Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Christian-Muslim Debate : November 17, 2018

If you are in the Toronto area on November 17, I will be debating with Farhan Iqbal on the question 'Is the God of the Bible the same as the God of the Quran?'


Unknown said...

I would like to ask this question from Dr. David Wood. We now that God tell us everywhere we look we can find the signs to the right path. After all, this is the least a kind and merciful God can do to guide his people to the right path. We know that those who abandon God and choose the wrong path towards the demonic forces of universe, will be rewarded by Lucifer, from a large basket of demonic gifts, which includes diseases like cancer, various kinds of muscular dystrophy, botulism, polymyositis, myotubular myopathy and so on.

Now some years a teacher of mine after seeing some debates by Dr. David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi told me he is afraid that these people have abandoned the right path and must expect a Luciferian reward of the kind which was bestowed on the Islamophobes like Oriana Fallaci, who wrote "The Rage and the Pride" and "The Force of Reason" , and Christopher Hitchens who wrote "God is not Great" and who both died of horrible cancers.

I was stunned last year when I saw Nabeel on his hospital bed, whose stomach was removed due to cancer begging his Lord to do a miracle cure as he had done so for so many in the bible, and he specifically mentioned John 11, rising of the dead Lazarus, genesis 22 and so on to no avail. Of course, the Lord, could not create a sign that then could have been used to vindicate the falsehoods that Nabeel preached. This was a sign, that ironically Nabeel who named his daughter Ayah, meaning the sign, did not see. I asked the teacher about Dr. David Wood, since it was he who misled Nabeel to the wrong path, and he was far more slanderous than Nabeel towards the Truth. The teacher said surely there must be signs, and so I was stunned to learn that two innocent sons of David and Merry Wood, are paying for the sins of their parents as David writes:"my two youngest sons have a rare genetic disease called "Myotubular Myopathy," which gives them extremely weak muscles. They breathe, eat, etc., through machines". Of course, according to my teacher, Lucifer is not finished yet with David, and he like Nabeel has sank too deep to ask for forgiveness and to repent. I have only mentioned four people, but know of many other instances. You just need to open your eyes and see the signs. .

Tony Costa said...

By your reasoning and logic Ahmed Deedat ans Muhammad were also "rewarded by Lucifer". Consider what happened to Deedat:

On 3 May 1996, Ahmed Deedat suffered a stroke which left him paralysed from the neck down because of a cerebral vascular accident affecting the brain stem, leaving him unable to speak or swallow.He was flown to King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh, where he was reported to be fully alert. He learned to communicate through a series of eye-movements via a chart whereby he would form words and sentences by acknowledging letters read to him.

Muhammad, the prophet of Islam had 3 sons and 4 daughters for a total of 7 children [MuḼammad Ḥusayn Haykal, 'The Life of Muhammad'(revised ed.; 1994), pp.76–77].
All his children died before him except Fatimah. I guess this happened as well because he was also "rewarded by Lucifer"? Word of advice. All humans irrespective of their beliefs suffer diseases and sickness including Muslims. Next time you make these unfounded and insulting comments look in the mirror first and use common sense.

Tony Costa said...

One more thing. Let's not forget the humiliating way in which Muhammad died after being poisoned by a Jewess:

Narrated 'Aisha: The Prophet in his ailment in which he died, used to say, "O 'Aisha! I still feel the pain caused by the food I ate at Khaibar, and at this time, I feel as if my aorta is being cut from that poison." ~ Sahih Bukhari 5.59.713

This was the punishment Allah said he would inflict against Muhammad if he tampered with his revelations:

And if he had fabricated against Us some of the sayings, We would certainly have seized him by the right hand, then We would certainly have cut off his aorta." ~ Quran 69:44-46

According to your reasoning, Allah punished Muhammad and allowed a Jewess to poison him which later resulted in his death.

Unknown said...

Tony, I promise you a Luciferian reward. Please keep in touch, I have seen these signs with such a frequency that defies the probability laws. Believe me I am a reverted scientist.
And I am talking about here and now! Nabeel's story happened in last September, and Nabeel's video begging the lord for miracle is still fresh on the youtube. Repent sir! but you won't!

Now, you people are so delusional, that are clinging miserably to any straw to shelter from a devastating hurricane. Case in point; David's friend J.Smith goes around arguing prophet did not exist!! and if he did not exist and his religion was created by Mervan, then the question of how he died would be immaterial. However, everybody knows J. Smith fabricates story, as it is proved by his fabricated story claiming that he inspired Tom Holland to write a book about Islam. Your desperate use of Sahih Bukhari demonstrates, your utter ignorance of scientific facts. Bukhari was a zelut, hoping to gather as many stories about the life of prophet, so many decades after his death, the only reason for the authenticity of these stories is the chain of links, that X is heard the story from Y who heard it from Z and so on. Assuming that all the people in the chain were honest and truthful, any child who has played the broken telephone game knows that how a story can become distorted.

