Friday, March 11, 2016

Fact-Checking "Ten Lies You Were Told about Islam" (Part One)

Recently, AllTime10s posted a video titled "Ten Lies You Were Told about Islam." The video attempts to respond to various false claims made about Islam and Muslims. However, the "research" for the video was incredibly sloppy, and a number of false statements were made. For instance, AllTime10s insists that Pew Research has found that only .006625% of Muslims "identify with extremism." This claim, however, doesn't come from Pew Research. It comes from the blog of Dave Cecil, who clearly didn't understand the CNN article he was reading. Ironically, the link provided by AllTimeTens refutes the claim in the video. With such shoddy video research, it's clear that the video makers need to be more careful.


Veritasss said...

Kudos to those whose brains are still engaged! This will be shared 'back' to those who shared the original with me :)

sab of the dar al Haarb said...

Do more of these, David! Awesome work!

akairey said...

Once again Dr. Wood demonstrates the poltroon video that is vapid! BTW, there are other "TEN LIES YOU WERE TOLD ABOUT ISLAM" that I think that need to be dealt with as well!

Andrew said...

Too funny. Taqiyya artists caught in their own web. Bravo David

ignatius said...

Well done, David! Thank you.

I also look forward to hearing some more.

Unknown said...

Loved this, please do more.

TheBurwellFamilyTravels said...

good work brother, but I hope you will abandone the promise to recite the shahaddah under any circumstances

Unknown said...

islam is growing in the west

why white western christians converting to islam? let me tell you what is the REAL reason so many white western christians converting to islam

1) trinity makes no sense

2) they turned to atheism or agnosticism

3) without religion they enjoy materialism and sex with multiple partners

4) bored with materialism and sex

5) became depressed

6) want to go back to religion for peace of mind

7) christianity makes NO sense

8) search all other religions except islam

9) then studies islam

10) found answer to their life long questions

11) bow down to allah

12) achieved peace of mind

CONCLUSION: TRINITY lead to DISBELIEVE in god AND atheist's LIFESTYLE lead to believe in god AGAIN

Young Australians to Islam

Male converts to Islam: experience of British Muslims

Dacritic said...

"We have a problem in Islam and we need to address it honestly."

But... but... if we do that, then we'd have to leave Islam!

Unknown said...

An incisive and analysis as usual, David. But this is preaching to the converted. Seeing the current state of affairs vis-a-vis Muslims, I'm afraid the thousands of excellent articles and videos on the internet don't seem to have made a big dent in the thinking of even the Friday Muslims. Or perhaps these articles and videos are not reaching out to the real world. We must make concerted efforts to target the Friday Muslims.

On another note, good to see back after a pretty long hiatus. Trust all is well with you and the family

Unknown said...

It appears that Dr. David Wood defines his faith through his own hatred of Islam. I am not a defender of the Koran, but I believe it is un-Christian to compare and describe superiority of the Bible over the Koran. Dr.David Wood I am sure had good intentions, but the let's not pave this road Dr. Wood. Those who have placed their faith in the Koran do not disrespect or discredit the Judaeo-Christian Bible as Dr. Wood tried to explain. He forgets that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are Abrahamic religions and all three are interconnected. By discrediting the Koran he indirectly discredits the Bible. Certainly there are many scholarly criticisms that can be shared and discussed in advanced theology, but today Dr. Wood was fear mongering.

While I am grateful for paper and ink, this is not what empowers faith. Please tell Dr David Wood that Jesus did not have a Bible nor a PhD in Theology. We do not need to ridicule Islam or any other Abrahamic faith, to elevate Christ. Teach brother Woods to love God, and Teach brother Woods to love and embrace all of Gods creations as Jesus would. Dr. Wood, I pray for you.

Unknown said...

you are an idiot. Why would you grant any credibility to the pew research center? It seems that people just pull quotes out of thin air, then Christians re-post fiction of fictional statistics that have been based on generalizations. Really America, this is the best you have for an argument. Are Christians in America unable to think anymore, or do we need fear mongers like David Wood to help us hate so we can feel good about ourselves. Please tell me that there is still intelligent life in Church. We have enough manipulators of faith killing for Islam. I thought the Evangelical Jim Jones types all died when they drank the Christian hate coolaid. Thanks David Wood for shooting the rest of us in the head with nonsense statistics....our hero.

