Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sami Zaatari: Can a Zebra Change Its Stripes?

Sami's insults over the past day reveal something significant: Sami hasn't changed at all. I have posted offensive emails by Sami in the past, and I even took them down because Sami insisted that he had changed. Yet we can see that Sami is still Sami. Consider this collection of Sami's past emails to Christians.

Here's how Sami talks to Jochen Katz, who runs the Answering Islam website:

From: sami z
To: Jochen Katz
Sent: Sunday, May 04, 2008 10:46 PM
Subject: hypocrite

hello there you nazi hypocrite. you always nag and complain when Muslims insult your false satanic faith, yet your dog of a writer shamoun recently came out calling the prophet Muhammad filthy. offcourse this exposes your double standards and how vile you missionary scum truly are, you cry foul and then you start spweing insults to the other side?

anyways since you dont like it when your faith is insulted enjoy this:

your satanic spirit is a prostitute and is what leads so many of your christian women into fornication, as you say the fake spirit leads the people, hence it seems your satanic spirit is leading your women into whoredom which is why 1 in 4 of them have STD, all of this shows your satanic spirit is a cheap prostitute.

And here's one to Sam Shamoun (which was Cc'd to half the planet).

RE: 'terror of the Lord'... and Shamoun won.. ooooooook.?
From: sami z (
Sent: Sat 1/05/08 8:02 PM To: Nadir Ahmed (;

Cc: 'sam shamoun' (;

hey shamoun why is that on a pc you always act hard and talk crap? yet face to face you become this little B and start begging nadir to be your friend and ending the past beef? i dont understand this...........i hope someone else on this list could explain that? is that a peace-loving Christian trait you guys have or what????????

well paul did sanction lying when you go face to face so i guess you are actually following your bible.....

Here's Sami trying to arrange some debates:

From: sami z (
Sent: Tue 9/04/07 11:27 PM

hey there loser, you had any donuts today? did you feed some to your satanic holy spirit too? lol

anyways u loser, i havent stopped thinking of smashing ur backside in a debate, so here i am again challening you for a debate. infact 2 debates:

Is Muhammad a true Prophet

Terrorism in the Bible or the Quran

plz just say yes so i can give you a nice beat down, we can set the time sometime next month, i already have 2 debates planned for the next 2 months, making u the 3rd would be very nice.

so what do you say you silly demon possed loser? do you want to a good beating by me? dont be a chicken like the apostles in the bible. Plz

And here Sami again tries to arrange a debate:

From: sami z (
Sent: Wed 9/05/07 11:06 PM

hey fat boy dont go crying to brother anas about me, if you wanna cry come cry to me, i sent you the email, why do you go crying to him you stupid obease cross worshiper?

he will smash you in a debate when you guys get it on, which is all good, and i also want to debate you too, to make it a double sized beating, you like that too dont you? double sized? double size holy spirit burger right?

so next time you and ur drunk spirit email me, instead of emailing the brother who has nothing to do with it, stupid boy you are stop acting tough and a bully cause ill smack you over the net and in real life got it? you dont scare anyone you stupid cross worshiping ASSyrian, infact some of my muslim friends once gave a good beat down to stupid ASSyrian christians who were messing with them and pushing them around, so better know your place fat boy.

so again, do you accept to debate me you fat drunk missionary style loser?

I'm still shocked that Yahya, Abdullah, Adnan, Hamza, and even Shabir are all siding with Sami. They don't think it's right for Christians to blacklist someone who communicates this way. In effect, they're declaring that Christians must continue putting up with Sami's tirades. I'm sorry, but it doesn't work that way.


Nora said...

Sheeeesh. Part of me hopes those emails aren't accurate. I teach inner city junior high kids with better manners.

David Wood said...

They're real. Sami is a representative of the Hyde Park Dawah Group, which refuses to condemn such behavior.

Bryant said...

Wow...I am totally disturbed and upset. I would have never expected Sami to act this way. I realized that he was a bit abrasive when he spoke about Christianity but I had NO idea he was so utterly undeserving of anyone's respect. This just goes to show you yet again that NO Muslim really respects us. They smile in our faces but inwardly they HATE us. They care nothing of our beliefs. This is why all the rest of the Muslim debaters side with Sami. How in the world do they believe any Christian will be attracted to Islam with those types of actions?

