Friday, April 29, 2016

Slavery in Islam, and Its Historical Roots: Jay Smith and Sarah Foster at Speaker's Corner

Here is a recent video recording from Speaker's corner in London, featuring Jay Smith & Sarah Foster of Pfander Apologetics Ministries. They explore slavery and abolition in Islam and Christianity. Worth a watch!


Jesus is Lord said...

Amen, this is an excellent example of what it is to be Christians by spreading God's Word, the good news of our Lord & Master Jesus Christ despite critics, haters and enemies! It is the first time that I heard about what they called: "The Speakers Corner in UK" where Christians can either spread the truth about Jesus or they can show the true Islam (not sugar coated). I WISH there could be the same (Speaker's Corner) in the United States And Canada!

Unknown said...

Sarah Foster is one dynamic woman who is just not well-suited to life in a burka!

She and Jay Smith work superbly as a team, but since they are playing from her script, it would seem that she is the driving force behind this compelling dialog.

Japie said...

@Gary - that's probably what's so infuriating to muslims around them. She appears to be in charge of the discussion. It's her phd research and material and Jay is supporting her. I thought this was an awesome video. I wished they would cite all the references in the video description or a selection of it.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

She's not only an intelligent young woman, but a brave one.
The truth sets us free. Thank you Jay and Sarah.

Slavery is acknowledged in the Bible and Christ Himself, and the men He commissioned, declared equality and brotherhood, for the slave and master. As Christianity spread, its influence was to eradicate slavery.

During American slavery, slaves in Virginia, for example, had more income, food and medical care than free blacks in Philadelphia and NYC.

Those in central america had a much lower life expectancy.

Those under Islam had the worst.

Slavery was ripe in Africa, with some villages being almost 70% enslaved. The first hand accounts of their lives is horrific and hard to read.

The best place for slaves to land was England or Virginia. The worst? Islamic lands. These were the most prolific slave traders, far more than all the Europeans together.

Robert E. Lee said it this way; they're lives were vastly improved in America and that "man meant it evil, but God brought out good", comparing it to the slavery of Joseph, and how it ended up preserving the Jews.

Others were enslaved, including the indentured servants, and the share croppers, even though the word "slavery" was not used. Free blacks owned slaves, including Native American slaves.

Only Islam teaches slavery.

Peter Hyatt