Unknown said...

I attended a service with Dr. Wood in Sacramento March 13, 2016. Pastor Askari exploited a woman from the Middle East just as she had been exploited by the Mujaheddin in Palestine as a Muslim. The woman was paraded on stage as a victim of Islam. She was a suicide bomber who changed her mind to follow Jesus. I was embarrassed for the woman and it saddened me that Christians have turned to tricks and foolish propaganda once only seen in the former Soviet Union. Pastor Askari tore the woman’s burqa off and in a very distasteful way, pastor Askari threw the black cloth to the floor like a piece of trash. The exploited woman claimed she found Jesus and was saved. The realities of Islam are displayed like a joke for Christians. I am a Christian and I was offended for Muslims. I am truly saddened that this group of converted middle eastern Christians do not understand Christ at all. They memorized baptist evangelical sermons and preach the same message as Islamic extremists; kill those who are not us. There is no hatred in my Christian faith, but this particular church has lost its way or never knew faith. Dr. Wood is a scholar and enabler of Christian Jihad.

TPaul said...

The Koran says "...Allah is the best of deceivers....", but I'm afraid these clowns who conjured up this concoction even outdid the god of all liars....
Well done David... No one does refutation if lies better than you and Sam.... keep up the good work. God bless.

Foolster41 said...

" I am not a defender of the Koran, but I believe it is un-Christian to compare and describe superiority of the Bible over the Koran. "
you're not a Christian then, since you are speaking out against the great commision (which you quoted in another thread). If Christianity is not the one true way (as Christian doctrine says) then why bother preaching it?

"Dr. Wood is a scholar and enabler of Christian Jihad."
Phillip is telling the same lies he does on the other thread, falsely comparing those who point out the abuse of Islam with those who actually follow it.

"you are an idiot. Why would you grant any credibility to the pew research center? "
Insults shows Phillip's character. This is consistent with his post in the other thread.

In short, while Chrisitans RIGHT NOW are being raped, murdered and beaten Phillip wants us to shut up about Islam and stop pointing out how the religion promotes supremiscism, but we won't be silent. He tells us it's "UnChrisitan" (it's not) and makes us as bad as them (a laughably false claim).

Unknown said...

@ Phillip Tufi...I have been reading this blog for a while (1st time commenter) and your (3) posts are the most self-righteous & ignorant ones I have read. Checking your profile, it seems you may be involved in politics in at least I know where the self-righteousness and ignorance stems from. While there are many things in your three posts that are wrong and worth commenting on for truth's sake, I will stick with your first one. I would think that David, a writer for a Christian apologetics website, would define his faith by belief that Jesus Christ was God's messiah and that by Jesus' death and resurrection he is saved and can inherit eternal life with God. You seem to equate challenging the truth claims made by Islam with hatred and then insinuate that David's faith is defined by your redefinition of hatred. What's worse is you then state that by your new definition of hatred it is un-Christian to compare the Bible & Koran and try to defend the Bible. Your words are 'superiority of the Bible over the Koran', as if defending truth over something false is somehow wrong. While I don't disagree with your statements that suggest that some Muslims don’t disrespect or discredit the Bible and that Islam presents itself as an Abrahamic religion, the whole point of this website is to challenge the truth claims of Islam. Especially the truth claims in Islam that contradict things in the Bible about salvation, the nature of God, the person of Jesus Christ, & God’s mission in this world. Challenging the truth claims of Islam in no way discredits the Bible because the Bible doesn’t have Muhammed or Islam in view. It is the Koran that points back to the Bible for its authority, and as David has pointed out on other articles posted to this website that by doing so the Koran falsifies itself. For the Bible and Koran share different messages and truth claims but while the Bible stands on its own the Koran states that the Bible’s message supports its own message; which it does not. So the Koran actually ends up discrediting itself.

Unknown said...

