Monday, January 16, 2017

Is the Trinity Biblical? Jonathan McLatchie on the One Minute Apologist

Here is the seventh video in my recent series of interviews for the One Minute Apologist video podcast with Pastor Bobby Conway in North Carolina. Here, I discuss the subject "Is the Trinity Biblical?" Enjoy! :)

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Truth will set you free by gods mercy said...

You manipulate words from a man written book with versions of people's teachings and when the truth is revealed by the word of god
Through not the written word but by recitation so the word of god cannot be corrupted you joke and jest and blaspheme about it through out time man has always corrupted things the Qur'an is the only book which praises god from begining to end and all it says is submit to god and because gods name in the Qur'an is Allah you use it blasphemously remember the the things you say as you will have to answer to your maker geniuses make no partners to your maker and worship no idols for your maker has no equals or partners and may god have mercy on you people who have forgotten your maker as did the mischief makers who have been told to you about in the scriptures