Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"Tawhid or Trinity?" Jonathan McLatchie Opening Statement in Debate with Shabir Ally

In just a couple of weeks time, I will be facing Dr. Shabir Ally, regarded by many to be the world's most formidable Muslim debater. Here is my 25 minute opening statement from my debate with Shabir last year, in which we discussed the concept of God in Islam and Christianity. Enjoy!

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Angelo Immanuel said...

Quran 17 : 111 says that Allah has no partner. But Muslims say that Allah is not the word of Allah and the word of Allah is not Allah. But word of Allah is a part of Allah. It means there is eternal partner( word of Allah )( Quran 85 : 22 ) of eternal Allah.( if word of Allah is eternal, then Allah must be eternal. It is not possible that Alla's word was there and Allah came later ).
And if you read Quran 3:45 slowly then you will see that it agrees with John 1:1-14( word was with God )( Allah gave the word from him. That means the word was with Allah )( word became flesh and dwelt among us ) and destroys Quran 17 : 111 - Tawhid / Tauhid / Tawheed( One God, one being and one person ).