What empowers faith? Paper and ink were the very things God had his prophets and messengers use to give us his word. They are the very tools we use to capture our own thoughts and to reason. So for you to just glibly state that writing doesn’t empower faith means that you yourself must be awash in some fideistic fantasy of your own creation; eternally blind to the things you don’t know while rest assured that God finds you unmeasurably interesting and good. By the way, Jesus was a devout Jew who knew the Torah and if you are a Christian, he was God. So while he didn’t have the New Testament in hand & didn’t hold a PhD, he claimed to be the omniscient, eternally existing, creator God of the Torah and his teachings became the New Testament. I agree with you that Christians need not ridicule anyone & this is the only place where it is justified to level some criticism at David. Christians I know who would benefit from his teachings are turned off completely from his snark; it would be better they consult his friend Nabeel Qureshi (Ex-Muslim) for information on Islam. For snark is something I am blessed to have a higher degree of tolerance for when compared to other Christians so I can enjoy David. Phillip Tufi I will leave you with this, “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6). Jesus lived a life of peace and love, a far cry from the example of Mohammed. Ultimately, Jesus sacrificed himself so that we may have life. However, in order for us to have this new life, we have to accept Jesus’ sacrifice. The Bible is a means for us to accurately understand God’s message and plan for humanity, culminating with Jesus’ sacrifice. Islam and the Koran, by contrast, deny that Jesus ever made this sacrifice and that God ever had this plan in mind. Seen in this light, Islam and the Koran will keep people from this new life and it is up to the Christian to share the truth.

Andrew said...

Dear Syed, "trinity makes no sense". Really! Water, gas and ice are all different but all the same ie H2O.

Have you ever seen the Pacific Ocean? You can see some of it but not all of it. Thats impossible. When we look at Jesus we truly see God but not all of God. Thats impossible.

The word for God in Genesis is Elohim which is plural.

You know what I can't undestand is that some people think that mad mo is a prophet when Psalm 83 says Arabs are enemies of God and mad mo admitted Satan spoke through him.

Dacritic said...

@ Syed Kope

"1) trinity makes no sense"

Believing in an eternal God that has no beginning and no end doesn't make much sense either. And yet you (and I) believe it.

You know what I find makes even less sense? Why would a Supreme, eternal God write in his supreme, eternal book (that has co-existed with this eternal God in heaven for all eternity, I hear) very temporal instructions on how a man was supposed to marry his adopted son's attractive wife so that he can have sex with her? Why would a Supreme, eternal God write in this self-same eternal book a caption about making a woman lawful for a certain man who was caught (literally) with his pants down by his other wives trying to have sex with this "unlawful" woman?

This I don't get.

"12) achieved peace of mind"
Sure. Like being poisoned by lamb. Or flying a plane into some towers, thinking of a certain number of virgins. I can see that surely is peaceful.

Unknown said...

@Mr. Huddleston, we have a serious problem. Humans are killing humans in the name of God for all the wrong reasons. I admit that I would not fare well in a religious dissection of theory and doctrines in a debate. Apologetic scholars I applaud your work defending the Christian faith. I am an engineer who worked in political operations in Russia and ran for political office to encourage the public to get involved. The experience made me realize that very few people are willing to stand up for others. As I understand an Apologetic focuses on scholarly debate and reasoned argument based on physical evidence much like a courtroom situation. Dr. Wood has a gift and skill that I wish more people would explore. Perhaps intentional or not, he helps strengthen and develop future leaders in the Church. I applaud these goals, and encourage Apologetics to seek out those who oppose you, and defend our faith ethically and appropriately. My opposition was to his weighted sermon without regard to diversity. I was concerned that his message unintentionally could encourage future violence not debate.

I was disappointed with Dr. Wood not because of his information or his points, but because I felt the audience needed to be nurtured closer to Christianity, not cornered into submission. He was in a teaching position and many of these students come from violent and oppressive religious regimes. I thought Dr. Wood should have focused on introduction and transition. Instead he was perhaps like former tennis pro John McEnroe in a beginners tennis class. Organizer for the event, Pastor Mohammadreza Askari was like tennis pro Maria Sharapova serving tournament Christian overhead smash shots when the audience may have responded better with easy lobs they can learn to play and join the team. I followed Dr. Wood’s speech, and he hit every true note that could disable an Islamic cleric. This was not a group of clerics who might have been equipped to engage Dr. Wood. Some might be enlightened, some could employ their past violent experiences into action under the name of Jesus; However, often when someone overpowers another to win an argument, they lose friends, customers and members of the church. The price for being right can be separation and isolation. Dr. Wood is truly talented, but he should have pulled his punches with amateurs.