I don't know why I am surprised. They are not told to love their enemies like Christians are. They consider us to be enemies of their God so how can they love us? They criticize us, and we respond with love because this is what we are told. We criticize them and they believe we don't have a right and God hates us for it. Naturally it is only going to follow that they will hate us for it too.

The really sad part though is that Jesus said that man will pay for every idle word that comes out of his mouth. Sadly, Sami continues to store up an immense amount of wrath. Please everyone, join me as I pray for his soul's sake, let us truly intercede for him in prayer, because if he is not saved his judgement will be TERRIBLE!!!

Fernando said...

Sami... I juste can't believe yoy wrotte suche things... whow coulde you?

I'm very disappointed with you, my friende... I'm also shocked, like professor Wood... I'll be prayien even harder so the True God, Jesus Christ, my help you in heeling your problems... which're more serious than I previously thought...

Hang one, my frien...

David said...

I remember when James White came on to these blogs and severely rebuked Ben Malik for insulting Muslims. He did not merely correct him, he strongly opposed him. Then Ben repented and stopped posting because he accepted the rebuke. I would expect that we will soon see a number of Muslim posters began to also strongly oppose Sami for his reprehensible behavior. I'm looking forward to hearing from the true Muslims that will step up and make their opposition heard. No equivocations or excuses, just honest and dignified censure for wrongful behavior and unacceptable conduct.

BlackBaron said...

Sami must take a step back and realize that he sounds exactly like the "new" face of atheism.

We who are not muslims are also seeing a glimpse of what life under Islamic rule would look like.

Sami Zaatari said...

people, these are old emails, and there were contexts to it, but this has nothing to do with the current situation, so offcourse Wood brings up old issues, so dont be fooled.

Sami Zaatari said...

The Wood Never learns
Sami Zaatari

It seems Wood never learns, nor does he stop exposing himself on not being able to keep up with truth. If you have been following along recently, David has decided to black-list me from debating, and his excuse is that I was rude to him, which off course was nonsense, it was just an excuse.
So what does Wood do next? He produces old emails, some going as far back as 2007 to try and claim that I am a rude person! You can go view his blog here:
These emails of old have NOTHING to do with the present situation, hence all Wood is doing is trying to divert the issue, and bring up an old issue to try and make sense of what he’s doing.
Now yes, I admit, I sent out some bad emails to Shamoun and Jochen Katz, yet there was a context to them. The only reason I acted very rude was to give them their own medicine, they were insulting Islam and Muslims, including myself, hence I returned in kind, off course it was wrong, but it was in the heat of the moment and so I acted with my emotions.
Had David even bothered to follow along, he would have noticed that both myself and Shamoun realized it was getting a bit out of hand, hence myself and Shamoun agreed to stop insulting each other. Off course since David is a hypocrite, he doesn’t mention those points, but only wants to paint one picture to demonize me, without giving the context.
I openly declare here in the open that those emails were wrong, and I acted in the heat of the moment, hence David really has nothing on me. Also I repeat, these old emails HAVE NOTHING to do with the present situation, Wood is a distorter of truth, which is why he brings these old emails up, mashes them out of context, ignores the conclusions, and then paints a false picture to demonize myself.
So thank you Wood, yet again you show why you cannot be trusted, and how you and the truth don’t go together. What makes this more interesting is that Wood writes:
They're real. Sami is a representative of the Hyde Park Dawah Group, which refuses to condemn such behavior.
Since David is so bad with truth, he makes such a statement. I was never part of the Hyde Park Dawah group when I sent these emails out, as I said, these are old emails, the fact that David makes such a statement simply shows how he is a distorter of context, and a distorter of truth.
And Allah Knows Best!

El-Cid said...

The sad thing is, Sami actually had a natural aptitude for debate. Unfortunately, that talent was never properly mixed with humbleness.

You can't expect to be respected as an apologist if you go around mocking people and directly calling them offensive names.

If the escalation in behavior from public debate to email is representative, I can only speculate what he says in private amongst his Muslim friends. I suspected the "bite" and rancor in Sami's public debate performances was the tip of the ice-berg. He is so obviously a very angry young man.