Of course, you will not understand this logic, and these next lines are aimed at YOU, who know who you are. Remember the philosopher Wittgenstein's Sprachspiel (the language game), and the impact of culture, time and place. "There are 'countless' kinds: countless different kinds of use of what we call 'symbols', 'words', 'sentence'. And this multiplicity is not something fixed, given once for all; but new types of language, new language games, as we may say, come into existence and others become obsolete and get forgotten." The stories of Christopher Hitchens, Oriana Fallaci, Nabeel Qureshi, and David Wood's sons are not language games. They are not transmitted many decades after the protagonist's death, trough a chain.

As for Ahmed Deedat, I Googled his name, and found that he was a human being, and all human beings are in the same boat. “I am only a man like you. It has been revealed to me that your God is One God ”[al-Kahf 18:110]. We know him through Quran, and our scientific knowledge convince us that he was a perfect man. We understand this perfection when we read in Quran "Human being is nothing but its deed. and its deed will be observed" [An-Najm: 39-40]. This is the beauty of Quran. This is why we are certain that it is not man made. We understand its perfection when we read in a short chapter, "By time, Mankind is in loss -- indeed. Except for those who have faith, done righteous deeds and advised each other to Truth and advised each other to Patience."

I advised you to Truth, I advised you to Patience. Repent sir! REPENT!

Tony Costa said...

Beheih,with all your rhetoric you didn't respond to any of the points I raised in my response to you. You have a set of rules you are willing to apply to others that you will not apply to your religion. You need to repent if your sins and bow the knee to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. You are lost and under the wrath of God without Christ.

Unknown said...

Dear David,

This reminds me of poor Nabeel's old line of sophistry. When I tell you that in recent years a statistically significant number of falsehood spreaders, and demonic followers, such as yourself, Oriana Fallaci, Christopher Hitchens, Nabeel Qureshi, (and many others that my teacher does not allow me to reveal their names, since they are apparently in the process of repent -- although their stories are in the social media for everybody to see) are being gifted with Luciferian gifts. Remember, that it is not the merciful and forgiving God that punishes them (unlike your god the father- who is the same as his son- and murderously tortures his begotten son on a cross to show his love for the mankind!! -- being so mentally retarded that, as a creator of the universe, cannot think of a more humane way) -- Using the same criterion for my religion, I see that my God creates every child as a Muslim, meaning at a state of perfect peace. Islam means Peace, which in the form Salamat, and Salem means perfect health, and in the form Salam (the same etymology as our Jewish brothers' Shalom) meaning peace. This arises from the concepts of spiritual equilibrium and balance that results in peace and health (you need to reflect on these concepts). When you abandon the straight path towards the God, the one and only God, that has not been born, and who does not sleep with a virgin to impregnate her! then you will be astraid to the demonic domain of darkness where Lucifer (the Evil-whisperer) would take care of you with his gifts! "Say: I seek protection with the Lord of Mankind, The Sovereign of Mankind, The God of Mankind,- From the mischief of the Evil-whisperer, who who whispers into the hearts of Mankind,- Among Ets and among Men" -- (AN-NAS 114)

I show you the real God who is powerful and merciful and you are giving me a puppeteers story of a man who feeds 20,000 people with 3 fishes and at the end still 12 baskets of leftover were left!! You have four gospels that contradict each other and with sophistry you want us to believe that is apoint of strength. A used car salesman has more integrity.
Lucifer is waiting for you! You cannot repent! Like Nabeel on his death bed vainly ask for a miracle! This is real data!

Tony Costa said...

There is so much misrepresentation here of what Christians believe and so many strawman arguments that there doesn't seem to be any coherent argumentation here. You are not interested in truly understanding what Christianity teaches and rather resort to ad hominem attacks. If you wish to remain in ignorance, that's your choice. Repent and turn to Jesus Christ.

farid novin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...


I am offering you the evidence for Luciferian gift of cancer to a 34 year old convert to christianity, Nabeel Qureshi, that on his deathbed plead with his god for cure, reminding him of John 11, Lazarus, and so on. THAT WAS NOT MISREPRESENTATION Sir! REPENT! FALL, PROSTRATE and ASK for MERCI!


I am offering you the evidence for Luciferian gift of cancer to two celebrities, Oriana Fallaci and Christopher Hitchens, who spread falsehood against the true religion of GOD. THAT WAS NOT MISREPRESENTATION Sir! REPENT! FALL, PROSTRATE and ASK for MERCI!


