Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Apologetics Academy: Equipping the Church to Confront the Culture

Apologetics Academy
I recently announced on this blog the launch of my new ministry, the Apologetics Academy ( The Apologetics Academy seeks to educate, train, disciple and equip the church at a personal level. By hosting weekly Webinars with leading scholars and thinkers, Christians are provided access to world class intellects that they probably would otherwise never meet. In addition to Christian speakers, we often also invite non-Christian speakers such as atheists and Muslims to present their challenges to the Christian worldview, followed by a live interactive Q&A using audio and video. The Apologetics Academy thus provides opportunity for experienced apologists to sharpen their skills in debate by interacting one-on-one with some of the leading critics of the faith. Less experienced Christians have the option to sit back and witness the back-and-forth and thus reap the benefits of the expertise and experience of other Christians.

There is also a weekly conversational Bible study which provides opportunities for Christians to dig deeper into their faith in a small group setting, and pursue a deeper knowledge of our God and Saviour. This ministry also seeks to assist and help Christians who are wrestling with sincere doubts about their Christian faith, as well as seekers who have sincere questions about Christianity, and even those who have lost their faith and are wondering whether their decision was truly rational. Via the website, you can schedule an online interactive meeting with a team of experienced apologists to discuss and explore your reasons for doubt. The Apologetics Academy also provides an individual and small-group online mentoring service. You can apply to volunteer as part of our mentor team, or to participate as a student. You can also request me to come and speak at your church or University and view my upcoming public speaking engagements. Whatever your current experience or education, if you want to learn apologetics from some top-notch intellects, the Apologetics Academy is here for you.

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Shelly said...

Hi David,
As a christian i have come across your site and you have opened up my eyes to see just how horrid the teachings of islam are. With that i am confused as to how to engage with muslims and should i learn how to better defend my faith. I don't know what focus i should have when engaging with muslims, should i just share the gospel, or answer there questions. If you could point me to some excellent resources or if youve addressed this issue could you link me to a video? I have also registered to be a student to learn from apologists that could help me with my walk.

I hope i hear from you soon and this comment finds you well