The very first time I saw him debate, my first thought was, "This is a verbally & rhetorically talented young man". My second thought was, "This is an angry young man who needs emotional healing to reach his potential".

He is so very obviously angry at "Christianity" AND "The West" in general.

Sami, are you debating to score points on your opponents?....To humiliate them?....To elevate your status? I suspect while you may not ONLY be debating for these reasons, you still are debating for these reasons. This is not the way.

Sami, until you release your anger and truly forgive, you will never be able to move the hearts and souls of your fellow man.

David Wood said...


I think Sami hates Christianity more than he loves Islam. It's the only way I can explain how he uses criticisms which, if he applied them consistently, would destroy his own religion as well. Hence, either he doesn't really believe his criticisms of Christianity, or he does believe them and he just doesn't care whether Islam is true or false. Either way, it says a lot about him.

Sami Zaatari said...

the link, these were old emails people, i admit they were wrong, thats why me and shamoun made a treaty. but these emails have nothing to do with the present situation, Wood is taking an old situation completely out of context.

Sami Zaatari said...

no Wood, it says alot about you, why dont you paste some of Shamouns abusive emails so everyone can see this was a back and forth issue going on for a long time, almost two years worth of emails, why dont you show the full picture? why? because your a liar trying to paint a false picture, and this latest article simply proves it AGAIN.

Nabeel Qureshi said...


I hardly consider an email from 6 months ago "an old email". Even though you have admitted you should not have said these things, I don't see an apology anywhere and I certainly don't sense an apologetic attitude.

Those emails, combined with your current insults for us all to see, are pretty conclusive regarding your character.

Sami Zaatari said...

I openly declare here in the open that those emails were wrong, I apologize for them, yet this was a back and forth thing between myself and Shamoun, an email back and forth of insults that stretched for two years! Why does David not post Shamoun's abusive emails as well, to show the context? That this was myself and Shamoun going back and forth for two years insulting each other, which is why we eventually made a treaty, because we both realized we were wrong, and we both realized we were being childish. I acted in the heat of the moment, I have much to learn in controlling myself with proper adab and respect, as the prophet said, control your anger, hence these old outbursts were a flaw in my character and manners, and I apologize for them, even now when I read these emails I feel bad, they are very repulsive and rude, and off course I am ashamed of them, I cannot take them back, all I can do is work on making myself a better person. Also I repeat, these old emails HAVE NOTHING to do with the present situation, Wood is a distorter of truth, which is why he brings these old emails up, mashes them out of context, ignores the conclusions, and then paints a false picture to demonize myself.

David Wood said...

Sami says that these old emails have nothing to do with the present situation. Yet the present situation is that Sami has been blacklisted for refusing to change his behavior. Like it or not, past behavior is relevant to whether he has changed his behavior.

Notice the dates of the emails. They come from September 2007, January 2008, and May 2008. Thus, we have emails spread out over the past fifteen months.

Is there a pattern here? Absolutely. Sami goes berserk when he's challenged, and he starts saying the most offensive things he can come up with.

What are the present issues that concern us? Sami has been insulting people by saying the most offensive things he can come up with.

The point of bringing in the past emails was to show that Sami hasn't changed. Thus the title of my article: "Can a Zebra Change Its Stripes?"

Are the past emails relevant to whether Sami has a problem with insulting people? Absolutely. Are the past emails relevant to whether Sami has changed his behavior? Absolutely. So are the emails relevant? Of course they are.

On a different note, Sami complains that I brought up his Hyde Park Dawah Group. He says that these emails weren't written when he was part of the group. Here he's missed the point completely. Sami is part of the group now, and the group is fully aware of Sami's comments over the past fifteen months, and they're aware of the fact that he continues to insult people without provocation. And yet, when this is pointed out to them, how do they respond? I've only heard what Sami has to say about their reaction, but if Sami's right, their reaction seems to be: "How dare you blacklist Sami for saying such horrendous things? We'll show you: We'll blacklist you! That will teach you not to hold Sami accountable for his insults." This almost sounds like tacit approval, doesn't it?

So here's what we have. According to Sami, HPDG supports him on this issue, and they refuse to debate anyone who wants to hold him accountable. I'd like to hear from them, but they've been completely silent.