I am offering you the evidence for Luciferian gift of Myotubular Myopathy to two innocent children, which in the words of their father this horrible disease "gives them extremely weak muscles. They breathe, eat, etc., through machines". This irresponsible father David Wood, spread falsehood against the true religion of God, despite the facts that he was well aware of his deal with demonic forces of lie and deception. THAT WAS NOT MISREPRESENTATION Sir! REPENT, FALL, PROSTRATE and ASK for MERCI!!

I have the examples of other converts to christianity who spread falsehood against the True Religion, that are gifted by Lucifer with cancer, and you obtusely misrepresented in your response the case of an elderly man who died in a hospital in Saudi Arabia. Shame on You! REPENT! FALL, PROSTRATE and ASK for MERCI!

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Royal Son said...

Behieh Ruhi: Let's deal with your prophet, Muhammad.
He said that if anyone has a dream he doesn't like, it's from Satan (Bukhari 9.87.114). Yet his first revelation of the Qur'an was a dream He didn't like (Bukhari 1.1.3, 9.87.111, 6.60.479,480), therefore his revelation was from Satan.

As Tony pointed out, you brought nothing substantial. You brought zero evidence linking a disease to following a false religion. But as Tony mentioned with Muhammad's death, and now I with Muhammad's revelation, you have two lines of evidence that you as a Muslim need to deal with. Furthermore, you conveniently ignored what Tony pointed out regarding Ahmed Deedat's paralysis.

Finally, stop making innovations about causes of diseases. Biddah is forbidden in Islam.

Unknown said...

Let's deal with your god, who tortures his son and sleep with his virgin mother to be born to be crucified by his dad. A drunkard can tell a more coherent story.

Let's talk about your god who can feed 20,000 people with 3 fishes, and 12 basket of leftovers. :)

let's talk about your god who was telling Moses, you can not see me, and many years later came exposing himself.

Lets talk about Peter and Paul's quarrel, and their efforts to make some doe out of the misery of the son-of-man. Let us ask why in your three men pantheon there is no room for half of human being -- women. Why there is no black, or Asian in there? why your god is so exclusively racist?

And you tell me that there was a Bukhari guy who has written a book about prophet? How desperate are you?!!

Tony Costa said...

Behieh, your ongoing strawman arguments are staggering to say the least. This is nothing but verbal diarrhea.

Unknown said...

Hmm, really?!!

Is this your very best, most powerful argument?!

I am asking why in your men only club of gods, there is no black, or Indian or Japanese member and like any pius christian you can only think of DIARRHEA!!!

I wonder, if you understand the concept of strawman argument?!! I offered some statistical anomaly, which appears highly significant, revealing a strong correlation between people like Nabeel Qureshi, Oriana Fallaci, Christopher Hitchens, Shams Pahlavi, and .., and of course two innocent boys of David Wood being afflicted by horrible cancer and other dreadful diseases, because they had stupidly choose the dark side, and have accepted Luciferian doctrine. And you in response provided the case of an 80 years old man who died in Saudi Arabia?!! I wish you could have seen how accurate my teacher was in predicting the cancer of many of these people about 10 years ago-- a sign that convinced me, as a scientist, to revert to Truth.

Of course, all the stories like murderous killing of god-the-sun by torture in order to forgive the sins of mankind (that you disgustingly believe can only be atoned by blood-- and only a human blood), and then this boy was at the same time was eternal? and ... come to think of it it really is a verbal diarrhea. ... strawman argument is to talk about the hearsay stories that a Bukhari guy has gathered. Bravo! You have earned your Ph.D.

Tony Costa said...

Behieh, since you can't engage in meaningful discourse, this will be my last comment to you. There are two types of people. Those who argue for the sake of truth, and those who argue for the sake of argument. You are the latter. William Shakespeare best describes your approach:

"...struts and frets his hour upon the stage

And then is heard no more. It is a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing."

Unknown said...

Dear Sir,

"this will be my last comment to you!" With your tail between your legs it is perhaps the only way for you to run away from a very uncomfortable discussion, that you do not have any rational way to retort against.

