Wednesday, November 25, 2015

ISIS Poster Girl Samra Kesinovic Beaten to Death for Trying to Escape

Sad. If Samra Kesinovic had heard the truth about Islam when she was growing up, she'd still be alive right now. Instead, the world praises Islam, as young girls head off to join ISIS.
Samra Kesinovic before ISIS
Fox News—One of two Austrian teenagers dubbed "poster girls" for ISIS was beaten to death after she was caught trying to escape the terror group's de facto capital in Syria, according to published reports.

Two Austrian newspapers reported Tuesday that Samra Kesinovic, 18, was murdered. One of the newspaper reports cited a Tunisian woman who lived with Kesinovic and her friend, Sabina Selimovic, before managing to escape.

The Austrian government declined to comment on the reports, with Foreign Ministry spokesman Thomas Schnoll saying, "We cannot comment on individual cases."

Kesinovic and Selimovic have now both been reported killed since they left their home city of Vienna to join ISIS in April 2014. Late last year, David Scharia, an expert on the U.N. Security Council's counterterrorism committee, said he had been told that one of the girls was killed during fighting in Syria, while the other had disappeared.

The Osterreich tabloid reported that Selimovic was killed in December of last year.

At the time of their disappearance, they left a note for their families saying "Don’t look for us. We will serve Allah and we will die for him." The Daily Telegraph reported that Kesinovic confirmed in a phone call to her sister that she had joined up with the terror group.

In October, it was reported that both girls had grown weary of ISIS' strict enforcement of Islamic law and had written to their families saying that they wanted to return home. The girls' families have made no public comment on the latest report of their deaths.

Both girls' families settled in Vienna after fleeing Bosnia-Herzegovina to escape that country's war during the 1990s. (Continue Reading.)
To understand why certain people decide to wage jihad, watch this:


Call Me Mom said...

I saw this posted on facebook. When I attempted to share it to one of my pages, I was given the message that the link might be unsafe. I suspect that someone has been reporting any links to this site as this is not the first time that has happened.
However, there may be someone unscrupulous attempting to piggyback somehow on your site and so I share the information with you.
Keep up the good work.

ignatius said...

I know a little about Austrian society, and if there ever were a utopia in this world, Austria would probably be it. It is, however, living on borrowed time, as is the case with all secularized societies having ideologically driven leaders tinkering and fiddling with human nature and societal foundations.

Young people searching for answers such as these two girls understand the bankruptcy of secular ideologies. Prominent leaders in the mainstream churches try to conform with the secularists, so they also lack credibility among sincere young people. That's how youngsters can be coaxed into an evil organization like ISIS, just by searching for a larger meaning for their lives.

Unknown said...

ignatius: Those girls were muslim by birth.

ignatius said...

Fhgh etc.: I know that. My point is that the churches in Central Europe are too compromised to present truth seekers, including Moslems, with a plausible looking world view that they can orient their lives toward.

Unknown said...

I really do not know the situation in churches in Austria.
But my homeland knows what the austrocatholicism (might of the Habsburg Empire mixed with Catholicism) was, thus there is not much Roman Catholics. The protestant Churches were reestablished after more than 200 years at the end of the 19th century and simply did not get much believers since.
If I am on visit in the town of my birth, I sometimes watch local Roman Catholic reverend - a 30 years old guy playing and trainig soccer with kids. His passion for game sometimes makes me doubt about him being a saint man - his choice of words is sometimes really passionate during the game and training. But funny, of course, otherwise parents would not let their children being with him :-).
In the town there is also a Church of Brethern with their community build as larger family. Then hussites who got most of their members in 1920s when the Church was reestablished after 300 years, thus many believers joined them as a sign of patriotism after gaining independence of Czechoslovakia.
Culture in my town of birth is based on local folclore - traditional costumes rich decorated, wine, singing, dancing. Even today kids are proud when they perform on occasions of local festivities or festivals. Especially funny it is when some of local customs are little violent - practically assume a friendly brawl.:-)

End of the idyl pictured above. I am not sure if it is about seeking the truth. Simply if you have got all the time anything to do, you have not much time trying to find the truth in anything like ISIS.
In my country, there is less then 0,1% Muslims in the population. Most of them are Arabs from Egypt, Iraq, Syria, who left their countries in 1970s, 1980s, 1990s in the times when ideology of panarabism (a socialist doctrine based on common language and ethnicity not religion) was still valid. I have got a friend whose father is muslim, one of those described above, mother nonmuslim and he simply does know nothing about islam, he does not consider himself a muslim already and wears the traditional local costume on occasions of a festivity - going there for wine, singing, dancing and friendly brawl.

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