Sami Zaatari said...

again Wood you distort context, BOTH me and Shamoun were insulting each other, stop leaving those points out, and no HDG doesnt support these emails, neither do I, they are old, and within a context aimed at a specific situation, which was going back and forth. you seriously have nothing, Wood I would advise you be on a course of truth because Muslims have had recent talks with Shamoun where he has insulted them, so plz do not keep distorting the truth and context or your own friend Shamoun will be a victim your double standards and methods.

do you want to play that game? because we can easily do it. or do you want to apply some consistency and apply context?

David Wood said...


I agree with you that those emails were wrong, and I'm glad you've admitted it. However, (1) you're still trying to justify them by pointing a finger at Sam, and (2) as I've shown, these emails are perfectly relevant, since you're still insulting people.

Sami Zaatari said...

and wow David you lie again, you didnt black list me because of these emails from 6 months ago, so you keep making things up as you go along, i hope all you other blog readers can notice how Wood is changing his story, keep it going Wood, it only shows the deception in you.

Sami Zaatari said...

Wood, me pointing the finger at Sam is to say THERES A CONTEXT, 2 men were insulting each other, THATS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE.


again, why dont u admit Shamoun played a part? im not trying to demonize Sam, we were both wrong.

Sami Zaatari said...

And no, im not insulting people at the moment, you claim i am, yet showed no proof, then you bring up these emails which had nothing to do with the present situation.

Wood anyone with honesty will see you have NOTHING on me, and that you bringing up these old emails in no way helps your cause.

Yahya Hayder Seymour said...

Can a Zebra Change it's Stripes?

If not then:

1) Nabeel's conversion was invalid.
2) David still has his old tendencies of Violence.
3) We can't trust that Nabeel will be more humble after displaying his arrogance and humiliating himself by mocking arab accents after pretending to be interested in winning hearts and minds to love. (Ironically enough that debate still isn't uploaded yet on this site).

So in short, indeed a Zebra can change it's stripes in the metaphorical sense which we use the statement.

David Wood said...

Sami said: "and no HDG doesnt support these emails, neither do I, they are old, and within a context aimed at a specific situation, which was going back and forth."

It's interesting that, even when you accuse me of distorting the truth, you distort the truth.

Did I say that HPDG supports your emails? No. I pointed out: (1) that you still exhibit the same behavior; (2) that you've been blacklisted because of your behavior; (3) that HPDG is supporting you and canceling debates over you, and that, therefore, (4) they oppose people who try to hold you accountable for your actions. This means (5) that they indirectly support your behavior (not necessarily your emails). That's what I'm saying about your Dawah group. In short, they know about your behavior, and by keeping you as a member and not allowing you to face the consequences of your actions, they are indirectly supporting your behavior.

Bryant said...

I find it funny that the first Islamic advocate(Yahya) to comment on this post said absolutely nothing about the outrageous E-mails but started talking about Nabeel's conversion. They just really DONT CARE.

David Wood said...

Sami said: "and wow David you lie again, you didnt black list me because of these emails from 6 months ago, so you keep making things up as you go along, i hope all you other blog readers can notice how Wood is changing his story, keep it going Wood, it only shows the deception in you."

Sami, Sami, Sami. Your past emails are part of an overall picture of your behavior. Your past emails show that you have tremendous anger problems, and that you act like a child. You've had plenty of time to change your behavior, and yet you're still acting like a child. Thus, since you've refused to change, you've been blacklisted.

Since you don't understand this, let me explain it this way. Suppose a man robs a store. He goes to court, and tells the judge that he's changed his ways. So the judge gives him probation. The man then robs another store. He goes to court, and tells the judge that he's changed his ways. The judge gives him a year in jail. When the man gets out, he robs another store. The judge says, "Well, you've exhibited a clear pattern of criminal behavior, so you're getting fifty years." "But Judge," replies the man, "My old robberies don't have anything to do with the present."

Well, if he's still robbing, aren't his old robberies still relevant? Absolutely. And if you're still insulting people, are your emails from the past fifteen months relevant? Yes. So quit complaining. Your blacklisting is based on all of your childish insults, not just one or two.

David Wood said...

Yahya said: "So in short, indeed a Zebra can change it's stripes in the metaphorical sense which we use the statement."

