)

Sami has called David a "clown" 3 times, a "coward" 4 times, and Islamophobic 8 times in one article alone! Remarkably, this was in an article which attempts to deny his use of insults! These words are meant more to inflict harm than to be descriptive. As such, they are clearly insults.

If Sami were truly not a person of insults, he would steer clear of this kind of rhetoric. If in an emotional moment he uses them, he should apologize when coming back to his senses. He has yet to do any such things.

Bottom line: No one likes to work with people who incessantly use insults without any remorse. For this reason I wholeheartedly defend David's decision to blacklist Sami.

As far as Sami's more well-mannered friends, it's a shame they will choose not to continue in dialogue. Maybe some will see that Sami got what he had coming.

Sami, the door of repentance and apology is wide open for you. It takes a man to walk through those doors. You could either realize how offensive your attitude is and man up, or you can continue posting insults on your website. It's your call, but it's also your reputation.

Yahya Hayder Seymour said...

Fernando, get real! Anyone who is impartial can see now that you are literally just posting stuff against me despite not knowing me in the slightest or even having the capacity to follow a conversation properly with all due respect.

I believe one must demand consistensy David in your rebuking of Sami.

Until you condemn your debate partner Nabeel Qureshi's disgusting behaviour when he mocked Sami's arab accent publically and until you suggest that Sam Shamoun with his "middle eastern way" are unsuitable for debating, then I accept you may be in a position to comment upon Sami.

I shall read everything you've posted over again to make sure I've understood all your accusations against Sami and shall respond after I have done so.

David Wood said...

Yahya said: "Until you condemn your debate partner Nabeel Qureshi's disgusting behaviour when he mocked Sami's arab accent publically and until you suggest that Sam Shamoun with his "middle eastern way" are unsuitable for debating, then I accept you may be in a position to comment upon Sami."

Until I condemn Nabeel's behavior? I'm going to send an email to Nabeel to ask him to inform you whether anyone in the history of humanity has rebuked someone as harshly as I rebuked him. (Indeed, I went far overboard in my rebuke, but Christians take these things extremely seriously.)

Notice also the difference between Nabeel and Sami. As soon as Nabeel's error was pointed out to him, he apologized in public. Further, Nabeel has taken a full year off debating, to make sure he doesn't get angry on stage again. And you're comparing Nabeel with Sami???

But you know this. You know Nabeel apologized for his poor attempt at humor, and you know that I rebuked him for it. And yet you're somehow comparing this to Sami giving a massive series of the most offensive insults, with his Muslim friends defending him! And this somehow shows I'm inconsistent!

(I responded to your question about Sam in another section.)

Nabeel Qureshi said...

Dear Yahya-

It's true, David did rebuke me pretty harshly. I agree with him - I think it was too harsh, considering I myself had recognized what I had done and felt terrible about it immediately during the debate.

One should not imitate the voice of his opponent - it was not intended for mocking, but effectively that's what it was. I apologized for that then, I condemn such actions now, and I will do my utmost to refrain from them in the future (that's the main reason I took this past year off - to pray to God for stronger character.)

No one is perfect - Christians admit that. Again, no one is perfect - least of all me!

Repentance is a requirement of becoming a true follower of Christ, and repentance only comes when a person realizes he is not perfect. I know I have sinned against God and against my fellow man - that is why I am so thankful for Christ and His sacrifice. If I had to hope in my own merit to get into heaven, I'd be a lost cause! I praise God and thank Him everyday for the gift I will receive: eternal life with Him. It is a gift none of us inherently deserve.

So yes, I would never condone what I did in that debate, and I accepted rebuke for it (and was thankful for friends who would rebuke me when appropriate!) David was foremost in rebuking me for my action. I turned to Sami and to God for forgiveness. Then I stayed away from the debate field for what will be a year in hopes that my character would grow more resilient under the sight of God.

I hope this clarifies any misconceptions you may have had of that event. May God bless you in your search for His divine will.


Fernando said...

Yahya said (I don't know haow to pu in a black type of letter): [[you are literally just posting stuff against me despite not knowing me in the slightest or even having the capacity to follow a conversation properly with all due respect.]]

I reallie don't know what to say... everything I post here with enormous respect, even if with some irony (that was in no way intended in these posts to mie friend Sami... with whome I'm very disappointes...) as requiered by my religione, is allways attacked by you... even, as you welle sai, I don't know you apparte from your the postes in this blog, which I found them very funny due to your tottal misconception os christianity...

I really never had a chance to showe that I can have a proper conversation because everi time I trieded that you silenced me...

Yes, I habe problems with my english... but i don't knowe for more...

I'm in no way attacking you Yahya... It woulde be shameffull for my, and a complite distortion of my believes... and that's is true even when I trie to make a mirror effect from your comments...

Maybe that's not the proper way... But reallie: I found your posts very, very funny... and I really thought my friend Sami would be more carefull in chosing those withe whome he has rellations because he mighte be confused by your equivocous perspectives...

But Yahya... I don't know mistere Spencer, but why is thate calling some muslims "fascists" is an offense to muslims? Some muslims, as well with some jews have an ideology near to that of the fascism... that does not meaane that all muslims or jews are fascists...

Sorry if I offended you... never inttended...

Sami: I'me still prayieng for you...

Nakdimon said...

If the argument is the tone of voice of the person, well I also personally didn't like David's sarcastic tone when he said "Welcome to Islam, my friends" implying that it does nothing to support those women who get raped.

Bassam, as far as I’m concerned, the implication is on it’s place. Because what does Islam do to support the women who get raped? I can’t see it, maybe you can point me to it. As long as you can’t , the implication stands and you have nothing to complain about.

Sami needs to fall back! Calling Yahweh a “genocidal homocidal [sic] God” is calling his own god likewise, because his god endorses the Flood and Sodom and Gomorra and will be a “genocidal homicidal” [sic] god himself on the day of judgement.

Sami’s view on things are extremely skewed: He goes out of his way to excuse the misbehaviour of his prophet who DID rob people. Did you forget about the TORTURING of Kinana FOR MONEY? This despicable act more than anything totally undercuts any prophetic claims of credentials Mo and his followers ever made for himself.

And he DID murder people for “insulting him”. What do you make of Abu Afak? Or Ka’b bin al-Ashraf? PLEASE don’t bring up the lame “inciting violence” argument! Cuz it’s funny that when your prophet goes around murdering people there is absolutely nothing wrong, but when people won’t sit tight and shut their mouths about that, it is THEM that are inciting violence and being insulting.

Sami (and you and yours for that matter) claims that the Trinity is blasphemy, but when your prophet speaks for Shaytan and bows down to gods associated with rocks, ants and tree stumps you claim that that is actually proof that he is a true prophet.

Sami, why don’t you take a gooood looooong look in the mirror before you go around again accusing others of applying double standards.


ubiquitouserendipity said...

one would think that a true act of repentance on sami zataari's part would be to remove the article calling mr. wood all of the offensive names. sami has offered apologies in an effort to rescue his "career," but it would seem to follow that the offending post, having been publicly repented of, would be removed. i don't know so much, but that just seems like the Christian thing to do.

ah, never mind.