Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Two of My Debates on the Trinity vs. Tawhid

Below are two debates of mine that I have done on the subject of the doctrine of the Trinity vs. the Islamic concept of Tawhid (oneness of Allah). The first of these aired on Premier Christian Radio in the UK back in May of last year. My opponent was Abdurraheem Green, director of the Islamic Education and Research Academy (IERA).


The second one is a more recent debate, with a formal structure, which took place in London in August of 2015. My opponent was Muslim scholar Dr. Shabir Ally, president of the Islamic Information and Dawah Centre International in Toronto. For my responses to commentary on this debate by Ijaz Ahmed of Calling Christians, see my articles here and here.




ApoLogika said...

I am listening to the first show now and I noticed that Justin seems to give the Muslim a lot more airtime to speak as opposed to you, Jonathan. It would be great if someone were to make the effort to go through the show and time your responses and the Muslim's

I believe you and the Muslim noticed this, too, because you speak very quickly when you respond while the Muslim takes his time and doesn't even allow Justin to break in

Perhaps the goal is to get more Muslims to listen to the show by giving them the upper hand?

Arno said...

Always interesting.

Gen 1:26 'And God said, Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness:'

In this verse God is definitively not One in the monotheistic sense. The God of Moses is also the God of Abraham. Although not sufficient for Trinity, does this not support the idea that the God of Abraham whom we purportedly share with the muslims, are at least in essence not one God as Islam proposes.

Also, not sure which debate it was in, but in theory, God could be 10 000 and still be One, and in a way that is the point.
Or to throw in another stone, are we not to be imitators, and when we see Him, we shall be like Him? David I think said, are we not all sons of God, whom Jesus also quoted to make the point.

May God bless with His presence so His fragrance will permeate and touch all those you engage with.


Time 1:05:54 second’s Shabir Ali mention about the Trinity and saying, “many Christians are now Muslims because they cannot understand the concept of Trinity”. I think by saying this he means or referring to Jehovah Witness.
JW’S are not Muslims although they are denying the deity of Christ, but still believe that Jesus is “Son of God”. Their new world translation book (Bible) still claims that Jesus is divine.
So on what bases Shabir is claiming they are Muslims in their hearts???

Keith said...

Boota, you're right that JW's claim that Jesus is Son of God, but I don't think they take Jesus to be divine, if by divine you mean that he is also God. They are very adamant that Jesus was created.