Yahya, a zebra can't change it's stripes. If someone changes their behavior, then their behavior can't be compared to a zebra's stripes. But if a person can't seem to change his behavior, his behavior is similar to a zebra's stripes. That's the point of the article. Sami's behavior is like a zebra's stripes.

Sami Zaatari said...

Wood, do you still get emails from me, i sent an email out.

Yahya Hayder Seymour said...

Bryant, you're new to the scene so stick to what you know.

I've previously condemned Sami's old emails in an exchange I've had with Ben Malik.

So please, learn these things before dropping out accusations.

David Wood said...


I agree. Here I am pointing out Sami's horrible behavior, and Yahya attacks me for it! I can't believe HPDG is actually siding with him on this!

Yahya Hayder Seymour said...


Are Sam's "Middle Eastern Ways" i.e his behaviour (Shamoun I mean), are they his stripes?

Just curious to know...

David Wood said...

Sami said: "Wood, do you still get emails from me, i sent an email out."

No. As I said, I've blocked you as a sender. I'm not interested in reading your insults anymore.

Sami Zaatari said...

Wood here is part of the email:

now having said all that, i am willing to have a 360 change on you, in the way i talk to you and nabeel, i talked to nabeel as i did because the last time we chatted was on paltalk, hence i talked to him like that. if you had personally emailed me, and told me you found me rude, and that my language was REALLY GETTING TO YOU on the forum, i wouldve changed the language and tone, but you didnt, hence i kept on, because i thought it wasnt a big deal, yet you went and black-listed me.

i am willing to make a fresh start, because everything has soured since october, infact just to show my sincerity for this, i call off your black-listing, and tell the brothers to debate you in april, and exlude myself.

its up to you as to where you want to go next.

David Wood said...

Yahya said: "Are Sam's "Middle Eastern Ways" i.e his behaviour (Shamoun I mean), are they his stripes?"

I don't know. Only time will tell.

But there's something you're missing here (which is why you still think I'm somehow being inconsistent). I set up a debate between Sami and James. Sami insulted James horribly. Yesterday, Sami was trying to set up a debate with Nabeel. Sami insulted Nabeel. I rebuked Sami. Sami insulted me. My reaction to all of this is to blacklist him. Your reaction is to condemn the blacklisting.

Now let's imagine a hypothetical Christian. Let's call him "Christian X." Let's say that Christian X repeatedly insults everyone he deals with, even people he's trying to work with. Let's suppose that a Muslim says, "Hey, could you explain this passage in the Bible to me?" and Christian X responds with a volley of insults. Suppose this goes on for a long period of time. Would a group of Muslims have the right to say, "That's it. We're sick of your insults. We're not dealing with you anymore"? Of course they would.

Now, what would my reaction be if Muslims were to blacklist a Christian because of atrocious behavior on the Christian's part? My response would be: "Amen. It serves him right. Perhaps this will make him think twice about such behavior." It would never occur to me to say, "What? How dare you refuse to work with him because of his horrendous insults! I'll show you! I'll blacklist everyone who blacklists a Christian!"

Don't you see, Yahya? I'm perfectly consistent here. If a Muslim acts like a child, Christians have a right not to deal with him. If a Christian acts like a child, Muslims have a right not to deal with him. If you know of a Christian who constantly insults everyone he works with, you have every right to refuse to work with him.

As for Sam, he's certainly said all sorts of things that I object to, and Sam can vouch for the fact that I have approached him about these things. But I have no clue whether Sam would go on an unprovoked insult spree. If he ever does, and if he repeats such behavior without attempting to change, I'd say that you have every right to avoid him. But again, I have no clue whether this is the case. I'm speaking hypothetically.

I hope that answers your question.

Nazam said...

It is really upsetting to see when people of two faiths engage with one another in slang messages.

To begin, I want to remind my self and thereafter all my Muslim brothers and sisters in faith, that the Quran tells us not to insult what people worship besides God (6:108). Instead to reason and debate in the best of conduct and with wisdom and fair exhortation (16:125). It is God who changes people not us. Instead we should us God to forgive us for any failings in our part in not conveying the message as it deserves to be conveyed.