Unknown said...

The Muslim Christians are not agnostics, atheists or discouraged believers of faith. They are not trying to decide if the Koran is wrong or right, they are trying to find a safe place to raise their families with good traditional values based on faith in God. They quietly accept the three scriptures of the Abrahamic faith, the Torah, the Bible and the Koran. I have observed that they generally display loyalty to one faith when necessary for social survival, and in old world tradition it would be culturally disrespectful for a member to question authority. Dissent from their past national faith was punishable by imprisonment or death, and that is powerful stuff that cannot be healed through a staged confession to give their faith to Jesus. Faith was part of their national security, and their former governments continue to treat people who threaten their faith just as a threat to national security. Sending Christians to Iran will get the same response as sending soldiers into North Korea.

The average person in any congregation does not want to be noticed or singled out. In general people tend not respect someone who tries to discredit what they have believed since birth. A better strategy is to welcome the parents into the Church, and teach the children. The children will grow be their parents greatest teacher. Dr. Wood should practice his gifts in his own black belt weight class, and he should resist the temptation to win an argument with learners and beginners. He is a teacher and a leader whether he understands the responsibilities that accompany leadership or not. Leaders are often misquoted, and hearsay spreads through people and media like the “game of telephone” where one word changes into another and another until someone reacts, and conflict erupts over a trivial error in interpretation.

TheBurwellFamilyTravels said...

I hear muslims constantly and correctly making the assertion that God is transcendent. This excursion into sound theology is quickly abandoned when they are presented with the triune nature of the Almighty. When confronted by the truth of the trinity they mock and assert that this concept is too difficult to comprehend and boast that their concept of God is so simple that even a child can comprehend it.

TPaul said...

@Phillip Tufi says "...Humans are killing humans in the name of God for all the wrong reasons..."

Phillip you have a warped notion of reality. You know as well as anyone living on this planet that only the people of the "religion of peace" kill in the name of their Allah.
Muslims kill Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Yazidis, atheists, apostates, homosexuals and even Muslims or denominations other than the ones their themselves profess, all in the name of their god Allah. So where do you get off lumping all religions in one big pot just to dilute the atrocities committed ONLY BY Muslims to please Allah?

You really do have the nerve coming here and spewing your preachy verbal diarrhea upon David. I really don't think you even comprehend your own agenda here in trying to discredit David. David's apologetic work here is highly informative and educational for Christians as well Muslims, and to refute the stupidity and false claims of the Koran.

You say "... I am not a defender of the Koran, but I believe it is un-Christian to compare and describe superiority of the Bible over the Koran..."

Where did you get such a ridiculous and absurd notion from? The Koran denies the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the core tenet of the Christian faith. It denies the deity of Jesus Christ, the very foundation of our faith. Are you then saying that we as Christians should not point out such ridiculous claims found in this plagiarized work of an opportunistic warlord?

In recent years, we have had the left doing a tremendous job in defending Islam in the West. We find leftist politicians, leaders and even religious leaders ignoring the brutal nature of Islam as demonstrated by it's members on a regular basis. Not a single week goes by without the news that the adherents of the religion of peace having committed some violent attack in the name of their religion, and almost instantaneously the leaders of the western world springing to action to declare that the attack had nothing to do with Islam.

It seems to me that you are one of those simple-minded, care-not-to-know types who have their ears plugged with their digits, while repeating the same leftist regurgitated rhetorical garbage of Muslim victim-hood and Islamophobia, in defense of an ideology so insidious, that it's adherents would not hesitate to even lop off your head.

So you may continue the cowardliness of appeasing Islam by not standing up to it's blatant falsehood, however don't think for a minute that you can come here and promote some version of a"Chrislam" so opposed to Christ's message, and preach how this fictional Islam belongs to the Abrahamic Judaeo-Christian family.... It does NOT ! ! ! Islam is diametrically opposed to anything that the Bible teaches. You need a reality check, Investigate Islam better...Get your head out of the sand, before you are buried in it.

Mathew 6:23"But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light that is in you is darkness, how great is the darkness! 24"NO ONE CAN SERVE TWO MASTERS; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other..."

