Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Case for Intelligent Design: Scientists in Congregations (Jonathan McLatchie)

Somewhat off-topic for the usual content of this blog, but I thought some readers might be interested in this video recording of a recent presentation I gave in Dundee on "The Case for Intelligent Design".

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Danny L. Newton said...

I enjoyed the information but was surprised that design actually sets standards for acceptance and rather high ones at that. I remember the trial of OJ Simpson and some of the blood evidence proved that the victims blood was so unique that the probability that it could have been some other person's blood were one in several times the population of the planet. This was possibly my first experience with proof that exhausted probabilistic resources. Normally people would rather set their own standards than have them imposed. If you set the bar high enough you can always defeat your opponents argument. I often would like to ask Dawkins just what kind of proof would he like to have before entertaining the idea of the existence of God or a god. And, how certain would that proof have to be because he is betting his very soul that there is no God.