Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Recording of Webinar with Yusuf Ismail on "Does the Qur'an Promote Peace or Aggressive Violence?"

As previously mentioned, South African Muslim apologist Yusuf Ismail was a guest speaker for my Apologetics Academy webinar series this past Saturday. His topic was "Does the Qur'an Promote Peace or Aggressive Violence?" He spoke for a little over an hour and then took Q&A from the floor for a couple of hours. The recording is embedded above.


gabriella oak said...

Someone has to take responsibility and shut Yusuf up for a minute. I'm halfway through the Q&A and his INCESSANT blathering is unbearable.

Tom said...

I just sort of fast forward to the discussion on sura 5:33... basically the response is utterly convoluted and it debunks the notion the koran is a clear book!

And it is not us the evangelical choosing the interpretation but your very own radical murderous muslim followers of islam!

I wish you could get a grant from Saudi Arabia to preach your so called "peaceful interpretation"!