Regarding the incident that took placed between me and Ben Malik and Davod (not Wood), besides James White, I do not remember anyone rebuking Ben Malik's insults directed towards me and David (not Wood). David Wood remained silent the whole time and just allowed Ben Malik to hurl his insults at me. Wood even remained quiet when Ben Malik started to call David (not Wood) a fool and accused him of trying to use his disability to win sympathy (which was totally false), rather then come to a fellow Christian's aid. Instead it took me having to contact and direct James White to the blog and make a request to counsel his brother in faith.

Whilst David Wood praises James White for stepping up and speaking out against Ben Malik's behaviour, what did Wood do the whole time?

I don't even remember once Shamoun/Makik apologising for his behaviour either to me or to David (not Wood). Instead he seems to be now blogging under a different pseudonymous’ name with hardly no change at all.

Sami Zaatari said...

David, i will swallow my pride, and apologize for what has recently happened, i didnt intend for the first comments to be insulting or rude, or to be taken that way, which is what set this whole thing off, so I am sorry to both YOU and Nabeel, as well as Shamoun, and Katz. As for James White, i went up to him during our debate and told him what i did was wrong as well.

I am going to remove the recent articles on this spat, and i will call on the other brothers to lift their black-listing off you.

For future talks discussions we have, i will change the language and tone. so i hope we can ALL move on from this incident, it is up to you now, I am sorry, and this is an apology with no reservations.

David Wood said...


First, I think you greatly overestimate the number of comments I read on my blog. I hear, over and over again, "David didn't respond to X, so he must approve of X," when I usually haven't even read X.

Second, I don't recall praising James for any rebukes, since I wasn't paying attention to what was going on.

Sami Zaatari said...

David are you purposely ignoring the apologies and my attempt at trying to move forward?

Radical Moderate said...

"Cant we all just get along" :)
No serioulsy Mr Wood I say give the kid another chance. True he is obnoxious, rude, crude and just down right offensive. But can you tell me what 20 year old kid isnt?
If he screws up again then kick him to the curb, drop him like a bad habbit, send him back to momma, smack the stupid out of him... Well you get the point.

Sami Zaatari said...

Well I have apologized and said my peace, i hope we can all move on from this.

good night.

David Wood said...

Sami said: "David are you purposely ignoring the apologies and my attempt at trying to move forward?"

No, I'm thinking. When someone does something wrong, then apologizes, forgiveness is in order. If the person then goes out and does the same thing, it's a bit more difficult to let things slide. If the person keeps doing the same thing over and over and over again, despite repeated apologies (and might only be apologizing because his friends are pressuring him), it's kind of difficult to know what to do. So I'm thinking.

You're being a little pushy for someone who's supposedly trying to reconcile.

Bryant said...

The Fat Man said:
"True he is obnoxious, rude, crude and just down right offensive. But can you tell me what 20 year old kid isnt?"

I'm not!!!!

Nah just kidding I'm a sinner too. That is a big step for Sami tho. I know one thing is for certain. Whether or not David chooses to debate Sami again does not matter. David still is required to forgive him.

Sami Zaatari said...

I admit Wood you have a point, but i made a point to show my sincerity, in excluding myself from the April debates, i mean thats the only way i can prove the sincerity.

Sami Zaatari said...

Wood, everything aside, i do apologize again, i mean indeed you were the first one to debate me publicly, and brought me into the circuit, and i was 20 at the time, not many would be willing to do such a thing, so yes looking at everything as a whole from outside i have been quite rude and insulting towards you, as well as ungrateful, i guess this is the bad youth in me, but i will make ammends because defintely i will just exlude myself with this kind of behaviour, from everyone. so i really do hope we can move on and start fresh, like the actual first emails we had when we set up the norfolk debates.

David Wood said...

All right, here's what we'll do. We'll go ahead with the March series, where you'll have two debates with Sam. You'll skip the April series, and, so long as everything is going smoothly up through April, we can plan a summer series. If everyone is getting along, we'll resume some topics with you in the summer. (Human rights can be at the top of the list.) That's the best I can do.

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

where are these debates gona take place?

David Wood said...

In March, New York. In April, London.

Unknown said...

So glad that everyone has made up now...

Credit to both you guys SAMI and DAVID...

Nabeel Qureshi said...