You CANNOT be a Christian and believe that Muslims and Christians believe in the same God. It simply doesn't make sense.

Islam is evil, and Muslims are it's very first victims. Pity them, don't pat them on the back for what they believe in. They need your help to rescue them out of Islam, not your cheering them on the path of destruction. It is your duty as a Christian to inform and educate Muslims of the deceptive nature of Islam, not wallow in it's filth yourself.

If you think you are not up to this task, then get out of the damn way of the ones who are doing Christ's work of the Great Commission here on earth, stop being a hindrance to their work with your willful ignorance and pandering to Islam.


Unknown said...

Apologetic scholars I applaud much of your work defending the Christian faith. Dr. Wood is correct, very few people are willing to stand up and lay their faith on the table for all to examine under a microscope and criticize. He is a black belt Ph.D Biblical scholar, and he does extremely well against students who are Muslims. This can help students develop critical thinking skills, true. But this hardly demonstrates Dr. Wood’s ability to represent Christ. These brave young men in Dr. Wood’s Gladiator arena are not Imams, Mullahs or Islamic Clerics, nor are they deacons, priests or Orthodox Rabbi’s. Dr. Wood appears to have a passion to challenge anyone above or below his own weight class without regard to contagious spiritual injury (-reference John 10:10). I think this shows his disregard for all faiths in general, and I think this reveals he is still has deep atheist aspirations. He selectively chooses subjects that contrast Christian strengths over Islam’s weaknesses in debates and essentially identifies that Christianity is weak without an enemy.

Dr. Wood perpetuates the idea that Islam and Christianity are not compatible. His debates have a subtext that if Christians recognized Islam then Jesus would be a prophet not a messiah. When will he mention that Jews insist that Jesus was not a Messiah, and Islam at a very basic level is more compatible with Judaism than Christianity. Judaism and Islam are both strictly monotheist, with no Son of God or Trinitarian, and no military style salvation via crucifixion. Jews do not accept Mohammed nor Christ as legitimate prophets nor messiah. Two Abrahamic faiths believe Jesus was neither divine nor semi-divine nor part of God in any way shape or form; they claim at best He was a human prophet. Most outsiders claim He did not die on the cross and, even if he had, one man's death could never atone for or 'save' any other man from sin and death per Islam; and per Judaism. Christians dispute Islam’s claim that Arabs are descendents of Ishmael, and the denials on the Christian side have evolved into Christians in a state of denial of the reality of our global perception. “Show me the proof” doesn’t matter internationally anymore because Christians cannot show solid proof of their own God’s existence, except that Christians say so. In the time of Jesus, why is He not mentioned or referenced by a single philosopher. While this does not mean He didn’t exist, it does give many reasons to doubt Christians. The translations of translations are also troubling. The Koran is in it’s original language of Arabic, and it was written by a man with proof of his existence.

Without Jesus as the Son of God, our Christian faith doesn’t work anymore which contributes to our own bad behavior with other faiths. The existence of Islam is an insult to our God and Dr. Wood’s attacks on other faiths only reinforce that Christianity may have run its course. Muslims are growing at an exponential rate and soon Christianity will fall to the side into a retirement faith just as the Jews have done unless we can stop man from fighting. Islam will conquer the world by the wombs of their mothers, not by the sword. This is a reality that the Jews denied themselves for centuries. The Christians have held control of the world for 2000 years, and today we are witnessing a transition. Apparently denial is a superhuman virtue only obtainable through Jesus. Christian debate is the re-arrangement of furniture on the Titanic, and people like Dr. Wood are driving the boat into the iceberg.

Unknown said...

Christians should look at our own history in replacement theology of what occurs with a dying faith; Ask the Jews how ‘not’ recognizing Jesus worked out for them over the last 2000 years. We are watching in horror just as the Jews watched Christians grow up and spread at one time. The Jews who still do not recognize Jesus, are no different than the Christians who do not want to recognize Muhammad. He was a man, not a God, who tried to save Central Asia and the Middle East from demonry, debauchery and destruction. Muhammed is, who he is, but he was still a man. Think back when Jews claimed Christians were heretics, who worshipped witchcraft and trickery. The Jews said that God spoke to the entire Nation of Israel at once, not one man born from a teenager married to an old man who supposedly never had sex with his wife, but his teenage wife got pregnant one night magically by God. Try telling this story to the Rabbis of the time, it is hard to believe today.

