Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"The Psychology of Islam" (Dr. David Wood): The Recording

On Saturday, our own Dr. David Wood made an appearance on my weekly Apologetics Academy live interactive webinar. The topic concerned the psychology of Islam, and in particular the possible role that Muhammad's fatherlessness may have played in Islamic origins. The talk was followed by lively interactive Q&A and discussion from the audience. This was our best attended webinar on record. On Zoom, we peaked at 65 participants, with around 20 or so following via the Facebook LIVE-stream.

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Andrew said...

Thanks Jonathan. For putting this up. Some of us live in parts of the world that make listening live difficult.

Unknown said...


Would you kindly offer some explanation on this, mr Wood..? I guess this 1 could justify Muhammad on his prophethood - prophecies of end days... Thanx in advance

Carmenisacat said...

Considering that David Wood is a psychopath, tried to murder his father and now he is attracted to religion (huh? a common feature of sociopathy/psychopathy).....well. Whatever he says about Islam well....it comes from Shaitan. Shaitan lives in this man's head, and guides him every step of the way. Allah isn't done with this creep yet. Mark my words.