I'm genuinely excited because of this recent turn of events!

Your apology was truly a character building move. I know you've had to do it before, as have I to you. David is right, the main reason I chose not to debate for a year is because I didn't want to lose my cool again. That experience has haunted me since the debate - and though I sincerely apologized, there is nothing I can do to undo what happened (much like you said about your emails to Sam.)

So second chances come with benefits and drawbacks. The benefit is obvious: we get a second chance! The drawback is harsh, though: we can't screw up again. I can't get frustrated in public again, because people will say: "Aha! Nabeel isn't repentant at all! He's just a hot-tempered person!" Similarly, if you start insulting people again, everyone will just think: "Aha! Sami isn't repentant at all! He's just a mean-spirited person!"

See, no one looks at the peripheral issues. You have been saying to David "But look, Sam and I were insulting each other back and forth! Understand the context!" And you're right! That certainly did contribute to the problem, I believe you! But it's under such testing circumstances that people investigate our reactions.

For example, when I got frustrated at you and imitated your voice, no one cared that I was exhausted and cranky! No one cared that I had not slept more than 3 hours a night for the 2 previous nights! No one cared that I was organizing 5 debates, including being in charge of the university scheduling, the sound system arrangements, the advertising, the video recordings, refreshments for guests, as well as trying to find you funding for a ticket home (in addition to studying for and participating in two debates in those three days!) All that mattered to them was the final product - my getting frustrated. Similarly, when it comes to your emails, they don't care what situation you were in - they just care about what you did. It's not fair, neither to you or to me, but unfortunately that's just the way it is.

Long story short: both you and I are being afforded second chances. This is a gift from our friends and from God - let's not blow it :-)

I'm looking forward to more amicable relationships between us all. Sincerely,


Fernando said...

Bryant said... I find it funny that the first Islamic advocate(Yahya)...

Bryant... be carefull... I, myself, because saide the same (that Yahya is really funny...), heve been criticezed a lote by him...

Fernando said...


Only now I read Yahya comment that follow yours...

[[you're new to the scene so stick to what you know.]]

Here's another attempt to silence those who don't agrie with him...

That's whate I was trying to say... Yhaya thinks he is allowed to say whatever he wants in any situation (even to make himself appera funny in the eyes of whom understand his erroneous perspectives), but when someone tries to do write a reflection on his sometimes very violent words he attacks us...

Be carefful Bryant... bery carefful or he will use youu words to attack you...

Fernando said...

Sami Zaatari said...

David, i will swallow my pride, and apologize for what has recently happened,

my frien Sami... I'm very gllade for that!!! I've been praieng for you!!! Good Lucke in ir recoperation!!!

Fernando said...

Nabeel Qureshi said...


I'm genuinely excited because of this recent turn of events!]]

That's the way I feel!!! I'm glad for the recupperation of mie friend Sami!!! Its the profe a man can still have dinenr in two dishes!!!

Keep your journey to the true my dear friende Sami!!! Be prayieng for you even more!!!

Sami Zaatari said...

Yes Nabeel, I too am looking forward to having better reltions now, me and you never got off on the right start! next time will be much better for sure, we can go for dinner when you come down to England.

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

Yeah, see now we love each other, just like proper theists!

Ho-Logos said...
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Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

It is probably best to leave it at that Ari.

If these debators apologize and attempt to act nicely to each others in future, we should (whether such friendship is lasting or not) support their decision and not pour salt in their wounds so to speak.

Sami Zataari even suggested that he and Nabeel should get to know each other better and that is certainly a sign of growing maturity and an attitude we wish both parties to practice in future.

Apologetics is a very intense and emotional business, it takes years to learn how to control the anger. That is just the way it is.

Nakdimon said...

For future talks discussions we have, i will change the language and tone. so i hope we can ALL move on from this incident, it is up to you now, I am sorry, and this is an apology with no reservations.

This was BIG of you, Sami.

Good job, man.


IslamSINS said...

Sami's emotional retardation leaves me speechless! I'm not sure why it does - I've watched Ahmed, Abdallah, Naik, et. al. - but I guess I'm hoping that if they're going to covet the spotlight, they'd make an effort not to sound like first graders. If they don't take islam seriously, why on earth should anyone else? I've only encountered two other cults - J.W.s and Mormons - and their ignorance looks brilliant when compared to the *scholars* of this death-cult.

