Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Debating This Saturday (August 19th) in Philadelphia

For those of you in the Philadelphia area, Robert Spencer and I will be debating Sakhawat Hussain and Sayyid Atiq Ebady this Saturday. Here's all the info you need:

WHO: Robert Spencer and David Wood vs. Sakhawat Hussain and Sayyid Atiq Ebady
WHAT: Debate on the topic "Does the Quran Promote Peace?"
WHEN: August 19th, 2017, 12pm-5pm (Debate starts at 1:30pm)
WHERE: Berean Presbyterian Church, Broad and Diamond Streets, Philadelphia, PA 19122
WHY: Why not?

Ticket's must be purchased. You can get them here.


EGomez said...

Cant wait man! Wanted to tell you guys that I posted a few things on Dr. Zakir Naik's Facebook page showing where Jesus claimed to be God and how he allowed people to worship him, along with a few other comments, including a few of your videos. A couple of hours later, I noticed that whoever runs his page deleted my comment showing Jesus claimed to be God and allowed people to worship him, but the left the other ones as they probably thought they were weaker arguments hahaha! I wanted to let you know because I got a lot of that from your videos because I thought that if I just posted links to youtube videos, they wouldn't watch them at all, so I decided I would type it all out and see how that went. It got a few likes by the way before being deleted and I have since posted it again so we'll see how long it stays this time. Please pray that God will work through those comments and that Jesus will reveal his true self to them and bring more workers for his harvest. Love you guys and I'm so thankful that God is working through you all. God bless!

Unknown said...

Civil discourse--a great accomplishment. Hope no violence precedes or follows your debate. A recent column in the NY Times by Frank Bruni criticized emotional coddling and intellectual impoverishment referring to students purging their world of perspectives offensive to them. Van Jones upbraided students for wanting to be safe emotionally instead of strong; speaking back instead of being offended and aggrieved. Prof McWhorter at Columbia said campuses are supposed to be realms of bold inquiry and fearless debate. Law Prof Stephen Carter at Yale said we must not squelch upsetting words with odious behavior. As I see six of my grandkids heading off to college I think of the remark made to a local priest by Voltaire: “Monsieur l’Abbé, je déteste ce que vous écrivez, mais je donnerais ma vie pour que vous puissiez continuer à écrire”,
(My dear Father, I detest what you write, but I would give my life so that you may continue to write).
It seems that now, some protesters are saying “I detest what you say and you will give your life if you continue to say it.” Francis of Assisi, Gandhi and ML King protested non-violently successfully.Robert Spencer and David Wood are opening the Koran to proper examination; that's intellectual examination, not hate speech. Bravo!
Leonard J. Marino, MD, FAAP, LVT

Christopher said...

See you tomorrow! When is the best time to say hi - before or after?

David Wood said...

Before. We have to take off pretty quick afterwards in order to get back to NYC.

Unknown said...

I wish I'd known about this, beforehand. I live right across the bridge from Philly, in NJ.

I admire the work you do, especially in the face of the numerous threats you receive.

The rest of my comment here, is off-topic, but I'm hoping the message will get through, regardless.

I recently saw Nabeel's health update, specifically on YouTube, and of course it was very concerning, for all of us, watching. I posted a comment to that video (Vlog #39). I have no idea if he will even see/read it.

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Please allow me to do this, as soon as possible, because I (along with many other people, obviously) are distressed at Nabeel's health situation. It's hard to watch.... But I believe with all my heart (along with the science), that this can heal Nabeel's liver (yes, even though his stomach has been removed.

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Please provide me a way to do that (in case he doesn't see my comment/request for address on his YouTube Channel).

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Again, I am NOT a salesperson for these products.

I hope you or Nabeel see my comments/request for address, and reply. Thank you. Diane

P.S. My dog is a Dachshund.
That's why my name may
appear as Doxie Chick.

Unknown said...

David, would you put an article on this asking people to take a day to fast and pray for nabeel, maybe a day in particular we could all join in together and keep knocking on Gods door, just an idea God bless both of your ministries

Rahul Balakrishnan said...

Do great David and Robert. I know you will.. just saying :)


sebsite said...

Waiting for video