Friday, May 18, 2018


Join our heroes as they begin their journey into Islam by asking a mystical backpack about Muhammad's most important rule! (Hint: It's about peeing properly!)


Unknown said...

Hi David -

It's me Nadir Ahmed, we are having a Quran and science debate discussion here:
I would like to invite you to our discussion, consider this your official challenge to come and defend your statements about Quran and science, upon refusal I will simply state in our next meeting that David Wood has refused to defend his material and has ran away from this challenge. You can contact me here:


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Why nadir, has the Quran suddenly start to explain the quantum theory and fluctuations behind how the universe came into existence now?

Hermano Scott said...

Hey, are you guys on Twitter?

itemabu said...

Yeah, right. You will be punished because of your pee, but you drink camel pee as medicine. LOL

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