Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Unsheathed - The Story of Muhammad is now in Arabic

I am proud and happy to announce that Unsheathed now has an Arabic translation. A dear friend who knows his craft laboured for many hours to produce Al-Sayf al-Mushra'a, which you can now read for free by clicking this link.

If you can read Arabic, please do take a look and let me know of any problems with the text. In due course we hope to issue a paper-and-ink edition that you can hold in your hands but to date we are still negotiating with our publisher.

Note that this edition does not include any pictures. So please share this link with everyone who reads Arabic and needs to know the story of Muhammad.


Lakima said...
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Lakima said...
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Lakima said...

Always in an incomprehensible situation, when I am not sure of understanding the translation, I use Google translator or other available options. You can't know everything. This is fine. As a person who does not know English as a native language, I sometimes encounter difficulties, but I have learned to overcome them. I even found a service https://vidby.com/ that translates videos into all languages ​​of the world. True, I only use English and German dubbing so far, but more than 40 options are available. And I will say that I did not expect that it is possible to make such a machine-made voiceover that cannot be distinguished from human speech.

Amin said...

Was Muhammad a good man or bad man?

How the Qur’an corrects Christianity?

Gregory J. Trujillo said...

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