Saturday, May 27, 2017

Ramadan Bombathon Begins

Ramadan 2017 has arrived, which means that we're going to see a massive number of terrorist attacks carried out in the name of Allah. The "Religion of Peace" website keeps a running tally of these terrorist attacks and compares them with the terrorist attacks carried out in the name of all other religions combined. Let's see if all religions are equally violent.


Unknown said...

David, are you ever going to be in the Houston area? I would love to hear you speak or preach. I check every day on You Tube for new videos. We went to see Nabeel preach the other day. He is an awesome inspiration. A large group of us at the church prayed over him. I hope that his prayers for healing are answered. Until then, we will keep him on our prayer wall. Keep up the great work and I pray that the Lord blesses you and your family for your work. -Dennis

Unknown said...

Acts of a small sub-group within a group, acting and using resources contrary to the purposes of the overall group, is a mafia.

ISIS, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and the Supreme Leader led mafia of Iran, use the word Islam as a tool to infiltrate and oppress the larger group. The mafia members use small loops of circular logic that are NOT consistently inclusive of broad considerations.

Stop calling these groups Islamic, they are mafia.

Unknown said...


Your definition is self-contradictory. Any subgroup of a group *by definition* will incorporate the main purposes of the larger group within it. If it uses resources contrary to the purposes of the overall group, it is by this very thing, *disqualifying* itself from being a part of the group. Hence any subgroup satisfying the criteria of your definition of a mafia, that is, using resources contrary to the purposes of the overall group, is not a true subgroup of that group. Contradiction. Hence the set of subgroups satisfying your definition is empty. What David has been consistently presenting evidence for is that ISIS, and other groups that perform or inspire acts of terror through suicide bombing or vehicular means, or whatever, and look like they *might* be Islam-related, most likely are.(I don't know if he has explicitly dealt on the topic of the Taliban, but I've lived in Afghanistan, and been through a terrorist attack while there, and was told by a Muslim that whoever did was not Islamic [in fact was not even human], and I can tell you that, no matter how loud that was said or how often it was repeated, I will believe it *was* Islamic related, since *all* the evidence points in that direction. Furthermore, I would consider it simply *unreasonable* to believe otherwise at this point.) These groups and individuals *are* acting and using resources in support of, or to promote the overall ideology founded in 622 AD. If you cannot see this evidence, then please try watching more David Wood or Robert Spencer videos, or listen to ex-Muslims who are now Christian. It may also help you learn some logic and to come up with useful definitions. Burying your head in the sand and pretending that this evidence does not exist is rapidly becoming less and less of a viable option in our world.

Unknown said...

Using my stated relationships and creating small sets of circular logic that sound good, is not logical reasoning. To restate many nice sounding phrases that do not support larger formations of mutually supported reasoning, is an act of corruption. This is commonly done by politicians not to get support for their actions, but instead to quiet the opposition. Casting doubt into what would otherwise be an act of reasoned opposition.

Critical Thinking and Critical Reasoning (different) are far more than creating pretty phrases that sound reasonable. They provide structure for being able to recognize the level of likeliness in false relationships.

I am not supporting Islam or any religion, to include many self proclaimed Christian perspectives that contradict actual Christian evidence. The Catholic Crusades were an example of widely believed religious blind faith that was based in economics and not stated religious claims. The Iranian Government is controlled by the Supreme Leader (a mafia that interprets Islam for personal power, prostitution supported by allowing for 1 hour marriages...). The invasion of Iraq was proclaimed to be for religious purposes by President Bush.

The invasion of Iraq had nothing to do in support of religious interests and was instead based to support the interests of Saudi Arabia to weaken Middle East countries to support their own economic (power) interests (See Wahhabism). Wahhabism is a mafia within Islam that's purpose is to eliminate modern forms of Islam. Notice that "by far" most terrorist attacks are against Islamic peoples.

Osama Bin Laden was a agent of the US and developed Al-Qaeda (play on words in Arabic for "The Corporation"). Osama Bin Laden's family runs the worlds largest Corporation, the Bin Laden Group. Osama Bin Laden's father and brother were both disappeared in Texas. Yep, in the United States. Osama Bin Laden was not buried at sea, that contradicts forensic investigation of top level casualties. More likely he was disappeared as well.

Mafia supports outside company interests to steal the national resources of weakened Middle East countries. The Iraqi people get zero benefit from their own national resources. Oil Companies pay off mafia within the Iraqi government in return for cheap oil contracts. Far less than 15% of the commercial value of the oil is paid to the government leadership, with only a small fraction actually going into people supporting government programs.

"Appeal to Authority" (you were a victim, and therefore you should be considered an authority) is a well documented fallacy of logic in Critical Thinking.

Just because a person claims, or has been involved in, a terrorist attack. Does NOT make them any more informed of the foundations under which the attack was supported.

There is evidence that shows that many of the terrorist groups are financially supported by companies that want to destabilize Middle East country's economic systems for those companies to gain access to national resources for pennies on the commercial dollar.

These Terrorist groups are mafia, only the ignorant believe they are supporting Islamic intents. The foot soldiers with blind faith; following mafia leadership, do so because of the insignificant high risk opportunities provided to them. Foot Soldiers of blind faith that actually destroy the prosperity of their country, and condemn their families to poverty. Notice no US Leadership/Investors/Admin soft targets (family) are ever targeted by terrorists; you don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Unknown said...

Not to say there are not competing mafias. The Syrian government does not significantly support its people's interests, and ISIS as a mafia is competing for turf. Either way the people suffer.

Business Enterprise relies upon ethical relationships to develop low risk significant opportunities for the next generation of profitable investment. Mafia (terrorist groups) destroy the broad diversity of opportunities by supporting corruption (tearing down) instead of building futures for their families.

Corruption when sustained, ends up making only high risk or insignificant opportunities available. Corruption kills prosperity for the masses, while benefiting only a few.

I believe a Christian group first developed Ethical Reasoning as a science. They still are an active group, but I cannot remember their organization name at the moment.