Dr. Wood can amaze crowds with his verbal sorcery against intermediate green belts and dresses up his presentation as a sophisticated fair and balanced events to see if a pound of gold is heavier than a pound of feathers. The crowd oohs and awes in amazement. Dr. Wood is the school bully, with youtube “Gladiator” game show videos. I hope you are all entertained Gladiator fans who love to salivate their hate towards others. This group of Massachusetts style witch burners throws Muslims tied to a chair into the pond to see if they can float. Why would anyone righteous and capable find Dr. Wood worthy to debate? He appears as a master Charlatan, snake oil salesman who bullies the weak for Jesus.

Foolster41 said...

More tone-deaf ranting walls of text from Philip Tufti.

"Dr. Wood perpetuates the idea that Islam and Christianity are not compatible. "
Because, as it's been pointed out by Mr. Woods and others here they are not.

"When will he mention that Jews insist that Jesus was not a Messiah, and Islam at a very basic level is more compatible with Judaism than Christianity. "

In what way? Mr. Tufti doesn't care to explain what he means. Islam gets many of the historical and theological facts about both Judaism and Christianity wrong, so this clam is flat-out false. Also, maybe he didn't notice this site is called AnsweringMuslims, not AnsweringJews. The main concern is Islam because Jews don't have a theology that teaches them to murder and oppress non-believers.

" The existence of Islam is an insult to our God and Dr. Wood’s attacks on other faiths only reinforce that Christianity may have run its course. "

Debating people is now "attacks", simply because he doesn't like it. But of course all these false accusations against Mr. Woods aren't by the same token attacks. Why, because he asserts it so!

"Christian debate is the re-arrangement of furniture on the Titanic, and people like Dr. Wood are driving the boat into the iceberg."

Lucradious! This astounds me! You are claiming the very opposite of reality here! He is seriously saying that Challanging the violence and oppression of Islam is steering into an iceberg! What then would do nothing and not speaking out against Islam, as Mr. Tufti wants us to do? (That is what he is trying to convince people to do, if he was concerned about tone he could give concrete examples. It's clear Tufti wants Christians to shut up)

"The crowd oohs and awes in amazement. Dr. Wood is the school bully, with youtube "Gladiator" game show videos. I hope you are all entertained Gladiator fans who love to salivate their hate towards others. This group of Massachusetts style witch burners throws Muslims tied to a chair into the pond to see if they can float. Why would anyone righteous and capable find Dr. Wood worthy to debate? He appears as a master Charlatan, snake oil salesman who bullies the weak for Jesus."

Another claim of David Woods being a Bully, and hateful. but no substatiation of this assertion.

As I may have already said, this is a common theme among far-leftists and Muslims who claim pointing out violence in Islam as "Islamaphobia" (never giving examples of how they are being Islamaphobic). Mr. Tufti joins their ranks.

I'm glad to discuss with you about Islam, but if all you are going to do is throw baseless assertions and insults, then it's probably best if you leave. I tire of your long insulting rants.

Herakleios said...

Is mr. Tufi a troll? The things he writes would be amusing, if they wouldnt be so bad.
Proof for Mohammed? Actually there are some good Arguments against his existence. And all the other stuff... well.
I would like to see a debate between mr. Tufi and Dr. Wood - that would be entertaining. Or is mr. Tufi not convinced of his own Arguments and would defend them in public?

TPaul said...

Phillip Tufi says "....The Jews who still do not recognize Jesus, are no different than the Christians who do not want to recognize Muhammad...."

Sir, I have to sadly break the news to you that you are an absolute idiot, and anyone can recognize this fact by reading your covert Muslim rantings. Why are you beating about the bush? why not just come out and say that you are a convert to Islam?

What do you want us to recognize Mohammed for exactly? Does a prophet of God have to be a warmonger? Mohammed was.... Does he have to be a womanizer?.... Mohammed was, Did he have to practice paedophila with a little girl? ... Mohammed did, Did he and his minions have to beheaded countless people? .... Mohammed did, What else do you wish us to recognize about Mohammed? If you are hinting that we should recognize this con-artist as a prophet of God, then you seriously need to have your head examined. This charlatan could never be a prophet of a Holy God, in the Judaeo-Christian tradition, and he should have never have claimed to do so.