David Wood said...


Just to clarify, you're criticizing Sami for being too insulting in his comments, correct?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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ubiquitouserendipity said...

ahh, the problem as i see it is that sami has already danced this tune to death. now he is "repentant" (my bottom) and is looking at the end of his debate career at the ripe ol' age of 21. i've observed from afar, for awhile, and whilst i'd love to give any "man" benefit of repentance, the concepts of taqqiya and hutna (i hope that is the correct term) glare from between the lines. sami is a mohammedan,,, he is supposed to lie to you and to deceive you into being comfortable with his presence...

you david wood, are certainly doing the Christian thing,,, though i am of the mind that your efforts are over the heads of those lost in the darkness of satanically based mohammedanism.

serendipitiously yours

ubiquitouserendipity said...

a parting shot, if i may. islamSINS is correct in his observations: scholarship in mohammedanism is a ridiculous concept, to say the least. it is a self-serving, self-referential game of self-validating hoodwinkism. putrid smelly lies are what comes forth from these mohammedan "apologists." they refuse to represent Christianity as it is, has been, practiced,,, and refuse to acknowledge the filth of their blood-cult.

i admire young mr. wood, dr. white, et al, for their tireless efforts and willingness to engage these folks,,, as it allows for their exposure to people who can think beyond the ended of their sexual appendage. but bottom line, they are hate-filled xenophobes, misogynists, and yes, liars without conscience

serendipitiously yours

Yahya Hayder Seymour said...

Oh Dear!

The more intellectually minded skeptics of Islam have finally joined the bandwagon.

May God guide you, and May you one day realise that the use of offensive images has no place in the sincere spiritual battle for hearts and minds which is currently enraging.

ubiquitouserendipity said...

oh dear,,, that was too easy. and up jumped the devil!

the offensive images...? those revealing the mind of allah and the teachings of kadijah, aisha, and uthamn; mohammed was but a mentally challenged and ill pawn.

serendipitously yours

silentactor said...

From all the comments posted just imagine how duffer and dull minded people are around here ,easily duped by the strong but evil media of anti-Muslims esp. jews(jerms,erraenous,worse,shit).When thay kill the millions of innocents they justify in way that could easily decieve many but when Muslims revenge they just cry with crocodile tears...So request to all clever and wise people stay away from these sorts of people who not only blamed Muslims fro 9/11 but also made american system a hollow one......

Dk said...

This is like reading my own personal soap opera or watching Oprah Winfrey, haha.

Seriously for the men: the emotionalism and sensitivity on this thread is that of feminine in nature, men will be men, insults will be hurled people, get over it and harden up.

Nabeels fake accent was a joke, why the hang would you postpone your debating for an entire year for a fake accent? this is utterly ridiculous, infact ZAATARI has done the very same thing in imitadting the BIBLE BELT SOUTHERN Christian accent on his youtube...

Truely guys, lol this is funny to watch, girls will be girls though.

Anonymous said...

I dont think any side whether muslim or christian should overreact on what has happened with Sam and Sami's and others foul exchanges. Why do I say this? I say this because the apologists of this era have lost the spirit of debating COMPLETELY. That is easily noticable when one visits sites as answering islam/christianity where one calls the others scripture "toilet paper bible" etc. Both parts have been spewing a great deal of hatred towards eachother so it's only natural that Shamoun and Zaatari went on eachother like that.

It's not like them old school debates anymore, can yall even compare yourselves with men such as William lane craig, Shabir, Deedat, badawi and even Jimmy Swaggart for that matter? So this aint only a lesson for Zaatari it's for ALL, debate in humility! Yall been actin' like baboons seriously. For example when was the last time yall hugged each other after a debate? Never crossed your minds huh? This was a common thing back in the days, can you imagine Osama Abdallah and Shamoun having dinner at Shamouns house? Swaggart invited Deedat for dinner why is it not so today? The answer is simple no one on here is doing this sincerely and for the service of mankind rather for money and fame. But blame the internet that has let you guys run amok, internet gangsters tough behind the screens.

Other than that, its a good thing that yall are apologizing and finally talking rationally.