Sunday, July 24, 2016

Paul Williams Exposed: Commentary and Analysis by Jonathan McLatchie and Vladimir Susic

Here is a video commentary that I did jointly with my good friend Vladimir Susic regarding an encounter between Muslim polemicist Paul Williams and an Irish Christian gentleman at Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park, London. Enjoy!

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Andrew said...

The emperor has no clothes. Terrific stuff. I could listen to you two guys all day long. Didactic Christian teaching has never been so entertaining. Don't stop Jonathon and Vlad. You two are on a roll.

ApoLogika said...

May I suggest that, the next time you discuss what Paul Williams had to say about Paul the Apostle, you perhaps agree beforehand to call him "Williams" rather than just "Paul" whenever you refer to the Muslim Paul?

While most Christians are used to taking things in context, I can already see Muslims taking audio clips from this video to make a raft of new ones to try and label you as heretics for "disagreeing" with other Bible scholars once again

Christian said...

Williams argument about trustworthiness related to when the Gospels were written seems to be self-defeating. If we are to reject the clear teaching in those Gospels because they are old and or far from the ascension event we should do the same for the Quran which came some six hundred years later. If I can't trust a source because it came a "a generation later" then how can I trust the Quran in what it says about Christianity that came even more generations later?