Of course, now that leaning on Bukhari guy did not work, you desperately quote Billy Shakespeare, for which I can quote Cicero that "certe nemo. quid ita? quia, cum id non habeas quod tibi nec usu nec natura sit aptum, non careas, etiamsi sentias te non habere." However, I am willing to accept Cicero's verdict about your character and give you the benefit of doubt as a "dolce persona!". Since "Cicerone nell'Oratore, se ben ricordo, tiene perfermo, quello esser vero oratore il quale orando move li affetti, delli ascoltanti; e che in contrario il sofista no solo li move, me li corregge ed acqueta ... Dunque il sofista secondo lui non uomo vano o nugace, ne ignnatore ne falsatore della rettortica, buona e dolce persona." In other words, I believe, unlike David Wood, there is still some hope for your salvation. You can still reject the Luciferian gift

Thus, reflect on the action of a revengeful god, who murderously sacrifices his only begotten son to forgive sins of humanity. A god who is dissatisfied of being in his own skins and has to sleep with a virgin to have a son, where the son is the same PERSON as himself, therefore he sleeps with his mother to be born again. Reflect on the pantheon of three gods in which there is no women representation, no black, no Asian, etc.

Compare your three gods with the One and only God, Most Forgiving, Most Merciful! who despite what the Bukhari guys says, advises us that "to kill any human being is equivalent to hill the whole humanity". Of course, if you are bent on doing something awful, you can always with some sophistry negate this clear statement.

And THIS, dear sir, with or without "sound and fury", signifies the most vital message to you!

Unknown said...

Correlation and cause are two different things.

Unknown said...

Thank you Nabad! it is always a delight to be engaged in a discussion with somebody who can say something profound which also satisfies Occam's razor.

Philosophically, looking from Hume's considered view on causality, you may be right. One can also object to causality from a post hoc ergo propter hoc perspective. However, in science if you suggest a causality hypothesis that can predict accurately the future events then you have established a causality relationship. For example, if somebody like my teacher, about 10 years ago, suggested to his students that Nabeel and Christopher Kitchens and David Wood's family will be gifted by Lucifer of the most horrible afflictions, and those predictions come true more tan once then you have a scientific causality.

Nevertheless, causality is a metaphysical concept. I am sure you agree that if when Nabeel on his deathbed was cured after pleading with his Lord to cure him as per John:11, or Lazarus, then one could with reasonable certainty states that the Lord was the CAUSE of Nabeel's recovery. Here the CAUSE is defined by the Action of the Lord, based on the implicit hypothesis in John:11, or Lazarus. Now since this did not happen, the alternative hypothesis should be maintained. Nabeel was punished as Christopher was Punished as David Wood is being progressively punished. Of course in a Luciferian domain such punishments are gifts from the forces of the dark side. It is such causality that creates correlation.

Unknown said...

The alternative hypothesis doesn't automatically become true if we reject nulls.statistically for hypothesis testing like this one you need adequate sample size not 2,3,4 fact your statement attributing lucifer as cause is not scientific.

Unknown said...

It is a delight to continue this dialog! You understand what you are talking about. As my previous posts have indicated my sample is far larger than 4 people. I could name many celebrities like Mahasti (the renowned Iranian singer), Princess Shams Pahlavi, Parvin Babi ( the Indian actress, and many more ordinary people who converted to Christianity, and were gifted by Lucifer the most horrible affliction, mostly cancer. In conventional statistic, I need only to satisfy small sample properties and if I am able to predict the future, then it would satisfy the validation tests. Which I can. Of course, as a Bayesian, I use this sample properties to construct my priors. And though a Bayesian Learning Process, I am adjusting my prior distributions. My "degrees of belief" in the validity of the alternative H have been rising at an exponential rate. This is very intuitive, we are seeing more and more of people that are spreading falsehood about the TRUE religion are afflicted with cancer- and this punishment, as we saw in the case of Nabeel and others is more horrible. What would be the most reasonable conclusion?!

Nevertheless, as I alluded to in my previous post, causality is a metaphysical concept. Do you believe Proverbs 10:27 The fear of the LORD prolongs life, But the years of the wicked will be shortened?

Unknown said...

You may want to educate yourself with this paper as a starting point:

If you do not like to read may be you can watch this video:

Don't be afraid of TRUTH!

Unknown said...

The readers who may be interested to educate themselves about the concept of God in Islam and its relation to Old Testament may want to listen to Jewish views like:

Or you may want to hear this Rabbi:

Repent, and take the straight path towards a TRUE Salvation!

Andrew said...

I think when it comes to the views of Jewish Rabbis, i will go with maimonides who called Muhammad a false prophet and a madman.

Charles Christian said...

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Unknown said...

I am a Christian and I don't agree with people from one religion interfering with another religion simply because that is what makes things like hate and even violence happen. I still defend your right to have any opinion of another religion and your right to speak out about your views of that religion or against any opinions about your religion, discretion often can be a good thing to think of when engaging in these matters is all. Take the high ground when other people don't as you will find yourself in a better position after the fact. I often think we should all at least try to keep those sensitive issues to our own when we can. God bless!

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