Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Upcoming Debates with Ayoob Karim in South Africa

In the last week of March and first week of April, I am going to be doing a short speaking and debating tour in South Africa. In all, I will be doing a total of five debates with Muslims during this tour. Two of those debates, taking place over Easter weekend, will be with Ayoob Karim (see promotional poster above). We will be debating "What did Jesus preach -- Christianity or Islam?" and "The true nature of God -- Trinity or Tauheed?" More announcements to follow in due course.

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Unknown said...

Having watched both 3 hour "debates" Ayoob has had with James White, I wish you good luck.

Mr. Karim is a true politician who only sounds like he answers questions. If you have also seen these debates can I suggest a different format to these? Something like the debates Dr. White has had with Dr Shabir Ally. I feel a crossfire portion not just asking 5 questions without a chance of rebuttal.

I'm sorry I haven't really explained myself properly it would be easier to show you. I can only say a format with more interaction between the speakers would show the audience that to call Karim a biblical scholar is an insult to the term.