Wednesday, July 27, 2016

France Sacrifices Priest on the Altar of False Tolerance

On Tuesday morning, two jihadis stormed a church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, France, with knives and a fake bomb. They forced a Catholic priest to his knees and filmed themselves slashing his throat at the altar. They later shouted “Allahu Akbar” while police shot them to death.

Prior to the attack, French police had caught one of the jihadis repeatedly attempting to travel to Syria to join ISIS. Nevertheless, he was free to roam the streets of France, as long as he wore an electronic bracelet.

Even worse, French authorities knew that the church was being targeted by ISIS, since an ISIS hit list found in 2015 named the church as a target.

Given the circumstances, do French authorities bear some of the blame for the outcome of the attack?


Zub said...

Nicely done David. Concise and very poignant. It firmly belongs on the top 5 list of videos you have done. The sad irony is you can easily substitute "France" with any other European country name (as well as No. American) in your narrative. "I was blind and now I can see...". If only the veil of deception can be lifted from the eyes and minds of the leaders in time before the problem becomes impossible to fix. Keep up the good work.

JMoses said...

Praise The Lord.. Amen brother.

Unknown said...

Dear David Wood, Nabeel Qureshi and others,
I am a Christian from Kerala, a state in India. Recently, nearly 17 youth left here for ISIS of which 4 were from my locality (~3km away). Not just that, one who had left for ISIS was a school classmate of mine, whom I had chatted with few months before he left for Syria (Abu Thahir).

Shockingly, of the four who left Kerala last month for ISIS from this area, three of them were Christians.

One interesting thing is that IS uses a chat app called Telegram to convince youth in India, and Telegram's efforts to clean itself from accounts that belong to IS is not succeeding.

This is one place where we need missionaries - I so far could mark out at least two users (or ~200+ as reported in newspapers which you can verify yourself) who seem to be carriers of IS propeganda. It is said they also have groups in which they convert Christians to Islam and then later convince them to take up arms.

I was praying and thinking about few apologists gathering to hunt down such groups in Telegram, and walk in there with the good news of Christ. I'm none but a normal Christian who's reach is limited, I though you all, as Christian apologestic icons, will be able to form a team/train youngsters to fight for God in such groups. In telegram, we are allowed to chat with random users, if we can find their usernames.

I live in a muslim area where many of my classmates were already in police scanner for terror links during their school days (that's almost 10 years back)- so it's absolutely unsafe for my name to be revealed in the website. I see that the comment moderation is enabled and you would be seeing this comment before it gets published. I could not figure out any other way to reach you all. Please delete it even from approval list soon as you read it. If you want to contact me, mail to j*ss*, where * stands for e.

Please start acting to the earliest. I'm petrified by the fact that the churches around are unshaken even after realising two Christian young men have given themselves away to devil, if the one who's claiming to be the bride of Christ is failing, it's time that we rise to step in. My dad who's a part of warfare prayer group has connections to all the churches in locality and the churches are aware fo the issue but not ready to act upon it, instead busy beautifying itself and its properties. In other words, whitewashed tombs, the same brood of vipers, whom unfortunately, Jesus still loves.

I was during my time of prayer about the issue reminded specially about Dr. Nabeel Qureshi. I would continue praying and wish God speaks the need of the issue in your hearts - may be a mission opportunity for Christian Atheists looking for fields ready for harvest, to get involved, defend their faith being wherever they are, though not for those weak in faith - the reason I am refraining myself from publically announcing the concept. It's a spiritual warfare, and those who are unaware of it might just end up falling prey for it.

Brother in Christ.
(Name as in email above). Please delete this comments soon as you read it.

Elder said...

I am happy you did not inaugurate your template for this particular Jihad attack.
And it is also good to start calling out on the silent majority. What is "wir haben es nicht gewusst" in French?

Nopotential said...

Hey Brian, do you think mozlums will achieve Sharia enforcement in the U S.?

Nopotential said...

Hey Brian, do you think mozlums will achieve Sharia enforcement in the U S.?

Andrew said...

Thank you David. I can't believe I had never previously made the molech Abraham connection before.

gabriella oak said...

I agree with Zub.
This is brilliant.

Unknown said...

Why Christian embrace Islam? because they love God but sadly a false one! they were attracted and amuse to the beauty of Islamic teaching of One God, an easy to understand god to the extend that they forget the cruelty of prophet Muhammad!

chrish said...

Magnificent , cold and clear exposition of the meaning of the tragic death of this poor man.
That it happened with an old priest simply doing holiday relief, when he could have been long retired is an indicator of how weak the Western Horse must seem to Islam.
It happened in view of a few pensioners and a couple of nuns in a nondescript dormitory town outside it`s as anodyne and casually evil as you`ll get.
The decrepit French "Church" is a crock looking for someone to surrender to...and the craven response of its leaders and its God-forsaken Pope is all too typical.
Even the very lectionary readings that would barely still have been on his lips seem to be grotesque mockery of him, his few faithful churchgoers...and us too(Mt 13. 16-17 was the days gospel reading he`d have read out.
We`d have every reason to despair at all this, if we chose to...Pope John Paul spoke of the "Thanatos Culture"-and now it`s literally here with us in the west.
But don`t fear-the craven State and its "tolerance fetishists" will be dispensed with along prophetic lines...Islam is Gods chosen corrective, and will yet be the tame and trained horse of His bidding.
Enjoy the ride...just need to get Biblical and get counting the signs...FR Hemal died in our steads, and the red line was crossed.
Let the media find out the hard way what this now means...but Gods people will draw the lessons and create anew.
Of course, it doesn`t look like that now...but if you let the liberals squauk cluelessly on their perches-we can now get on with building the alternatives to what they`ve been tacking up to no purpose for so long.

Danny L. Newton said...

The pacifist are Islam's greatest Fifth Column behind the squishy borders of any state. When the subject of Isis was mentioned in the Democrat Convention, there were shouts of "no more war" from the crowd. As long as one party is willing to give away the gains made by the other, I don't see anything but perpetual conflict.