Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Here's the prologue to our 30-day "Islamicize Me" series! Join our heroes Giovanni, Jamal, and Dennis as they spend 30 days living according to the teachings of Muhammad, and fighting the evil forces of Islamophobia!


Doug Kirkpatrick said...

This looks like fun.
David, I follow you on Twitter and I usually enjoy what you put out there and would even appreciate discovering more on certain issues. Sometimes I am not certain that I can agree with you but I don't want to engage in the twitter-sphere. It think that its usually too crass and very people engage in a constructive may.
Living in South Africa I am aware of changes in our society that are good as well as some that are not and in my opinion are similar to the pattern that other people observe is the manner by which Islam colonises.
I would appreciate being able to communicate with you in a different way - email possibly.
I don't have a special profile on Twitter so I wouldn't expect anyone to follow me - I seem to send messages into the ether.
email me if you can - I just cant find an email address for you.
Thank you

hektorhamelton said...

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