Thursday, August 3, 2017

Islamic Lectures on the Collection and Transmission of the Qur’an

As a Christian I have often been told by Muslims that there is only one perfectly preserved Qur'an.
No other book in the world can match the Qur'an ... The astonishing fact about this book of ALLAH is that it has remained unchanged, even to a dot, over the last fourteen hundred years. ... No variation of text can be found in it. You can check this for yourself by listening to the recitation of Muslims from different parts of the world. (Basic Principles of Islam, p. 4)

While this may be believed at the popular level it certainly is not the view of academic Muslims. The Al-Mawrid Institute has produced an excellent video series that addresses directly the problems Muslims have with the different versions of the Qur'an. I highly recommend this series for your own knowledge of the issues, and because the videos are also very suitable to show to your Muslim friends so that they can hear from a Muslim scholar the extensive issues Muslim academics have with the Qur'an. Al Mawrid lecture series on Qur'an

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