If Mohammed claimed to be a prophet of Allah, independent of Judaism and Christianity, then we would care less, but the message that this opportunistic charlatan brought was diametrically opposed to both Judaism and Christianity. How on earth do you think we can reconcile Jesus' message to " your enemies and pray for those who persecute you..." with ".... slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush...” – Quran 9:5
Should we surrender Christ's superior message of Love to the inferior hate-filled message of Mohammed in the Koran? Have you completely lost your mind?
Mohammed did not save the Middle East from "demonry", that is an absolute lie. Instead, he was visited by a demon disguised as an angel in the cave of Hira, and he introduced the whole world to this demon-god of Islam.... Allah.

If you are truly a Christian, please read this before you try to convince Christians that Mohammed should be recognized as a prophet.

Galatians 1:8 "...BUT THOUGH WE, OR AN ANGEL FROM HEAVEN, PREACH ANY OTHER GOSPEL UNTO YOU THAN THAT WHICH WE HAVE PREACHED UNTO YOU, LET HIM BE ACCURSED. 9As we said before, so say I now again, If any [man] preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed. ..."

So according to the Bible, Mohammed preached a fake Jesus (Issa), and a fake Gospel (Koran) to the world, so according to this logic Mohammed should NOT BE RECOGNIZE BUT ACCURSED.

If you are truly a Christian, you should now agree with me, if not It should be obvious that you are not a Christian but rather a lying, deceiving Muslim using Allah's taquiyya command of deception, a facilitator of Satan's Islam. So why not just admit it?

Claiming to be a Christian while accepting Islam is oxymoronic, makes you a wolf in sheep clothing, but we can see right through your deception. Islam is an evil ideology, a serpent that deceives and leads people astray, and everyone who exposes this fact should be applauded.

Here's another one for you.

2 Corinthians 11:3 "But I am afraid that, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, your minds will be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ. 4For if one comes and preaches another Jesus whom we have not preached, or you receive a different spirit which you have not received, or a different gospel which you have not accepted, you bear this beautifully.."

Now crawl back into the hole that you slithered out of...

Unknown said...

Mr.Phillip are way too hard on David Mellow out a lil bit ay??

Auke Feitsma said...

The early Church attacked other religions. They cut down 'holy" trees, they broke 'holy "stones and destroyed temples. They attacked evil. They stood up against the ceasars, who thought they were gods. They payed a high price for it, they were killed by lions (in the arenas), killed by fire (Nero took Christians on a crusefix and burned them) and many more horrors the Christians got. The Christians fought for 1.400 years (with approval of the Church (who his the Body of Christ in all His Forms) against islam, because islam is evil. When you think you have to be an humanist/pacifist (the modern way) too be a good christian, then you are an idiot and a wolf in sheepcloth.

Andrew said...

Mr Tufi, you are a really funny guy. Mad mo who introduced "demonry debauchery and destruction" into the middle east and Asia. (See I FIFY)

Unknown said...

(MIRROR PLEASE) Terrorists raping Europe - Nigel Farage [part3] (Kalergi Plan)

TPaul said...

So Philip, You kinda disappeared off of the map there. Just wondering, are you still advovate for Christians to recognize Mohammed as a true prophet?

TPaul said...

You nailed it.... However Mr. Tufi is no Christian, he is a Taquiyya tactician Muslim. You can easily tell a covert mozzie-wolf in sheep's clothing, when they elevate Mohammed and his repugnant ideology of hate, and openly ridicule Christ and other Christians.

Foolster41 said...

@Philip Tufti. I'm confused.

This video you posted says the complete and utter opposite of what you've been so strongly asserting. Have you changed your mind, and see that Islam is a dangerous ideology? Did your account get hacked?

Andrew said...

@Foolster41. Yeah I noticed that. I found the Nigel Farage clip quite informative. Actually it was quite brilliant.

Unknown said...

All lies a man who has read an understood a scripture in its original linguistics that man's words hold value.... All uneducated fools would think the way you idiots do... Wake up one race human... Almylv Samuel