Friday, November 4, 2016

Muhammad: The Suicidal Messenger

According to Islam's most trusted sources, Muhammad repeatedly tried to kill himself. Indeed, he tried to kill himself so many times that we can fairly call him "the Suicidal Messenger."

In this video, we examine passages on Muhammad's suicide attempts in the History of al-Tabari, Ibn Ishaq, and Sahih al-Bukhari, showing that the real purpose of Islam was to keep Muhammad from hurling himself off a cliff.


Jesus is Lord said...

Can you imagine if Muhammad had successfully killed himself, that would of saved over a Billion lives and the world that we know today would be way more safer brighter! What Muhammad left (created) when he died was a "Generational Curse" that lasted 1400 years and still exist at this time!

Unknown said...

According to divid wood ,divid wood tried to kill his dad.

Unknown said...

Hi David
I have a question for Muslims which I've never heard anyone ever ask them before. Seeing that you know a lot more Muslims than I do , I would love to hear what their response is to this question.
The Qurans of today are produced in printing presses. The toner used to print a Quran are made from specific polymers such as styrene acrylate copolymer, polyester resin and styrene butadiene copolymer. Alcohol is used in the process of the production of these various polymers , so on an atomic level trace elements of alcohol exist in the actual words of most printed Qurans of today.
Now my question is this , if you are a Muslim , you may not handle an Arabic Quran unless you first perform a ritual cleaning process. Once you have performed this process you are "clean" . certain things can make you "unclean" such as touching a woman , touching a dog or even touching alcohol . So how do Muslims explain the irony of ironies that as a Muslim to handle the Quran you must clean yourself but by touching it you are no longer clean?

David Henry said...

Then who is the last prophet

40BelowTrooper said...

yougherten ouikhalfen,

David Wood is not claiming to be a prophet nor the perfect example of human behavior, as Muhammad did.

You obviously can't refute David's argument, which is why you're seeking to attack him and discredit him personally. Your wannabe prophet was a vile man who left you Muslims with a bankrupt example of behavior and morality. No man can be greater than his master. I suggest you choose a better Master to serve. Try the yoke of Jesus. He's the only worthy Savior.

Unknown said...

@david barnard: Okay. In islam alcohol became haram since it makes us get 'drunk'. As long as it doesn't. It's okay.
For example when our mother says "don't touch that poisson which in the inside of a bottle". The real meaning is don't drink it. Once more if we look a woman who across the street in dangerous we can touch her for saving her live. So it's all about situation and our purpose absolutely. We can use our quran my friend. Thank you.